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Just some quick comparrisons on the GO Navigator >

October 21 2006 at 5:24 AM

AndyH  (Login andyhunt)

and my trusty PAM2

Whilst they are both 44mm the Panerai of course wears and looks bigger due to the crown guard and the larger indicies.
On comparing the case depths there is of course a difference in the height of the case as well.

The Navigator is simply awesome and I am really happy to have got it, my only comment is that the watch needs a 'beefier' old skool strap than the refined OEM it comes with....so expect some shots later once I've sorted some 'new shoes' for it

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The Navigator is one of the very few large watches . . .

October 21 2006, 10:16 AM 

. . . that I've been able to wear comfortably (in the aesthetic sense, not the physical) on my slender wrist. There are three reasons I can think of that explains this curious turn of events: first, the (almost) completely brushed finish works to visually "shrink" the case; second, the matte black dial is populated by a plethora of printed information which absorbs it's expanse - compare the G O to the Panerai and you'll see what I mean; and third, the cannily chosen unobtrusive brown strap completes the homogeniously drab overall appearance. All factors combined create a nominally large watch that doesn't draw attention to itself. By way of comparison, I tried on a VC Patrimony a few days ago, which I'm sure has a smaller case than the Navigator . . . it's design elements - broad, flat, and contrasted - work in the opposite direction . . . no way I could pull that one off. The dateless Navigator is very high on my list, and congratulations, Andy, on your latest acquisition. Cordially, Art

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(Login andyhunt)

Thanks Art >

October 21 2006, 11:45 AM 

and I concur with all you said...you put it so much better than I could have


The BTF Kid

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Marcus Hanke
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Great pics, thanks! ....

October 24 2006, 4:20 AM 

... I had not expected the Panerai to look so much more ... eh ... bricky. But both are great watches - and classics.


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