The deifintive QBASIC forum posting placement posting guide

by Dean Menezes (Login dean.menezes)


Note that Non-QBASIC forum is listed under "Non-QB" but Linux is listed under "Non-Programming"

This means that Non-QBASIC is only for non-QBASIC PROGRAMS, not WINDOWS questions. Windows questions go in Community Cafe, the off-topic forum.

Also, any questions about UNIX shell scripting go in Non-QBASIC, because that would be a programming question and Linux is listed by Pete under non-programming.

If a response to another question in a different forum uses something from a different forum (e.g. ASM, etc.) the answer goes in the other forum.

For example: if someone asked "How do I access the Internet from QBASIC."

The answer is "You can't in QBASIC."

The answer is NOT:

- ASM calls to TCP/IP stack in pure DOS (would go in ASM)
- wget, curl, netcat, inetd (would go in Linux, unless you also posted source code, in which case that part of the post would go in C or whatever language forum it goes in).

Questions in the wrong forum get a response in all caps, especially if they have the words Linux, GNU/Linux, Linus (even if talking about Peanuts character), Torvalds, Toblerone, Tux, or penguin in them.

Here is a picture of a Gentoo penguin

[linked image]

Pygoscelis papua

Sources: various posts by Clippy, Forum index

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