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Collecting Luxury watches

October 26 2006 at 11:51 PM
Brian  (no login)

I have attended a watch cocktail party(JLC) once and I'm quite amazed there's so many purists around in Singapore.

On the other hand, I have also observed in this forum, there are purists seem to be everywhere and collected quite a few brands of watches (eg. IWC, JLC,Breguet, Patek, A. Lange etc.). Each watch usually cost at least $5k-10k at the minimum and go up to a million or above , I'm finding hard time keeping up such 'expensive' hobbies and was wondering how you guys manage to cope with it. I was thinking either you guys are already 'millionaires' or very successful corporate guns (eg. CFO, CEO) or businessmen. Can I get some ansers from your survey?

1) Your Age Group
(a) 18-25
(b) 26-30
(c) 31-35
(d) 36-40
(e) above 40

2) How much on average you spend on each watch?

3) How many watches have you collected so far?

4) How much(in percentage %) do you spend on watches from your monthly or annual income?

5) How frequent do you buy a new watch(eg. monthly, quarterly?

6) How many watches do you collect in a calendar year?

7) What is the total value of the watch you have spent so far? (need not answer if too sensitive)

8) What's your top.10 brands you have collected or you already owned?

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