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Worst Fear came true today

December 24 2006 at 2:48 AM
MynxSphynx  (Login MynxSphynx)

Yes, the dreaded Landlord Call came tonight. I was mortified, but not entirely surprised, I will admit. I mean, I know my place is cluttered.

You see, I had a "surprise" repair a few weeks ago and it turns out that the service technician told my landlord my place was a mess. The report taht was made was quite overexaggerated, but some of the things were true- like the smell and the dirty carpet. I have a few days to correct the situation and a lot to do in that time. Thankfully, my landlord was very kind and understanding and also firm about the fact that I need to clean. But she is not going to kick me out or anything. She just wants it cleaned so the complaint is resolved.

This is hardly an impossible situation- mainly it's just time-consuming. I just need to set aside some time, get a big garbage can and start being ruthless and getting rid of stuff. Mainly I need to generally declutter, then shampoo the carpets, sweep/mop floors and dust in the places I can't reach, etc. I would estimate that 2-3 days of cleaning should take care of this. It's just making myself DO it that is the hard part.

Well, I haven't posted here in months and I spent the first 6 months of 2006 posting here regularly (under a different name- for some reason I had to re-register on this new board). I got a lot done earlier this year and managed to get rid of about 1/3 to 1/2 of my clutter in that time.

I guess it's time to finish the job. I am gonna need some moral support, though. I am at level 2-3. It's hard to get past the embarassment and shame and anger (at having been reported), and get to what needs to be done! But, get to it I must, starting in the morning. It is 2:40 am here and I have been sitting up stressing over my embarassment and shame. At least I know I can come in here and post and people will understand.

Has anyone else been in this situation pulled this off? How did you do it and deal with the embarassment?


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