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Tournament Rules

July 27 2001 at 5:04 PM
Brad Reardon  (Login BCNB)

Ok we came up with some simple rules that will make the tournament a little safer and hopefully more exciting, here goes.

1> Teams, yes teams, get two warnings about safety violations. (These include barrel plug and mask on rules) On the third violation the team will be docked 2 points. Yes this could drop your team out of the finals so follow the safety rules. Simply listen to the refs and you won't have any problems.

2> Matches will be 10 minutes long. This allows for a little more time to set up moves and different strategies while on the field and allow more time for actual wins instead of draws.

3> No marker is allowed to be chrono-ed over 300 fps. This keeps everyone a little safer and it keeps those of us with the big guns from longballing from the back. Especially since the piranahs that BD rents aren't exactly long ballers.

4> All paint must be field paint. It isn't that we don't trust you guys it is just that is the way we are going to run it. Just to make sure that we don't have any uh how do you say.. meanies out there.

5> This one still depends on the number of teams, and may actually be changed the day of just to get you all the most games possible in one day. If we have 8 teams we are going with 2 divisions and the three teams with the highest scores plus the team voted best sportsmen will move on to the semis. If we have 9-12 teams then we will have 3 divisions and the winners of each division plus the best sportsman team will move on to the semis. Hopefully we won't but if we have less than 8 teams then we will have 1 division and the two best scoring teams will go on to the finals. Then the best sports will be given something later on that day at the awards ceremony. As we go up in the number of teams the divisions and such will change, so the final verdict will be decided and annouced the day of the Tournament.

That is all for right now. More will be posted here as they get thought up. If anyone has any major problems or questions or additions with any of the rules please feel free to post here and we will get those resolved ASAP. Also all of the usual rules such as no aiming at the head from within 10 feet apply as well as no overshooting, meaning no hitting some guy(or girl) with like 10 shots before they can call out, that kind of curtesy stuff is included in Rule #1. Pretty much keep it clean and we will have a good day.


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