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The astric*MissouriBoi on Mar 19
 * is a string or denotes multplication. Use quotation marks: CASE "*"Clippy on Mar 19
  Case Mismatch errorMissouriboi on Mar 19
   Type Mismatch Error ** (That's what I meant to type) Thanks for your help too.Missouriboi on Mar 19
 Problem solved. Forgot to make it a string$ variable.MissouriBoi on Mar 19
My QBasic Experience... What Do YOU Think of Basic Programming Today?Matt the Great on Mar 19
 * Methinks you think too highly of yourself! I AM the celebrity here!Clippy on Mar 19
 I think musing about such things is a waste of time unless you know what's out thereArtelius on Mar 20
 * Almost all Linux systems come with gcc, Perl, and Pythonqbguy on Mar 20
  *And Windows still comes with DebugMichael Calkins on Mar 27
 Re: My QBasic Experience... What Do YOU Think of Basic Programming Today?g on Mar 20
  * Next you'll want one to write the code FOR you...............Clippy on Mar 20
  Check out the QB64 sub-forum in the Index page or click on...Pete on Mar 21
   * What INDEX page? Don't you mean the "SubForums and Chat" LinkClippy on Mar 21
    It has 'Index' in the URLqbguy on Mar 21
     Yeah and it also goes by various other names in areas........Clippy on Mar 21
 * Try freebasic <= very good compilerBen on Mar 20
Reminder --- This site will be down to move servers from 4pm - 12am Pacific Coast time.Pete on Mar 19
 Well of course -- they use GNU/Linux with Apache$teve Ballmer on Mar 19
  * No operating system can make up for N54's incompetenceqbguy on Mar 19
 * Let us bow our heads and PRAY they find a bigger garage!Clippy on Mar 19
Part of QBASIC source found on InternetAnonymous on Mar 18
 Re: Part of QBASIC source found on Internet* link is rot13ed on Mar 18
 * ROT 13 on this!Clippy on Mar 18
 Re: Part of QBASIC source found on InternetMercury0x000d on Mar 18
  * Crapola as expected from ghostsClippy on Mar 18
  The link works for me...Artelius on Mar 18
   * Yeah, you mess with M$ and you lose anyhow. That is theft!Clippy on Mar 18
    *Hey, how many programs and info have you stolen. lolroy on Mar 19
     * That's for you to find out London boy Roy!Clippy on Mar 19
   The QB64 implementation of RND was taken from hereqbguy on Mar 19
    * That did come in handy for GalleonClippy on Mar 19
How to set palette in screen 9?!!?Ben on Mar 17
 What the hell?Ben on Mar 17
  Some explanation...TheBOB on Mar 17
   * The Palette i, i statement reassigned the attributes to normal colors 0 - 15Clippy on Mar 17
   * I see, thanks.Ben on Mar 18
Obama QBasic program to help the United States FED resolve the economic recession. >>>, D Central on Mar 16
 Ahhhhh, that will take my pension dollars. Ranks a rot!Clippy on Mar 16
  It's all smoke and mirrors at the white houseBrian on Mar 17
   * My role is certainly not to be tricked down on! I RUST!Clippy on Mar 18
  All rightqbguy on Mar 18
   That takes me back 30 years...Pete on Mar 18
    Sorry, there already was a formula for amortizationClippy on Mar 18
     That should be "paid."qbguy on Mar 18
      *What bullets? I don't see any. I just copied it from a site as a picture.Clippy on Mar 18
       The ones before you you haveqbguy on Mar 18
        * Blame it on ARGH Group or N54. At least I could post it!Clippy on Mar 18
     Cool Clippy, where were you 30 years ago?Pete on Mar 18
      Coincidentally, 30 years ago I bought my first houseClippy on Mar 18
       A search of Wikipedia revealed this (* URL)qbguy on Mar 18
        I didn't look at the article, but the rule of 78 was used to calculate...Pete on Mar 18
         * Sounds about right. 78 on loans and 72 on deposits, lol.Clippy on Mar 18
 *Don't feel too bad -- the Canadian dollar is only about $.78 American.TheBOB on Mar 16
