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I think you all missed the boat. The wolf patch is my guess a "made for tv entertainment" I feel think.

No bottom rocker would of not mattered back in yesteryear. Colors were as they are today very sacred and taken VERY VERY serious to those who wear them and their brothers.

The nose pickers are a joke. Yes I watch them occasionally. I enjoy the oddities they are supposedly find.

A previously mention of now head shaved, clean face shaven are a trend today, just look around. In yesteryear beards and long hair was the biker trend and or style. I`ve seen 1st hand the benefit of hair and beards. An associate got into some difficulties and had to appear in court. He at the time had long hair and a full face beard. Before appearing in court he shaved and cut hair and person bringing charges against him was not able to POSITIVELY identify him. He walked out clean.
I feel sorry for those who do not drink. When getting up in the mornings thats as good as they will feel all day.

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