I've written a simple mouse driver

by Artelius (Login Mikrondel)


Unfortunately I can't remember the finer details.

I know I used

is also quite important because the PS/2 mouse is controlled by the keyboard controller. When that page refers to the "auxiliary device" it's really talking about the mouse.

>>but most importantly the drawing of the mouse on screen

It would just use the usual VGA tricks, very similar to GET/PUT, but hand-optimised for the very small graphic that the mouse cursor is. As you know, VGA breaks each row into groups of 8 pixels. I wouldn't be surprised if the mouse driver stores 8 versions of the mouse cursor graphic in memory, for each possible pixel-alignment, though maybe it doesn't need to.

I think there's no flicker simply because the image is so small.

Posted on Aug 1, 2009, 5:06 AM

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