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"Schwingfest" at Oeding-Erdel

October 29 2006 at 2:30 AM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Dear enthusiasts,

last weeked (October 21-22), GO´s authorized dealer Oeding-Erdel in Muenster/Germany celebrated his 100th anniversary with an impressive exhibition.

Sort of a "Mini-Basel" was to happen in Germany and you may have seen the Anniversary Collection of special limited pieces dedicated to Oeding-Erdel, such as a Navigator watch by Glashütte Original (for the whole range, please have a look at the website with a downloadable catalogue in PDF format).
Glashuette Original didn´t let the chance pass to present the brand and the products in an exceptionally nice way: a fully equipped watchmaker´s bench was flown in and one of GO´s Master Watchmakers held live sessions introducing to the Glashütte Original way of watches. These impressions were both beautiful and fascinating, with one of the highlights to be the assembly of a GO manufacture 3/4-bridges movement.

The moment captured (at least, i tried to) in german language is referred to as "Schwingfest"; a term of watchmakers which might translate to "swing party".
It´s the stage when the movement is geared up and the gear train fitted with plates. The last part to be added, other than the stem, is the escapement section including the balance and balance cock.
Once it´s inserted, the movement will work for the first time; a moment of high anticipation, simply because now the movement does have to proof to work. Therefore every watchmaker is doing this assembly with quite some excitement.

So here we go, the "moment of truth" during the assembly of a GO movement:

As you may guess, it started to tick immediately and performed very nicely

It´s been a really great chance to see this up close and listen to the explanations, so i´m sure the GO presentation did win the brand new fans.

Kudos and thanks to Oeding-Erdel and Glashütte Original for a very nice time!

Greetings from Germany,


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