96 = &H60, as everyone smart writes it ;)

by Tim (Login T3sl4)


...And port 60h is the keyboard input. So, if Windows is forwarding all the input to the dosbox (which it doesn't when out of focus), it could in principle log keys. But there are more reliable methods, and they don't take up 100% CPU cycles either. Just get a key logger. You can probably find a freeware one. Or get infected by a keylogging trojan and divert the outgoing packets; even better than freeware, you might not even know you have it.

If your little brother is curious, he will fairly quickly discover what's going on. With more effort, he could even disable one added into Windows.

I personally don't see much use of keyloggers... most people use the mouse anyway, so you're missing a lot of input. I don't know why you're interested in this; if it's spying, you could check internet history for example. If it's security, you could put him on a limited user account, or a seperate computer. If it's functionality, you could put him on an old assed computer (my first PC was an 8086, the same one sitting beside me as a matter of fact, and look at where I am now, eh?), which any curious and technically inclined child will figure out contains quite a bit of complexity. If he's just browsing YouTube, I suppose that wouldn't work as well.

Now there's a thought. Someone should write a YouTube converter which converts streaming video to 80x25, 80x43 or related formats, ASCII coded for transmission via telnet session, which a PC-XT can login to with a modified client to display low resolution graphics and sound. Full speed (low color, low resolution, but recognizable) animation with sound has been demonstrated on a stock 8088, all that's missing is basically the TCP/IP stack, which probably wouldn't take up too much processing power. It would be a great complement to the text browsers (Lynx, et al.) that can run on an 8088.


Posted on Mar 2, 2009, 3:41 AM

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I would like to go through some of his accountsdrew on Mar 2
 * thats not very nice, you should leave him aloneBen on Mar 2
 * Wait until he downloads a bunch of games........lol.Clippy on Mar 2
 *you call it "being up to something". I call it privacy. But I'm an "only child"Michael Calkins on Mar 3
Open source keyloggers (*URL)qbguy on Mar 2
 What an ethical forum this is...Galleon on Mar 2
  You are correct Galleon. I don't support that when you share a computer, but.......Clippy on Mar 2
   Re: You are correct Galleon. I don't support that when you share a computer, but.......Michael Calkins on Mar 3
    * We only had two PC's in the living room is all. 3.1 and 98.Clippy on Mar 3
  As for QBguy? He does whatever HE feels like at the moment! Go figure....Clippy on Mar 2
   * What is "GS"?qbguy on Mar 2
    * One of the extra segment registers on the 80386+Tim on Mar 2
     * LOLClippy on Mar 2
     *Holy FS!CS DS ES FS GS SS on Mar 5
      * OMGWTFS (that's the f00f segment, if you didn't know!)Tim on Mar 5
      * Do we really NEED these 2 childish posts? Tee Hee little girls!Clippy on Mar 6
    * intended as "God's sake"lkt153 on Mar 3
     I'm an atheist, Try Goodness Sake. Goodness is better than religion!Clippy on Mar 6
      Why do you feel you have to make everything you say into an open attack on something?lkt153 on Mar 6
       Ah, the old bait and switch routine.Clippy on Mar 6
        Re: more goodnessTim on Mar 7
         Better look up pedantic! Fits you like a glove Timmy,Clippy on Mar 7
        Be kind to our resources...Pete on Mar 7
 * perfect! thank you QBguydrew on Mar 2
Using 96 is as Smart as using &H60. QB does not notice the difference.Clippy on Mar 2
 *the comp uses bin and it would be easier to convert hex to bin, so its probably fasterBen on Mar 2
  LOL, you and your speed issues. Test it Ben..........Clippy on Mar 2
   I'll test itArtelius on Mar 3
    Why use VAL? We are talking real values, not strings.Clippy on Mar 3
     Thanks, I know what we're talking about.Artelius on Mar 3
    I did a similar test in Cqbguy on Mar 3
     Should I move this to a different forum?qbguy on Mar 3
  *That would only shave a few micro seconds off the compile time, no effect on runtimeLondon on Mar 2
   That is trueBen on Mar 2
    Ben, where exactly are you converting HEX to binary?Clippy on Mar 2
     You might care about the binary values when doing bitwise operationsqbguy on Mar 2
      * Using exponents of two in decimal IS binary!Clippy on Mar 2
       * Exponents of 2 are floating point and a horribly inefficient method.Tim on Mar 3
        Never had a problem yet. So it works fine as AND compares CINT rounded Integers!Clippy on Mar 3
         Re: powers of 2Tim on Mar 3
        *I think he means writing powers of 2 as literal constants.Michael Calkins on Mar 3
 Hex is almost always used for most thingsMichael Calkins on Mar 3
  Nope.Artelius on Mar 3
   *Oh crud. sorry about that.Michael Calkins on Mar 4
    * Hmmmmmmm.......I was wonderingClippy on Mar 4
Youtube videos can be downloaded as .flv filesMichael Calkins on Mar 3
 * Are FLV files similar to FLI or FLC files?Clippy on Mar 3
  *FLV is Flash Video. I don't know about the others.(URL)Michael Calkins on Mar 3
  Prompt for user nameTim on Mar 5

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