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exporting text file?Nick on Aug 6
 * use 'OPEN "foo.txt" for OUTPUT AS #1' and PRINT #1, "foo"Anon on Aug 6
 You can create a WRITE # file.Clippy on Aug 6
Simple logicmichael denton on Aug 6
 *I never got past line 4...Galleon on Aug 6
 * You need FreeBasic for that.Pete on Aug 6
  * Wait, what?Anon on Aug 6
 At which point is the Start located?Solitaire on Aug 6
 Use a capacitor with a large bleeder resistorClippy on Aug 6
The BOB zip files are back...Pete on Aug 5
 *Thanks, Pete -- I appreciate it.TheBOB on Aug 5
 Thanks Pete!Clippy on Aug 5
Moving from one host to another.Mark WIlhelm on Aug 3
 *Done moving it, except for the Classic part, like I mentioned above.Mark Wilhelm on Aug 4
 So what? Pete has declared Qbasic dead anyhow!Clippy on Aug 4
  *Hey now! Please don't.PhyloGenesis on Aug 4
  * So? Micro$oft declared Clippy was dead years ago.. and yet he still posts.Pete on Aug 5
   Technically he was only really dead in Office 2007Anon on Aug 5
    * BUT you could still USE Clippy! USE ME BABY, I love it!Clippy on Aug 5
HelloJa on Aug 3
 * Why? Are you STILL in highschool?Clippy on Aug 3
  ..Ja on Aug 5
 * Yep you must be!Clippy on Aug 5
my programmickey on Aug 2
 * Sorry I don't know anything about LilyPond.......Clippy on Aug 2
 Infoaoeu on Aug 2
  * Good catch on the line label! I missed that....Clippy on Aug 2
 To save some typing...Artelius on Aug 3
another novice questionmickey on Aug 1
 Did you try to find the program again?Clippy on Aug 1
  Re: Did you try to find the program again?mickey on Aug 1
   EDITBarbaros on Aug 2
    * Isn't it included with Windows?aoeu on Aug 2
 Go ahead and post the program at this URL:aeeu on Aug 2
  Re: Go ahead and post the program at this URL:mickey on Aug 2
   * Post it here for now! That forum is locked to non-members.Clippy on Aug 2
Just Curious - QB site..Ted on Aug 1
 I don't see that happeningClippy on Aug 1
  Re: I don't see that happeningTed on Aug 1
   Well, you should have had those forums already.Clippy on Aug 1
    Re: Well, you should have had those forums already.Ted on Aug 1
     You might want to explore QB64 for newer PC'sClippy on Aug 1
Variable troubleNick on Jul 31
 *Ya gotta DIM those arrays after 10. Those aren't just variables.Clippy on Jul 31
  Like this...Galleon on Aug 1
   Ahh okNick on Aug 2
Mouse Routines in QBasicBen on Jul 31
 Re: Mouse Routines in QBasicNick on Jul 31
 * Mouse clock? Spinning sticks? Parallel port?Clippy on Aug 1
 I've written a simple mouse driverArtelius on Aug 1
  OkBen on Aug 1
   Which mouse are you talking about?Clippy on Aug 1
   Interrutps!Artelius on Aug 2
Weird !Liszt1 on Jul 31
 You have been added to the "R" Group...Pete on Jul 31
  * He meant log in QUARTERLY in the N54 member options.Clippy on Jul 31
 * I thought your handle was "Lisztfr" ?Clippy on Aug 1
Some archiving started...Pete on Jul 30
 Don't fret about it...TheBOB on Jul 31
  *Oh, yeah, I could have pulled a Clippy and changed it to "Never mind".TheBOB on Jul 31
   * Never mind.......................:-)Rosanna Danna on Jul 31
  * Not to mention the poor blokes that got corruped files..........nevermind.Rosanna Danna on Jul 31
 Archiving?Clippy on Jul 31
* NevermindRosanna Danna on Jul 29
novice questionmickey on Jul 29
 Lillypondqbguy on Jul 29
  * You can output Lillypond markup and have it produce music notation.qbguy on Jul 29
   thank youmickey on Aug 1
Clock ain` workingMauro on Jul 29
 A few things need correcting...TheBOB on Jul 29
 *What happened to line 43?Ben on Jul 29
 TIME$ is given automatically .......Clippy on Jul 29

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