What did I miss?

by Capt Jack (Login thelastPatriot)

A guy I know who runs an auction house got to talking to me about bikes. Well he mentions to me he has a 2002 sportster that's been parked for a few years with electric issues and a minor oil leak.

I asked if it might be for sale and he says yes, let's go take a look.

We go look and it's parked in the dirt in a pole barn. The tires an rims are shot for sinking into the dirt and everything is pitted with rust. ( no problem for me because I got plans on chopping it)

So after a bit of bullshitting he asks " so... Do you want it?"

"I think I might " I say. Then he tells me he wants $10,000 for it.

I can get a brand new sporty for $7,999. WTF!

"those not willing to fight and die for the Rights and Freedoms afforded by the United States Constitution deserve niether!"

Posted on Aug 4, 2012, 8:29 AM
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