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August 8 2005 at 5:12 PM
MessyMissy3kids  (no login)

Response to random thoughts off the top of my head...


Ouch. Truth hurts... my thoughts on your thoughts and answers to your questions...
The cleaning ladies only mop/vacuum floors, dust and clean bathrooms/countertops. If there is something in their way, they will pile it on top of a clear surface (bed, washer and dryer, etc.) If there is nothing to stack on top of the beds, they make them, but they do not change sheets. I have lived in a messy house many years now, some years with a cleaning lady, some without. Even without my 'pillow', the stuff still doesn't get done. In fact, it generally is a lot worse. Because I don't have somebody giving me a hand to pull me out before it starts getting too bad. On a bad day, it would only take me 2 hours or so to get the house to a point where I could open the door and have somebody in the main living area of the main floor. Double that to invite someone over for dinner.

As for the getting away almost every weekend, partly, yes, I do like to get away from the house. But even if it were clean we would still be this busy with all the weddings/grad/baby parties/family reunions, etc. during the summer. Since June, my dh and I have said no to everything only one weekend. Every other weekend we have been somewhere doing something. Only a handful of those weekends were by choice. I do admit I look forward to these greatly. I can keep our camper spotless, and if it does get messy it takes me 30 minutes, tops, to have it back in shape again. We did upgrade to an RV this summer. Funny you mention it! LOL...

I read your message and had to go take a breath. I wanted to cry. I feel much calmer now and able to respond better. And I love the fact that you say you clean because I WANT IT CLEAN. I do want my house clean. Why? less stress. i can find things. less expense, no buying doubles because i can't find something, no paying late fees because i couldn't find a bill. the peace of a clean house. yes... I DO WANT A CLEAN HOUSE!! not for my husband because he is fed up, not for the kids, for me. I WANT IT CLEAN!

Cleaning before the cleaning ladies come... not so much embarrestment... although there is a bit there... i have left my house in bad bad shape, and then they spend their time picking up and putting away and throwing away and not on mopping the floor or vacuuming. it is so wonderful to walk into a house after they come and see the clean floors/counters and smell the clean smell.

My husband has a BA in psychology and has worked with me greatly on getting to the point where I don't care what other people think. I don't let what other people think dictate what or how I live. It was very very hard for me to get to this point. Now embarrestment is rather difficult to come by. However, this cleaning crew is the first that hasn't left or quit on me. (as the previous 6+ people/companies have) As long as they don't, they will have a job for a long time... having a person who has seen houses in bad shape come and quit on me is a very low blow to oneself. it stings for quit some time.

Thank you for your thoughts. I'm gonna lick my wounds and go clean up a little more tonight so I don't have to run so hard before they come tomorrow.


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