Yeah, Evoh, a joke. I guess it is on me. Thing is I make no pretense at having a sense

by C.W. (Login C-UU)

of humor. Maybe I am personally a whole lot poorer for the lack but there is not much in my life that I find funny. As I commented above, I try to avoid politics, and by extension political humor??? because what one person might get a chuckle from, others might view as fighting words. The other thing is that, unlike others who visit this board, I don't have the option of retiring to an isolated parcel of acreage back beyond the far side of nowhere. Us urban animals don't survive all that well when we try to embrace nature. I do have a small plot of land to which I will eventually retire. Nothing much, about 10' x 10' and about 6' deep. That is about all anyone really needs when all is said and done. Thanks for being patient and listening. C.W. sends.

Posted on Mar 29, 2017, 5:43 PM
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