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not usual in my experiance,

October 11 2006 at 11:36 AM
lutz  (no login)

Response to when buying a watch with a long lead time........

of course it depends on Your relationship to the dealer.Whenever I ordered a watch and payed a deposit I fixed the price and discount at the day of definitive,even if the retail price was 10% higher after a year I would have never payed the increase but would have insisted on the negotiated price.I always had been given the bill in advance of course.Would be quite uncomfortable ordering e.g. a car in November for a certain price and receiving it in Febuary for a totally different sum although exactly this happened to my cousin,but the dealer finally after some arguments agreed to stay approximately at the negotiated sum.probably there is a lawyer among us to give You some info what says the law.
kind regards,

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