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I have noticed that the problem was that I was using the ground hole on the very left. As soon as I switched to another ground hole, the problem disappeared and the register changed instantly when wire was taken out. This is how mine looks like:

ground------ -[battery]+ ------data hole

if you mean i need to do this:

ground----data hole

No, I can't do that with my circuit so I must have to make use of what is given.

I do believe my parallel port is not functioning well because the data register gives me numbers different from what I plugged in. I need to use parallel port with a circuit that I need for my racing game.


Posted on Jul 10, 2009, 12:02 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
No I Won't Hack GroundTom Petty on Jul 10
BE CAREFUL!Clippy on Jul 10
Yes, you should to connect the data pin directly to ground (or otherwise to 5V).Artelius on Jul 10
 No luck todayBen on Jul 10
  For one thing a printer never uses the reversed Data register.Clippy on Jul 10
  Think about buying some stuffArtelius on Jul 10
   Probably best for me not to buy any toysBen on Jul 11
    That happens to me tooArtelius on Jul 11
    Your welcome, but don't just fiddle until Rome burns.Clippy on Jul 11
     *What's so fun about little red lamps?Ben on Jul 12
      You can use them like a cheap voltmeter. They come in other colors, lolClippy on Jul 12
       * I recommend blue LEDSqbguy on Jul 12
        * I thought you liked Linus LED'sClippy on Jul 12
         * What is a "Linus LED" ?qbguy on Jul 12
          * How bout "Linus Erectile Devices" ?Clippy on Jul 12
           * NO!qbguy on Jul 12
         I like Linux LEDsArtelius on Jul 12
          * Wow! I should recompile my Linux kernel to add that option RIGHT NOW!Dean Menezes on Jul 12
           * Bet it will take about 8 minutes...............Clippy on Jul 12
            I have a blue Linux LED so ha!Dean Menezes on Jul 12
             Explain what it does. Flicker or what? Which lites? Mine are all green lol.............Clippy on Jul 12
              It is the rightmost LED on the front of the laptopDean Menezes on Jul 13
               * Yep, I have that blue LED too. NeatoClippy on Jul 13
      You can produce light shows with these!Clippy on Jul 12

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