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when buying a watch with a long lead time........

October 10 2006 at 11:14 PM
Andy77  (no login)

and especially one that is in demand, what price do you pay if there are price increases during the waiting time ?

Apparently a watch I have had on order for a year has arrived- the bad part is that the price of the watch has apprectiated almost 10%, and I am told that I must pay the difference!

Is this typical ? I placed a down payment on it over a year ago....

What is worse, is, according to my dealer, manufacturers will often "hold back " special orders until the price increase takes effect, thereby forcing the customer to pay that price increase...is this plausible ?

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not usual in my experiance,

October 11 2006, 11:36 AM 

of course it depends on Your relationship to the dealer.Whenever I ordered a watch and payed a deposit I fixed the price and discount at the day of definitive order.so,even if the retail price was 10% higher after a year I would have never payed the increase but would have insisted on the negotiated price.I always had been given the bill in advance of course.Would be quite uncomfortable ordering e.g. a car in November for a certain price and receiving it in Febuary for a totally different sum although exactly this happened to my cousin,but the dealer finally after some arguments agreed to stay approximately at the negotiated sum.probably there is a lawyer among us to give You some info what says the law.
kind regards,

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thanks lutz...

October 11 2006, 10:59 PM 

my take on this subject is similar.......if you place a down payment on a watch,this is the negotiated price for the watch. The retailer would then order the watch right away from the manufacturer, and I believed that this would insulate the negotiated price from any further increases.Is this the way it works ? It would be helpful if someone with experience purchasing high demand watches, with sometimes long lead times like ( Patek ) would chime in. Is the price a dealer pays for a watch, with a long lead time, of a year or more, the price on ordering the watch, or on *taking delivery" ? Because the cost sums can start to add up- when there is a multi year wait, and regular 4% increases or so. ( In my particular case, it appears as if there were two price increases )

It bothers me a bit, that according to my dealer...that a common practice for a watch manufacturer is to "game the supply" by limiting product before a price increase, and then release product to restock dealers' shelves just as the price increase takes effect. It seems wrong...especially for customers willing to wait a year or more for the product.

Lutz, btw, thanks for all your advices some time ago on breguet !

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Nicholas Biebuyck
(Login nickbiebuyck)


October 12 2006, 4:55 PM 

I was discussing this subject with an AD this week as there is a price increase coming soon and I am thinking of a 7027. I was told that as soon as I have put down the deposit I will pay the list price at that time, so if there is an increase in list price it will not affect me. I'm sure this AD would be happy to tell yours the same story.


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