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by Ted (no login)


I know that this is the official Qbasic forums (this one right here at network54), but, I wanted to you to know that recently I have adapted it to my forums (thousands of members btw) and wondered if anyone wanted to join me there. I am a good programmer and would love to help in any way I can! Also we have hundreds of other people there who use QB. we just got our qb forums, so don't expect much posts in it now.


maybe in the future...

there are many many new members to meet there, and you can find great support there as well happy.gif

If you guys are willing to merge with us (it means moving from this place to my place) I will give your owner here an ADMIN account, and he can choose a few of you to be MODERATORS. It's a nice place over at GMS. Please come and chat a while, or just come to hang out with friends!

(We are also merging with one other QB site.. so soon to be 13,000 members in a few more days).

Posted on Aug 1, 2009, 1:28 PM

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I don't see that happeningClippy on Aug 1
 Re: I don't see that happeningTed on Aug 1
  Well, you should have had those forums already.Clippy on Aug 1
   Re: Well, you should have had those forums already.Ted on Aug 1
    You might want to explore QB64 for newer PC'sClippy on Aug 1

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