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The top section could be animated (looped). Unfortunately, you need all the attributes just to define the smoke colors. It would be great in SCREEN 13, though, with all those extra attributes.

Not sure why you're getting the left/right thing happening with my code. I copied it from the forum and pasted it into a new program just to make sure it still worked after posting (the DATA statements tend to be reinterpreted by N54). Are you using Firefox? (I use IE7, which might make a difference).

As for the algorithm, it's pretty simple if you want to play with it. I just draw the smoke so that it will "wrap" (top matches bottom). Then I GET it one line at a time, each line with its own index in the array. Finally, I PUT it in sequence with the y coordinate just 1 line out of sync with the images and hence it loops in an upward moving pattern. To see what I mean, change the statement "IF y = 136" to "IF y = 135". You'll notice that the smoke doesn't move. On the other hand, if you change it to "IF y = 137", the smoke moves twice as fast. And, of course, if you change it to "IF y = 134", the smoke moves down into the chimney (could be used to animate a waterfall, for example).


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