what gives?

by edeee2 (Login edeee2)

what is all the pops up, bings and bongs for? Are you trying to suggest or embarrass some to buy your items?

To me it is annoying, others may just shrug it off. I do not care if joe bugger bought a tee shirt.

Getting close. This site is NOTHING like it use to be. Disappointing. No butts, boobs or and biker related stuff. Bike pics, yes but not real choppers of yesterday.

Appears the almighty buck and greed has got you. To me sad. Drag your feet before your like other sites and magazines.
I feel sorry for those who do not drink. When getting up in the mornings thats as good as they will feel all day.

Posted on Mar 27, 2017, 4:27 PM
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