never noticed that, so thanks

by Sai (no login)


so now I have let D$=(D2$, D2+2,1)


Still having the problem, with nothing that I print showing up after the first dash-and now I just realized...omg, so many problems, sorry to put this on you, it doesnt print from the second dash...if I enter: U123-4567-89, it says they were born in 193, this is the last thing im asking tonight, then im done...sorry!

Posted on Dec 8, 2008, 5:13 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
yea...nvmSai on Dec 8
 * Take your time and play around with MID$ a bit. You'll get it!Clippy on Dec 8
  I will, but i just revamed my program as wellSai on Dec 8
   * If the plate string length never changes, find that Y position too.Clippy on Dec 8
   * It should be "licence" or "license"Spelling Police on Dec 8
    YaySai on Dec 9
     * I'd love to see it if you'd like to post it here.Pete on Dec 9
      * Me too Mr. "U12-08-2008-India". I bet UR12..........:-PClippy on Dec 9
       Here, butSai on Dec 9
        Sure use a string array if you can.Clippy on Dec 9
         thanksSai on Dec 9
          One more observation!Clippy on Dec 9
        Great job! Here it is a bit more optimized. Also, LET can be completely removed...Pete on Dec 9

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