  * I'd move up there but I hear all the women are in Manitoba!Clippy on Mar 17
   *lolTheBOB on Mar 17
game helpmike on Mar 15
 *No, but I can refer you to our Homework link above so you can get help with building one.Pete on Mar 15
  Re: *No, but I can refer you to our Homework link above so you can get help with building one.mike on Mar 15
   * The link above entitled: Homework Help? Click Here Before PostingPete on Mar 15
   LOL, I hope you are kidding. We all have ankle "link" bracelets on!Clippy on Mar 15
QB PLAY macro decoderTim on Mar 15
 * too bad galleon didn't have this when he was implementing PLAY in QB64qbguy on Mar 15
 Is that which you coded anything similar to this? URL:*Pete on Mar 15
  * I don't think so..?Tim on Mar 15
i need helpdrew on Mar 15
 If you are new to the forum, drew, see the homework link and post back.Pete on Mar 15
 Tell us more...Artelius on Mar 15
  Well, first you need a deck of 52 cards. Then.................Octavius on Mar 15
   *tace, non iuvasArtelius on Mar 15
   Any chance of a QB LXIV port?aoeu on Mar 15
 helpdrew on Mar 16
  Here is an idea...Pete on Mar 16
  To tell if an ace should be a one or an eleven when totallingqbguy on Mar 16
   To tell if ace should be 1 or 11 when making totalqbguy on Mar 16
    To shuffle the arrayqbguy on Mar 16
  POST your attempted code! Or do you sleep in class?Clippy on Mar 16
  Code for drew's programSolitaire on Mar 17
   * That's not very nice :( Maybe he just needs help getting started.Ben on Mar 17
   Help! I had 17 and input 5. Now I'm stuck in an endless loop.Pete on Mar 17
    * It's not an endless loop -- just keep adding numbers until it overflowsqbguy on Mar 17
  Here's my codedrew on Mar 17
   * LOL, drew is LONG GONE!Clippy on Mar 17
   * That wasn't me, Pete.Ben on Mar 17
    I thought it might not be but I love the running gag...Pete on Mar 17
     * Try accusing QBG.............Clippy on Mar 17
      Yep, he was next on my list.PeteĀ  on Mar 17
       * Sorry, no.qbguy on Mar 17
        * What do you mean by sorry?Clippy on Mar 17
Attention All Personnel...Radar on Mar 15
 * Second "Go Back" link added to navigate back from the 3D Forum. Thanks, Clippy.Pete on Mar 15
  * No problem, but I think you are seriously jeapordizing Bob's sex life :)Clippy on Mar 15
   * As long as he runs his programs in protected mode, who am I to judge?Pete on Mar 15
 Let's keep the VB forum going a while longer.Solitaire on Mar 15
  Will do...Pete on Mar 15
How to draw a spiral ?Lisztfr on Mar 14
 SpiralBen on Mar 14
  Looks very good !Lisztfr on Mar 14
   Maybe this.Ben on Mar 14
    *That's great, Ben! Simple, too ;-)TheBOB on Mar 14
 Not sure if this is what you meant...TheBOB on Mar 14
  * Show them some REAL smoke Bob. Not 6 year old stuff!Clippy on Mar 15
   I'd be glad to, if lisztfr is interested...TheBOB on Mar 16
    SmokeBen on Mar 16
     I'd be interested in seeing such an algorithm, myself...TheBOB on Mar 16
      That is pretty nice thebobBen on Mar 16
       Very nice...TheBOB on Mar 16
     An idea...Artelius on Mar 16
      That looks great...TheBOB on Mar 16
      No offense, it looks like time-lapse photography of mold growing on my monitor. SOLUTION>Pete on Mar 16
       * What is that, a penguin? Is TileX some sort of Linux distribution?qbguy on Mar 16
        TileX is a product similar to simple roy...Pete on Mar 16
         Speaking of Simple Roy............Clippy on Mar 16
          Well...Pete on Mar 16
           * I did that stuff with the union! It will NEVER work! PAC's do.Clippy on Mar 16
        Ascii art picture of Tux (the Linux penguin logo) [* URL]qbguy on Mar 16
         * Looks kinda fat. Must not do much. :PClippy on Mar 19
          Linus Torvalds quoteqbguy on Mar 19
