* Yes, that would work or you could use a select case

by qbguy (no login)

Posted on Jan 9, 2009, 6:50 PM

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which is?Sai on Jan 9
 Re: which isqbguy on Jan 9
  duh...im stupid..anyways, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!Sai on Jan 9
  why not give it 1 line: maybe chr$(10-(grade\10)+65) 'im not sure about grading systemIma Wanker on Jan 9
   nahSai on Jan 9
    but its not "optimal"Ima Wanker on Jan 9
     doesnt need to beSai on Jan 9
     You two need to get a room... A chat room... And qbguy...Pete on Jan 9
      "Chat" spamPhyloGenesis on Jan 10
       It used to bug Mac a bit but it doesn't bug me. I was kidding...Pete on Jan 10
      * Wiki WANKER (url)Clippy on Jan 10
       Error bad title?Sai on Jan 10
       Wanker = One who forgets to post his or her name to the QB Forum...WikiPeteia on Jan 10
        Posts should not be permitted unless the Name field is filled in.Solitaire on Jan 10
        When you are not a login member, you must enter your name every post!Clippy on Jan 10
         *Unable to edit posts without extra line feeds added. Very annoying.Solitaire on Jan 10
          * You have get rid of formatted text and use the N54 Beta.Clippy on Jan 10

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