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August 11 2009 at 2:40 PM
Dboat Surfer on a Rant. 

Just in case there was ANY doubt about dragon boat racing being included in the Olympics, which the ICF touts as one of the benefits of letting it control dragon boat racing as a sport, then check out the following article:


In particular...

"The 15-member board must weigh the demands against its stated goals of gender equality and universality - the opportunity for all nations to compete with a realistic chance of winning medals - while keeping within a limit of 10,500 athletes."

It seems that the IOC will not allow inclusion of more athletes in the games, so to add one sport (or distance, discipline or gender) they have to cut another.

As for the ICF...

"The International Canoe Federation wants to give women a greater share of its 16 medal events, and offer a more exciting package for television viewers. In flatwater sprints, men currently enjoy a 9-3 share of the golds, while in slalom the split is 3-1."

Hmmm, no mention of the ICF championing the cause of Dragon Boat racing. Maybe that's because in order to include a sport with 22-26 member teams they would have to CUT ALL OTHER PADDLING SPORTS !!!! Do the math.

In summary, there is no way Dragon Boat will ever be included in the Olympics, so the ICF is blowing smoke when they claim that only THEY can get DB into the Olympics. They can't. No one can.

In the meantime they are offering completely half-baked versions of World Championships and Club Crew events, a smoke-and-mirrors ploy to simulate defacto ownership of the sport.

Sad. Give it up.

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Re: Olympics

August 11 2009, 3:26 PM 

The Olympics are all about $$$$. They will add a sport that requires 6 medals per one mens and one womens event. What ever sport that may be it will have $$$ sponsorship potential and will likely be interesting to spectators. Dragonboat racing is a low spectator sport that requires 132 medals be handed out after one mens and one womens event. It's not on the short list for the IOC or for the ICF.


Re: Olympics

August 11 2009, 3:29 PM 

What's sad is that you think we were still thinking it was a possibility.

We moved on years ago on this subject. Your not hurting any feelings or ruffling any feathers.

Even if we weren't in an environment where they were trying to CUT more numbers rather than add them, it would still be highly unlikely that Dragon Boating would be considered given the numbers of participants involved. Even if it were popular enough in enough countries (which it is no where near).


Re: Olympics

August 11 2009, 3:51 PM 

The latest edition of DBWI covers the Olympic matter on page 5 and 8.

been there

Re: Olympics

August 28 2009, 5:08 PM 

Well - it is all about money and politcs. FIrst every country has control on their district races/regattas that bring in $.
Every country has its own set of rules, other then IDBF rules. So Olympics - wont happen - never.
So enjoy the races as a sport.


Re: Olympics

August 28 2009, 6:24 PM 

Did you look at some of the pictures of the dragonboaters? Yikes. They don't look like Olympic calibre athletes to me.

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