Well, some good news for a change.

by NakedMadman (Login nakedmadman)

Well, woke up to a bit of a suprise. My buddy's home. Doesn't seem to be hurt, seems to be acting ok, but it looks like who ever had him tried to keep him where he didin't want to be. The attachment ring is gone out of his collar and it looks like he put a hell of a strain on it to get it loose. I'd say he pulled it in half trying to get home. I don't know who had him, but apparently they underestimated the power of a dog with a 23" neck who wants to come home. All I care about, he seems to have all his faculties and seems to be unhurt. I don't know where he's been but I know that since my wife got up and opened the door, he's been up our asses ever since! Big baby missed us. Hahahaha

I dunno, I still don't believe he wandered off by himself. The clasp on the chain is unhurt and both my wife and I have searched his yard for that ring, looking to see if he pulled it apart here. We can't find it. Doesn't matter. Butch's home.

aww, fuckit

Posted on Jul 15, 2012, 1:44 PM
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