OK use CLS instead of the print loop and WAITs

by Clippy (Login burger2227)


I used the multiplier to go wider than deeper each move. I forgot! Now with a mouse, you would not flip a page until the mouse was where you want it clicked and then follow the movements of the pointer until it is not clicked. Again, you cannot go offscreen with PUT.

CLS ' page valued 0

MouseRead AX, BX, CX, DX

IF CX > 40 AND CX < 200 AND DX > 20 AND DX < 180 THEN  'limit moves

PUT(CX, DX), Window1(0)   'places new window position after page is cleared

END IF   ' Swap pages and do it again.

There also are Interrupt functions to limit the area a mouse can move. But seriously, I am not in the mood to make any windows right now. I think you did well for Screen 0 ! Why is it important to move a window around? Sounds like something my old secretary would want, but she broke Windows so often and she could never break DOS.


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