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A Brief Report of My Recent Trip to GO

October 14 2006 at 12:07 PM
zmxu  (Login zmxu)
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Between 5th and 7th October, I paid a short visit to GO's manufactury in Glashutte. The purpose of the visit was partly to accept an interview with MOMENTUM, partly to collect an extremely rare GO timepiece which was overhauled and kept by GO's Service Department, and partly to meet with friends at GO and to understand their latest development.

I flew to Dresden from London via Frankfurt. When I stepped out of the Baggage Reclaim Area, I saw Mr. Rene Marx right outside the Exit. The first time we met each other was dated back to 2003 when our thePuristS group visited GO. Rene was still young, humourous and energetic. He drove me to the hotel and asked me to take a rest and wait for dinner.

At 0700pm, I met Rene and Mr. Wolfgang Stelling, GO's newly hired Head of Marketing, and we sit down together at the hotel's dinning room called Restaurant Caroussel (what an interesting name!). Mr. Stelling joined GO some seven months ago. Although he was not working in the watch industry prior to his current job, he seemed to pick up watch related knowledge very quickly. Three of us had a wonderful three-hour dinner and talking. Mr. Stelling and Rene told me quite a lot about their forthcoming marketing campaingn and I was deeply impressed.

The foods provided by Caroussel and its service as well were simply great! The following is a photo showing one of the "many" dishes, but I have to appologize for forgeting what it was.

The next morning I went to Glashutte with Rene for a factory tour. After I sit down in a meeting room, I saw Dr. Frank Muller, Mr. Stelling, and Mr. Andreas Loffler coming in. It has been almost a year since I met both Dr. Muller and Andreas in Hong Kong on 28th October 2005. I was lucky, as Dr Muller was supposed to travel to another place on that day; I was also lucky as Andreas just came back from Washington one day earlier. Dr. Muller made a very heart-touching greeting speech and briefly explained to me what GO has been achieving and what GO will do in the near future. After that short conversation, my tour started.

This was my second tour into the very heart of Glashutte Original. I toured around most of its departments, accompanied by Rene and Andreas(Many GO fans must be very familiar with Andreas as he is the ONE who conducts watch making demonstrations for every GO function worldwide!). As I was a fan of GO's Meissen collection, Rene and Andreas were very kind to arrange some special sections for me to learn about how a GO timepiece with Meissen dial is being crafted. I was deeply amazed by what I saw!

Well, I did took many photos inside the manufactory and I would like to show some of them in the following:

A Master Watchmaker is assembling a PanoMatic Tourbillon

Checking and adjusting balance wheels

Tin polishing, only time can tell!

The Masterpiece Workshop, everything becomes possible here!

As soon as the tour finished, I had an interview with GO's magazine MOMENTUM, talking about why and how I fall in love with Glashutte Original timepieces. After the lunch, Andreas invited me to do two watchmaking tests, one was to put a tiny gold screw into balance wheel and the other was to quench a steel screw and turn it into blue colour. It was a great fun, although I did not pass the first one (I made it last time in Hong Kong, possibly because my eyes are getting blurer right now). Following the tests, another highlight finally came. Mr. Hardy Koppe, GO's Service Manager, handed me over a long-awaited watch to me. It is a Julius Assmann 2, one of the 25 pieces made by GO in 1997 with 25 unique Meissen dials. I purchased this watch from a German private collector but took over two years to complete the deal. Mr. Koppe did a great great job to have this watch fully serviced. Not only it looks like a brand new watch, but it also runs like other GO watches with the highest accuracy possible.

In the afternoon, Rene and Andreas accompanied me for a tour in Dresden and River Elbe, and the following is a photo of the famous Summer Palace in Pillnitz alone the Elbe:

After the tour, we had a dinner in the traditional German restaurant at the riverside. Later, Dr. Muller came to join us for a beer. He talked about his job, his passion and a very tiny piece of information about what GO will launch for next year. He also provided me with some insights about certain GO watches, particular the Senator Calendar Week. Without his kind explanation, I would never know how complicated this watch is. A detailed description of this watch will be posted seperately.

From the right, Rene, Andreas, Dr. Muller and myself. Dr. Muller is holding my PG Senator Natvigator Perpetual Calendar

I would like to take this opportunity to thank with my heart all friends at GO for this wonderful visit. I particularly would like to thank Dr. Muller, Mr. Stilling, Mr. Kopper, Rene and Andreas for every minute they spent with me. I herewith wish them all the best and Glashutte Original every success!

Thanks for looking

Zhiming Xu

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