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October 25 2006 at 11:34 AM
lutz  (no login)

Response to New to Breguet

I only can answer for myself,Your and others' possible motives to decide on a Breguet can of course be quite different.
Although there are other companies with better resale value of certain rare timepieces,a more solid history within the last 150 years,still family owned and not owned by a big industrial conglomerate and with a more homogenous movement-line,there are still motives to buy a Breguet IMO.
Of course the aspect of the watch is the first thing most people go for when they decide on their first proper timepiece purchase.Breguet is not easily surpassed in this way,although the number of interesting swiss watches with fine dial design is growing bigger and bigger every year.

Hardly ANY watch brand has this continuity in design as Breguet(at least since Chaumet re-created the classic ALB pocket watch dial designs as models for their modern wrist watches),although Breguet at Basel this year was disappointing for me,hardly any convincing elegant new watch like the classics created in the 90ies.Let's see if they can find their superior style again in coming models.
The timeless elegance of the guilloche and enamel dials of their Classique line still is singular.

With the Tradition they designed and created at last a totally new movement and a true eye-catcher on the wrist.No other watch company can offer a movement of this originality.

Finally Breguet would not be Breguet without THIS history.I believe most people buying a Breguet read or heard about the singular and romantic origin of the company in the storms of the French revolution with the probably greatest genius in watchmaking and watch design as founder and the names of all the European aristocracy and admiralty as owners,kings and queens,dukes,counts and admirals- while fighting their terrible battles on the fields of Europe between Waterloo and Moscow these oponents shared the same watches:Breguet.Napoleon and King George as well as the russian Tsar,Marie Antoinette and -no probably not Robbespierre but-Josef Fouché they all wore Breguet's watches.
"Breguet watches changed the face of timepieces WHILE THEIR OWNERS DID THE SAME TO EUROPE:Whoever clung to power between 1785 and 1824-years that the novelist Stendhal considered more monumental than the previous 2000-also clung to a Breguet pocket watch.Stendhal did.So,too,most of the Continent's aristocracy.The mightiest nobles timed battles,hunts,and amorous rendevous to the muted chimes of a Breguet..."

kind regards,

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