     smoke.basBen on Mar 17
      You definitely captured the "cigarette smoke" swirl effect...TheBOB on Mar 17
      bravoluka li&#269;ina on Mar 21
       * Translation: SUPER! Did it take long to code? I add to my tutorial.Clippy on Mar 21
        Not what google gave me.Ben on Mar 21
    Not too complicated, and foremost in screen 2Lisztfr on Mar 16
     *lol - I think you better stick with the spiral idea.TheBOB on Mar 16
      I just remember i had an amazing sky demo .BASLisztfr on Mar 16
       *lol - well, it's a great header, but the program seems to be lacking something.TheBOB on Mar 16
        * Copied from IDE? Try using Notepad to copy it.Clippy on Mar 16
        Rainstorm, URL*Lisztfr on Mar 17
         I moved it to the Graphics Forum...Pete on Mar 17
 Probably you should have 3.14159265459qbguy on Mar 15
Question about QBasic to Unicode in a SHELL to Notepad...Pete on Mar 13
 Use temp fileMarineDon on Mar 13
  Thanks Don but that won't work in my system...Pete on Mar 13
   It should work...MarineDon on Mar 13
   * Don't work on mine neither!Clippy on Mar 13
   * He has it in the 'Terminal' font which is CP437.qbguy on Mar 13
    Getting old sucks, I wouldn't recommend it..Pete on Mar 13
  ALT+??? works for me in notepad, I have the "Courier" font selectedGalleon on Mar 14
   Thanks but don't bother on my account, Galleon...Pete on Mar 15
 What is UT-8?Artelius on Mar 13
  Now that one works in at least some fonts...Pete on Mar 13
   Suggest MetapadMarineDon on Mar 13
    I'll stick with the more universal software...Pete on Mar 13
    Metapad won't work with UTF-8....Antoni on Mar 14
Need help in math/QBasic. URL*Ben on Mar 12
 * Nooo!!!Ben on Mar 12
  Don't worry, it will be seen and responded to in there...Pete on Mar 12
   It is going to be another empty pointless forumBen on Mar 12
    *NevermindRosanna Dana on Mar 12
     * :-(Ben on Mar 12
      *NevermindRosanna Dana on Mar 12
    * And last I looked, it already received a member response.Pete on Mar 13
     Yeah? How can you tell until you actually look in there?Clippy on Mar 13
   Actually, Pete...TheBOB on Mar 12
    Yes Bob, it is kind of pointless to have a forum hidden in a forum.Clippy on Mar 12
     It's just inconvinientBen on Mar 13
      *NevermindRosanna Dana on Mar 13
       What ignorance?Ben on Mar 13
        Don't star out words, that's not helping...Pete on Mar 13
         I may fan the flames,Ben on Mar 13
       Yeah but the thing is Ted, you get to be the adult here...Pete on Mar 13
        *NevermindRosanna Dana on Mar 13
         Here are your false accusations again..Ben on Mar 13
      I agree with the inconvinient part...Pete on Mar 13
    What I would be willing to do is archive the Pascal Forum and put the 3-D Forum...Pete on Mar 13
     Is Myst still alive? I could have moved a city by now!Clippy on Mar 13
 reply to artelius in 3d forum URLBen on Mar 13
QBASIC programs on 64-bit Linuxqbguy on Mar 12
 You need to ask this in the Linux Forum where our Linux Moderator can help you...Pete on Mar 12
  No it does not run on Linux x86-64qbguy on Mar 13
   Maybe this will help? (*URL)Artelius on Mar 14
 * Just HACK IT silly or use Windows(LOL)!Clippy on Mar 12
  QB64 does not have ANY 64-bit versionqbguy on Mar 13
   URL to reply*Pete on Mar 13
   I seriously doubt that Galleon will let youClippy on Mar 13
    OK, but I still trust him enough to give him a shell account on my computerqbguy on Mar 13
     * Sorry, I was still in shock about QB64 not running on 64 machines............Clippy on Mar 13
first steps in 3D imagesLisztfr on Mar 12
 Would POINT/PSET not be slow on the 7Mhz proc?Ben on Mar 12
  Yes it is slowLisztfr on Mar 13
   Sorry i wrote B.SLisztfr on Mar 13

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