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I better explain before I get credit for things I don't deserve. While I grew up in a machine shop and worked as a machinist/tool and die maker for many years, these are pics from a friends shop, mine is about half the the size. While I have conventional machinery (lathe, mill, etc) he has CNC stuff.

The pic of the empty frame jig is my starting point, that of course being the round tubing stock on the floor in the background of one pic.

The square tube frame is the creation of a friend of mine Mark Mullen (aka Buffalo) who owns Mullen Machine in Plainville Indiana. Buffalo makes square tube frames and has built a few trikes and bikes using them, he has a nice tubing bender and a lot of experience making them come out right without crushing the structure of the square tube. He has had some of his stuff featured in magazines. The frame in the pic is part of an IRS (independent rear suspension) trike he is currently building.

My project will be a 2 wheeled creation of which Buffalo is building the frame as I don't have a jig or big hydraulic industrial tubing bender like he does. Buffalo also builds a springer here and there so he is gonna make mine also. While I will be involved he is the master behind what will be made to my specs, and I will take it from there and fab the rest of the bike.

I hope to keep pics this time to document this build from start to finish as it may be my last in a culmination of the last few years and 5 or 6 builds trying to find what it is I have been looking for in a self built bike.

Don't want to bore y'all with pics and commentary I was just being a smart ass in a shout out to Nervous as to what I was starting with.

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