Update on Network54 Servers and Question to All Members...

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


The server errors that occur here from time to time seem to be due to updates being made to the Network54 server software. It appears to me that they switched back to an earlier software update and they are trying to either fix some bugs in the one we were using last week or they are trying to get the new beta edition they are testing installed.

Recently, automatic hyperlinks have not been possible, even upon reposting. Of course, you can always format them yourself...

[<] a href = "http://www.blahblahblah.com>blah blah blah</a [>]

- Without the brackets -

Anyway, I haven't heard from enough of our community to determine to wait it out with N54 or to search for a different server. I would like to read your comments. Frankly, I'm OK with using a non-threaded board, like Php vBulliten, etc. because it gives us better code posting features.

We have a couple of months before N54 renewal; so, I would like to know if most of you want to stick it out here and wait to see if N54 gets it right or make a move. Most importantly, I don't want to see the interest drop in the forum because of poor service; so please let me know what you think both in terms of what you are experiencing with the present service and if you would rather be on a different board and server at or prior to our renewal period.


Posted on Mar 9, 2009, 1:46 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
If they are really trying, why do they give users such are hard time?Clippy on Mar 9
*I've never had any real problems posting (IE7) so whatever you do is OK with me.TheBOB on Mar 9
 OKMarineDon on Mar 9
To move or not to move...Galleon on Mar 9
 Migrating the forum content is a priority for meArtelius on Mar 10
  *Artelius made the most important point, forum content must be able to be migrated!Galleon on Mar 10
  * UH, one problem........my name is the property of M$Clippy on Mar 10
   * That's fine, just replace your name with GENERIC PAPERCLIP when importingDean Menezes on Mar 11
 The present Forum format is not really a problemClippy on Mar 10
  Just to clarify about Mac, he hated change...Pete on Mar 10
   * To Mac, it was more about keeping on topic, which you ignore anyhow :)Clippy on Mar 10
    Well you know what I'm getting at...Pete on Mar 10
     I think you have done a fine job, Pete!Clippy on Mar 10
Hurry up and move, N54 is old faulty crapTim on Mar 10
 Tim, to clarify, it soundss like you might be more in favor of...Pete on Mar 10
  threadsTim on Mar 10
   ROFL...The Universe on Mar 10
My opinionArtelius on Mar 11
 * LOL, you seem to change your name pretty often!Clippy on Mar 11
  * Who? Ildûrest? Non-senselkt153 on Mar 11
I am alright with this or any other format that members decide.roy on Mar 12
 * So did I until recently. Now it adds > to the end and voids the link.Clippy on Mar 12
Well this has been a small thread for such large topic...Pete on Mar 12
 TOO early to say!Clippy on Mar 12

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