*I wonder if TheBOB has an example of moving a window in Graphics mode......^^0^^

by (Login The-Universe)

Posted on Dec 28, 2008, 4:05 PM

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I used to write stuff like thatBen on Dec 28
 * Not too bad, but I lost one window somewhere......... on Dec 28
  if you click on the square (left-top corner) it closes the windowBen on Dec 28
   * No matter what you do it will be jerky, but Pete's is good too. on Dec 28
    What does "jerky" mean?Ben on Dec 28
 Nice! I noticed a few flaws, too but you coded some neat features. on Dec 28
  You don't have to redraw everything on a page on Dec 28
   *I'd still like to see an example of that technique posted. on Dec 28
    It ain't a Window, but perhaps you'd like to blow it up! on Dec 28
     * LOL - My window moves faster than Bob's car! on Dec 28
      * Increase the PUT multiplier silly! on Dec 28
       Increased it to n * 4 and his car still goes put...put...put. I think it needs a Bat Tune! on Dec 28
        OK use CLS instead of the print loop and WAITs on Dec 28
     I see your car and raise you a helicopterqbguy on Dec 29
      I'll see your helocopter.. oh wait, it's just a damn box! on Dec 29
       Just draw a black box over the old box.qbguy on Dec 29
        Darn typi SWAP i, o ... That idea work some, fail some... on Dec 29
         * LINE (x1, y1)-(x2, y2), colour, (B = Box, BF = BoxFull) on Dec 29
          * Box full of what? on Dec 29
           * Cracker Jacks of course. on Dec 29
    I dont know what Clippy is trying to say...Ben on Dec 28
     * GOOD, cause I don't get a pointer in Screen 7 either! on Dec 28
  ThanksBen on Dec 28
   * Nope, you just GET the images (windows). Not the entire screen. on Dec 28

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