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Great hope for the uncontent short person

September 5 2005 at 5:12 AM
genuine hope  (Login greathope)
from IP address

I have been trying to find alternatives to limb lengthening for years only to find out that there is no method or supplement out there which can produce clear evidence or real testimonials. Human growth can not be induced once your growth plates have fused. This is a proven fact. Do yourselves a huge favor and discontinue the discussion on weither or not these scam sites have products or methods which actually work. This will save everyone the much needed time to deal with the height-problem issue in realistic terms. The reason these sites are still around till this day is that they feed off desperate souls looking for a way out of their short stature. The only way to combat societies cruel and unfair judgments concerning stature is to start thinking realistically.

Basing the worth of a person consciously or unconsciously merely through visual means has been a part of human kind since his beginings. Only now has this obsession to be visually suitable for society been held up so high. Although man has come a long way in using his mind to eradicate such primitive instincts we are still inslaved by our need to look pleasing towards social standards in order to fit in or be treated fairly. Most of us short people are probably guilty of this type of superficial judgment although we might be judging different attributes of a person which society might consider inferior. Would it be surprising if a nice-looking man of short stature happened to dislike a woman of regular height for the simple reason that most men might find her unattractive? We don't earn the vast portion of our height nor our facial looks. So why treat both as different? There is also discrimination due to looks alone. If short people are going to fight for equal treatment in the workplace, then why should ugly people be left out? Why are we a unique case? It has taken man centeries to consider racial discrimination a serious injustice to man-kind and we are still not over it. What makes us think that short-stature related discrimination stands a chance? Even if it does, it won't be recognized anytime soon and by the time it does there will probably be ways to manipulate one's height. We should invest our money in organizations which are actually researching ways into increasing height to quicken the process of finding an easier way to increase height. Not only will we be donating to cure short stature but other more serious conditions as well. We wont have to worry about our children facing such idiotic issues if we find a way out of this injustice now.

If one is not ready to risk their legs for limb lengthening surgery (which seems pre-historic at times) then their chances of finding an effective alternative seems hopeless. Limb lengthening seems like a waste of time and money for people who don't have much of both. Not only that, but one has to deal with uncertain future concerns that one might have due to the fact that these procedures are still new to be able to study their long-term effects. All the money being spent to make people look disproportionate can be donated to organizations which are actually doing something to help out short people meet a pressurizing social standard.

I urge anyone interested in actual height research to visit this site--http://www.angelfire.com/oz/fortest/aims.html

We might have a chance to find quick alternative to limb lengthening if we all unite and donate the money that we can to this organization which is serious about their goals.

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i checked your website

January 4 2006, 10:57 AM 

For whatever reason you're looking for an alternative to limb lengthening, i still think that it's the only way out there to help adult short people to get those few extra inches.
I'm assuming that you don't have the money needed to undergo the surgery, or either you do but you're afraid that your new legs won't be as functional as before the surgery.
For either reason you might have you need money, i got something that may help you.
I'm a firm believer that the Limb Lengthening procedure is the only way to go so i've been working on putting up the money needed to undergo the surgery and have something extra for everything else after the surgery.

Well, if i'm correct that you don't have the moneyand wanted to undergo the LL surgery, then please do yourself a favor and visit this website: WWW.MONEYDOCTOR1.COM

It's my website dedicated for making money i needed to change my life.
Work with my team and you'll be on your way to making lots of money... for whatever way you might intend to use it.

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