Reflections - a follow up .. part 1

September 14 2001 at 4:16 AM
Christopher Wynter  (no login)

What do you feel..?

Who is the I that feels ..?

Who has provided the definition for you of what you feel ..?

For many people, there is a lot of emotional energy flowing. There
have been more replies to my post "Reflections in the looking glass"
than from anything else that I have ever written.

A number have asked the questions
"How ..?" or "Why ..?" or "What can I do .."

Again, what I am going to present here may be unfamiliar to some.
Some may find value .. some may disagree .. as is the belief that you
have been taught. Again, I would ask you to read this in its
entirety and make a personal choice for yourself.

There are two dimensions of feeling that you are experiencing.

One is the feeling that is coming up from your own body -
deep from the remembering of your past and your ancestors ..

The other is coming from the mass hysteria generated in part
by the media coverage, the politician's responses and the collective
and uncontrolled projections from all who have been touched by the
events of this week.

Some times it is difficult to differentiate between the two. Are you
really sure that what you are feeling are your feelings - or have you
tuned into an aspect of the collective hysteria ..?

The energy movements that are moving through your body ..
who defined them in terms of anger, grief, fear, loss, futility,
revenge .. ?

Where did you learn those words to define a feeling..?

How many people when they experience tears
automatically think of sadness and grief ..
is it not also possible to experience the tears of the bliss of
release from some deep dark hidden secret of the past ..?

If you took away the words of the commentators and the opinions of
others, what would be your personal reaction to the pictures you saw
on the television ..?

There would have been an energy movement through your body -
a kinesthetic reaction to the visual stimulus. About half a minute
later, the intellect would have placed some interpretation on this
energy movement -
according to your beliefs, what you had learned -
what you had taught is the acceptable response.

How many are influenced by what you have been taught to feel ..
that their is a right and proper response to the events ..?

Can you -
do you dare stand apart from the crowd of mass hysteria -
the schools of many spiritual and religious teachings ..?

My own way of working through experiences such as this
is to sit down with a pen and paper ..
to write the words as they come up..
to draw as best as I can, the images from my mind's eye ..
to breathe ..
and then allow the process to repeat ..
for as many days as possible
going deeper each time ..

never making anything I write or draw wrong ..

and if I fear to express something I feel, who is it that taught me
that what I am expressing is "not proper" .. another learning ,,

For as many days as is necessary, I repeat this process. I never
cross out anything that I have previously drawn or written .. but
allow what is already on the paper to act as a trigger to bring more
memories to the surface.

The hardest part of all ..?

When there is no more .. when I feel that I am empty of all responses
(including a fear of the emptiness) ..

I read out aloud all that I have written so that my body can hear
my words and intellectual interpretation around its energy movements


I consciously burn the paper that I have written all this down on ..
and allow my own breath from every cell of my body
to fuel the flames ..

Then, I sit in silence.

I place my hands in the customary prayer position. I push one hand
against the other. I feel the tension through my hands, wrists,
shoulders, across my chest ..

and then I find a space in my centre where there is no tension
and no conflict.

Here, into this space, I allow my attention to descend ..
and sit in this peace until the body tells me it is OK and that
I can return to normal reality.

Maybe I have to repeat this a number of times,
but, this process is one that I have shared with many ..
and if it is practiced with an absolute focus on honesty
to self and personal integrity, there is nothing that
cannot be moved.

Until the memories which are stored within the body physical are
released, they will continue to act as a resonant chamber .. a tuning
fork that starts vibrating to everything that is floating round in
the hysteria that is consensus thought.

Honouring the experiences of your own body without heed to what you
have been told you should be feeling (or thinking) and clearing those
experiences to find a peace within your own Heart centre

is the greatest contribution you can make
to peace on Earth ..

To be continued.

-- Christopher Wynter

The material presented in this post is also archived for reference
on the open archive http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lifestreams

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