Reflections in the Looking Glass

September 12 2001 at 2:25 PM
Christopher Wynter  (no login)

I write these words from the space of a silence I have found within
myself. Some may find them controversial, many may disagree (as is
your right) but please read them through and consider ..

Deep within the Psyche of Humanity and Human Consciousness, there is
a deep festering wound. It is a wound of unspoken grief, of unspoken

The memories of this wound exist, ]
not only in the eitherial planes of Higher Consciousness,
but also deep within the unconscious
contained in the cells of your body .. and mine.

The History of Human Kind has been fraught with the sort of incidents
we have witnessed in the media for the last 24 hours. Some of us
carry the direct experience of being involved in War - most of us
carry the experiences of our Ancestor's experiences.

These are the experience of atrocities and unspeakable acts of one
human against another in the name of some ideal.

There is not one Nation, Tribe or Peoples which has not been built on
the foundation of War. The ideals and prayers of Peace have always
been behind this war.

Each us carry within us the memories of more than one of these wars,
more than one racial conflict, more than one religious persecution -
the collapse of more than one people's dreams and visions.

This world is a reflection of what is happening within us. For the
first time in History, we have been presented in our own lounge rooms
with the symbols of our foundations. We have also been presented with
the symbols of the destruction of this foundation, in real time as it
is happening.

Never before has the world been presented with such an opportunity
for the healing of this deep wound. The images, once hidden are now
out in the open for all to see, share, discuss and resolve.

The World Trade Centre could be likened to the Biblical Tower of
Babel - an edifice built to the great Idol of Money and to our dream
of Globalisation - or unification.

The external symbol of our hopes and dreams of a united world built
from our prayers - prayers of the past spoken from a terror based

But, we have sought this liberation outside of our selves. We have
built these towers in the sky. They have been struck down from the
sky and they have collapsed in on themselves just like the Tarot
image of the Tower.

A reflection in the visible mirror of our idea of personal values.

>From all reports, the people who carried this out did so with what
available to every man, woman and child reading this. The total cost
of the operation could be measured in terms of 20 people and 20
knives. You can buy Capsicum spray on the internet - just as you can
download manuals on how to fly an aeroplane. With a $10.00 digital
watch and an airline timetable, it is very easy to co-ordinate events
- as we have all witnessed.

Deep within our own Psyche is the hidden face of the saboteur and
terrorist. These are the images of our own memories and our own

It is in response to these repressed and denied fears that we have
built a plastic society as something to keep us from looking within
our own psyche.

No external God being can save us. The God of money and unification
can collapse as quickly as the WTC did in the images on our
television screen.

That is our anger - an anger at the sabotage of an external symbol
built as the manifestation of our hopes, dreams and prayers.

That is also our grief - the grief at our humanness.

But .. it is also the unspoken, unwritten, unexpressed and unresolved
anger and grief of our ancestors ..

which lies as a spurating pussy cancer -
not only within our own individual bodies -
but within Universal mind.

The memories of this wound cause many once more to pray ..
many pray for the lost souls .. many pray for world peace .. many
pray for the end of the reign of tyranny and terror .. many pray for
the Salvation of some "God being" ..

History comes as a series of patterns that repeat themselves ..
each pattern a little deeper, each reaction a little stronger.

We have seen the evolution of Light from the simple wick floating in
a bowl of oil to a single light globe which has the power of 50
million candles. It is all Light.

As Light evolves, so does darkness - one knife or 20, the
manifestations of Humanity' creations held up in the mirror for those
with eyes to see ..

Can we also see the mirror of the tower within our own bodies, our
individual psyche, our individual soul and spirit?

Will we once again pray from our own memories of terror, our own
deepest fears, our own needs .

and project them as the basis of these prayers out into Universal
Mind to some other individual or group's energy to repeat the
pattern once more ..

How bright will the next flame be -
how much smoke will result
how much dust ..?

Wisdom is learning based on experience.

Peace manifest in this world can only be created within Love and

How can there be Love and Compassion - man for fellow man - where
there is no Love or Compassion to be found within the individual man
for his or her own self.

The molecules of air that you breathe
may well be the same molecules of air that were breathed
by the 20 or so people who were the instruments of enacting
your greatest night mare.

and before these people breathed them,

these same molecules may have been the very ones
that carried the prayers you previously prayed ..
and, the energies behind those prayers.

Love and compassion can only be found within the individual.

When this Peace is found in the past which we recreate every day
within ourselves, then and only then can an external symbol reflect
our own inner peace.

When there is peace within the peoples of our inner community,
there will be peace within the greater community.

There is a Heart (or Creator) Cell within every individual.
There is a Heart (or Creator) seed within every cell

not only of our own bodies, but within all of creation.

When we pray .. who do we pray to ..

is it to some idea that the mind has that these is some
altruistic being called "God" that can somehow magically
clear away the reflections so that we will not have to look
at our own inner pain

or do we pray

to the creator seed of our own physical bodies
that every conflict within our idea of our individuality
may be healed at its source ..

and so change the reflections.

Never before, on such a large scale
has their been the opportunity to change how we view our past

and, therefore .. how we will experience future.

Its your choice - and mine ...

Hatred and darkness cannot exist on their own ..

they are manifest from the separation of Love and Light
from the Creator Cell within.

What do our Leaders reflect to us ..

and what is the reflection we will present to out children?

-- Christopher Wynter,

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