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Loud's Horrible Nightmare (A short story I wrote)

March 22 2006 at 2:11 PM
from IP address

I decided to write a short fanfic with Loud and Charity in it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

(Loud and Charity were walking home one sunny afternoon after a trip to the movies. Then Loud sees in the distance a dark, shadowy figure. Surprisingly, this dark figure appeared to have the same hair-style as Loud himself.)

Loud: CHARITY!! What's that over there?!?

Charity: I don't know, but by the look of it, it looks like your shadow.

Loud: How's that possible? Aren't Shadows usually caused by light coming from any side of you, rather than being walking beings? It's starting to move this way!

(The shadow, moved closer and closer to Loud. As he moved closer, it appeared to look exactly like Loud, except with black hair, wearing a black out fit, and with an angry look on his face. Loud and Charity were both scared.)

Charity: Oh my gosh, it looks exactly like you, if you were to dye your hair back! What do you think he wants with us?

Loud: I don't know and I rather not stick around to find out. Let's run!

(Loud and Charity start running with the shadowy figure following. As they follow, the world oddly changes. The world starts turns dark and creepy, dark clouds move in.)

Charity: What happened, everything is dark and creepy, why is all this changing suddenly? The weather was beautiful all day.

Loud: I don't know and I don't care, KEEP RUNNING!

Charity: I'll try screaming for help. HELP! HELP!

(But no one heard Charity's yell for as the world suddenly became deserted.)

Loud: Looks like no ones here! What happened to everyone!?

(Loud and Charity continued to run, when out of know where something suddenly the ground began to shake, knocking the two into a deep ditch, with no way out.)

Charity: We're trapped, with no way out.

(The shadowy figure jumps into the ditch. Loud and Charity back into a wall.)

Loud: I guess this is the end, Charity. (Loud and Charity start to hold each other's hands, shaking in fear as the shodowy figure approches them.)

Shadowy Figure: Loud Kiddington, I've been wanting you.


Shadowy Figure: The name's Duol.

Loud: Dual?!?

Duol: NO, NOT DUAL!!! Duol! D-U-O-L!!!

Charity: So wait, your name is Loud, backwards? Wow that's hardly an original name. On the other hand, you do look like Loud.

Duol: Enough, now it's time for what I've been waiting to do.

Loud: You're not going to hurt me, are you?

Duol: No, at least not yet. First I must do something.

(Duol picks Loud up by the colar of his shirt, and pushes him aside. Then Duol turns to Charity, and is about to punch her hard. Loud is watching in fear, then he screams.)


(Before Duol's punch hits Charity, Loud woke up in bed in his room, everything is completely normal, like the way it should be.)

Loud: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Loud stops, and notices everything.)

Loud: It must have been a nightmare, a horrible one.

(Loud's room door's doorknob starts turning. Loud feels a little scared at first, but then feels relieved to see it's only Charity.)

Charity: Loud, I heard you scream. Is everything alright?

Loud: Everything is alright, I just had one horrible nightmare.

Charity: What happened?

Loud: We were walking home from the movies, when I saw a shadowy figure at my house. Then this figure started chasing me and suddenly the world got dark and deserted. Then we fell and got trapped into a ditch, with that shadowy figure following in.

Charity: Sounds creepy.

Loud: What's even creepier is that he looked exactly like me, excpet with black hair. He said his name was Duol.

Charity (Interupting): Dual!?

Loud: No Duol, D-U-O-L. Think of my name backwards.

Charity: Okay.

Loud: Then he shoved me aside, and I watched him, (starts crying) he was about to hurt you. Then I woke up (crys even more).

(Charity sits next to Loud, rubbing his back and conforting him.)

Charity: At least it was only a dream.

Loud: I know, but it's just the thought of it. I'd hate to see you get hurt, since you're a really nice person and did nothing wrong.

Charity: I know. Loud do you want to go to the movies with me?

Loud (nervious): I think we're better off doing something else, just for today.

Charity: Well the weather is beautiful, so how about we ride bikes and go down to the park.

Loud (smiling): Sounds good to me.

(Loud and Charity left Loud's house, hopped on their bikes, rode down to the park where they had a picnic and spent the day).


Disclaimer: I do not own Histeria! I'm just simply a fan who likes the series and wanted to write a story with some favorite characters in it, that's all.

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Re: Loud's Horrible Nightmare (A short story I wrote)

January 28 2007, 9:59 PM 

I can't believe no one's replied to this story - I think it's good! I like what you do here. Duol, the "evil twin" of Loud created in his mind, makes it clear that the best way to scar Loud for life would be not to hurt him directly, but rather hurt (and possibly kill) the person he loves most, Charity. Looking at the simplicity of this story, I can imagine a more complex writer doing a follow-up in which Duol manages to escape into the real world and corrupts Histeria Town (or wherever city this story takes place) just as he does in Loud's nightmare here, and Loud eventually has to conquer his fear and face off against Duol.

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Devin ferguson


January 7 2013, 2:17 PM 

I love this story it's so cut !!happy.gif

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Devin ferguson


January 7 2013, 2:18 PM 

I love this story it's so cut !!happy.gif

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