Command returns the previous DOS commandline parameters

by Clippy (Login burger2227)

You can set your own command line parameters for a program and use the ones passed.


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Posted on Jan 5, 2009, 9:31 AM

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Thanks for NOT posting an example. In other words, it's...Pete on Jan 5
 * It is just a holdout from the good old DOS days.Clippy on Jan 5
 Let's say that you wrote a BASIC compiler is BASICqbguy on Jan 5
  *You just HAD to mention QB64............QBClippy on Jan 5
 Here's your exampleqbguy on Jan 5
  And false would be (QB 7.1 only)qbguy on Jan 5
  * You just HAD to mention Linus............Lucy on Jan 5
   LinuxAnonymous on Jan 5
 An example (sans code)Artelius on Jan 5
 Commandline parameters via COMMAND$ functionMoneo on Jan 5
  not just DOSMichael Calkins on Jan 7
   *Yes, and so do winword and iexplore and most other programsArtelius on Jan 9
 ?Lisztfr on Jan 6
  Reading commandline parameters without using COMMAND$Moneo on Jan 6
   Re: Reading commandline parameters without using COMMAND$Michael Calkins on Jan 7
    Re: Reading commandline parameters without using COMMAND$Moneo on Jan 7
     some explanation.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
      * HOORAY for Zip! Why not just post your own idea?Clippy on Jan 8
      * Kewbie, not TheBOBMichael Calkins on Jan 12
Yes it does work on XPqbguy on Jan 5
 * I recall having problems . Oh wait, that was in QB1.1 !Clippy on Jan 5
  *qbasic 1.1 doesn't have command$Michael Calkins on Jan 7
   *That's because COMMAND$ doesn't work unless it's an EXE.Solitaire on Jan 8

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