How to draw a spiral ?

by Lisztfr (no login)


I wanna draw a house, with a cheminey, and some smoke exiting from it, just a spiral... rather a cycloid. With CIRCLE i can draw little arcs, but they won't join together...

CONST PI = 3.14159265458'
CIRCLE (320, 240), 50, 14, 0, PI / 180 * 90


Posted on Mar 14, 2009, 1:44 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
SpiralBen on Mar 14
 Looks very good !Lisztfr on Mar 14
  Maybe this.Ben on Mar 14
   *That's great, Ben! Simple, too ;-)TheBOB on Mar 14
Not sure if this is what you meant...TheBOB on Mar 14
 * Show them some REAL smoke Bob. Not 6 year old stuff!Clippy on Mar 15
  I'd be glad to, if lisztfr is interested...TheBOB on Mar 16
   SmokeBen on Mar 16
    I'd be interested in seeing such an algorithm, myself...TheBOB on Mar 16
     That is pretty nice thebobBen on Mar 16
      Very nice...TheBOB on Mar 16
    An idea...Artelius on Mar 16
     That looks great...TheBOB on Mar 16
     No offense, it looks like time-lapse photography of mold growing on my monitor. SOLUTION>Pete on Mar 16
      * What is that, a penguin? Is TileX some sort of Linux distribution?qbguy on Mar 16
       TileX is a product similar to simple roy...Pete on Mar 16
        Speaking of Simple Roy............Clippy on Mar 16
         Well...Pete on Mar 16
          * I did that stuff with the union! It will NEVER work! PAC's do.Clippy on Mar 16
       Ascii art picture of Tux (the Linux penguin logo) [* URL]qbguy on Mar 16
        * Looks kinda fat. Must not do much. :PClippy on Mar 19
         Linus Torvalds quoteqbguy on Mar 19
    smoke.basBen on Mar 17
     You definitely captured the "cigarette smoke" swirl effect...TheBOB on Mar 17
     bravoluka ličina on Mar 21
      * Translation: SUPER! Did it take long to code? I add to my tutorial.Clippy on Mar 21
       Not what google gave me.Ben on Mar 21
   Not too complicated, and foremost in screen 2Lisztfr on Mar 16
    *lol - I think you better stick with the spiral idea.TheBOB on Mar 16
     I just remember i had an amazing sky demo .BASLisztfr on Mar 16
      *lol - well, it's a great header, but the program seems to be lacking something.TheBOB on Mar 16
       * Copied from IDE? Try using Notepad to copy it.Clippy on Mar 16
       Rainstorm, URL*Lisztfr on Mar 17
        I moved it to the Graphics Forum...Pete on Mar 17
Probably you should have 3.14159265459qbguy on Mar 15

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