QuickBASIC For Mac

by Nightmare (no login)

Can you run QuickBASIC 1.00 (for Mac) on any Macintosh (such as the most recent ones)? OR does it only work on the old Apple Macs?

Posted on Jul 2, 2009, 3:48 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
it's destined for system 6.X.X or lower.MystikShadows on Jul 2
 * Will QuickBasic for Mac work with System 7.1?Solitaire on Jul 2
  7.1 should work yes...MystikShadows on Jul 2
  ...Nightmare on Jul 3
   * Technically they're DOS versions not Windows versionsqbguy on Jul 3
  Here's a link "QBasic for Mac"Nightmare on Jul 3
   * Looks like garbage to me! Did you try it?Clippy on Jul 3
    You can't use wget to download itqbguy on Jul 3
     There's not much point in downloading it unless you actually have a Mac, though.qbguy on Jul 3
      * Really? Wow you ARE a genius!Clippy on Jul 3
   How can I transfer this file to my Mac?Solitaire on Jul 3
    There is a way to do that transfer to a mac....mystikshadows on Jul 4
     * The link on PC to Mac brokenClippy on Jul 4
New Dosbox version 0.73 can be used in Mac OS X. (link)Clippy on Jul 2

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