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thanks lutz...

October 11 2006 at 10:59 PM
Andy77  (no login)

Response to not usual in my experiance,

my take on this subject is similar.......if you place a down payment on a watch,this is the negotiated price for the watch. The retailer would then order the watch right away from the manufacturer, and I believed that this would insulate the negotiated price from any further increases.Is this the way it works ? It would be helpful if someone with experience purchasing high demand watches, with sometimes long lead times like ( Patek ) would chime in. Is the price a dealer pays for a watch, with a long lead time, of a year or more, the price on ordering the watch, or on *taking delivery" ? Because the cost sums can start to add up- when there is a multi year wait, and regular 4% increases or so. ( In my particular case, it appears as if there were two price increases )

It bothers me a bit, that according to my dealer...that a common practice for a watch manufacturer is to "game the supply" by limiting product before a price increase, and then release product to restock dealers' shelves just as the price increase takes effect. It seems wrong...especially for customers willing to wait a year or more for the product.

Lutz, btw, thanks for all your advices some time ago on breguet !

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