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Update on Network54 Servers and Question to All Members...Pete on Mar 9
 If they are really trying, why do they give users such are hard time?Clippy on Mar 9
 *I've never had any real problems posting (IE7) so whatever you do is OK with me.TheBOB on Mar 9
  OKMarineDon on Mar 9
 To move or not to move...Galleon on Mar 9
  Migrating the forum content is a priority for meArtelius on Mar 10
   *Artelius made the most important point, forum content must be able to be migrated!Galleon on Mar 10
   * UH, one name is the property of M$Clippy on Mar 10
    * That's fine, just replace your name with GENERIC PAPERCLIP when importingDean Menezes on Mar 11
  The present Forum format is not really a problemClippy on Mar 10
   Just to clarify about Mac, he hated change...Pete on Mar 10
    * To Mac, it was more about keeping on topic, which you ignore anyhow :)Clippy on Mar 10
     Well you know what I'm getting at...Pete on Mar 10
      I think you have done a fine job, Pete!Clippy on Mar 10
 Hurry up and move, N54 is old faulty crapTim on Mar 10
  Tim, to clarify, it soundss like you might be more in favor of...Pete on Mar 10
   threadsTim on Mar 10
    ROFL...The Universe on Mar 10
 My opinionArtelius on Mar 11
  * LOL, you seem to change your name pretty often!Clippy on Mar 11
   * Who? Ildûrest? Non-senselkt153 on Mar 11
 I am alright with this or any other format that members decide.roy on Mar 12
  * So did I until recently. Now it adds > to the end and voids the link.Clippy on Mar 12
 Well this has been a small thread for such large topic...Pete on Mar 12
  TOO early to say!Clippy on Mar 12
qbasic homepage is blandmark p.s. on Mar 9
 Talk to the Hand...Pete on Mar 9
  re:Talk to the handmark p.s.2 on Mar 14
 * Games are in TheBob's Graphics Forum! See Community Forums.Clippy on Mar 9
pdf ?Lisztfr on Mar 8
 * Noqbguy on Mar 8
 Not that I know of. Did you try?Clippy on Mar 8
  PsionLisztfr on Mar 8
 It might be possible, but what a mess....Pete on Mar 8
  xpdfLisztfr on Mar 8
   Welcome to the new reality...Pete on Mar 8
    Adding to that .............. N54 works with nothingClippy on Mar 8
     Yes, and screw them for completely restoring the foum, too....Pete on Mar 8
      Can you say that here? Don't tempt fate...............Clippy on Mar 8
     Yes my friends, I'd love your help, even if you've never done this beforeArtelius on Mar 9
      * Like what kind of stuff do you need help with?Clippy on Mar 9
      PHPBen on Mar 9
       "It seems php is kind of a nerd type language" LOLlkt153 on Mar 9
       Well...Artelius on Mar 10
    PDAsLisztfr on Mar 9
     It won't workqbguy on Mar 16
 No I will NOT write a PDF reader for you.Artelius on Mar 8
  ThanksLisztfr on Mar 9
 what is pdf?Ben on Mar 9
  Portable Document Formatlkt153 on Mar 9 has some reference for anyone interested (URL)TheBOB on Mar 9
How to scroll a long instruction at the bottom line of your screenSolitaire on Mar 7
 In America, you look at instructions on computer monitorqbguy on Mar 7
  RE: Scroll....MarineDon on Mar 7
   If you are looking for ALL files with an extension..........Clippy on Mar 8
    nAA...MarineDon on Mar 8
Plz help!shunan on Mar 6
 Check out the Homework link aboveSolitaire on Mar 6
  Re: Check out the Homework link aboveShunaan on Mar 6
I found an error in the QB64!Scott Houdek on Mar 5
 The present QB64 IDE is a bug!Clippy on Mar 5
  qb64Scott Houdek on Mar 5
   Just use the compiler for now!Clippy on Mar 5
    * (To use the compiler, type 'qb64 -c {your file}' on the command line)qbguy on Mar 7
 That can occur from having an incomplete /temp directoryDav on Mar 5
  Yes, QB64 needs to clarify the files and folders needed.Clippy on Mar 5
usb 2 commat janssen on Mar 5
 That won't work with QBClippy on Mar 5
  Re: That won't work with QBmat janssen on Mar 5
* Hey gang, come say hi to Computer Ghost in the chat room!Scooby Doo on Mar 3
 * Haha, thanks for the intro. ;) I'm hopping out for about ten minutes though.ComputerGhost on Mar 3
  * Yeah, he smokes those 100 mm jobs.Clippy on Mar 5
   * $7.00 a pack. If you're gonna go self-destructive, do it with style! ;)ComputerGhost on Mar 6
INP(96) What is it?drew on Mar 2
 96 = &H60, as everyone smart writes it ;)Tim on Mar 2
  I would like to go through some of his accountsdrew on Mar 2
   * thats not very nice, you should leave him aloneBen on Mar 2
   * Wait until he downloads a bunch of on Mar 2
   *you call it "being up to something". I call it privacy. But I'm an "only child"Michael Calkins on Mar 3
  Open source keyloggers (*URL)qbguy on Mar 2
   What an ethical forum this is...Galleon on Mar 2
    You are correct Galleon. I don't support that when you share a computer, but.......Clippy on Mar 2
     Re: You are correct Galleon. I don't support that when you share a computer, but.......Michael Calkins on Mar 3
      * We only had two PC's in the living room is all. 3.1 and 98.Clippy on Mar 3
    As for QBguy? He does whatever HE feels like at the moment! Go figure....Clippy on Mar 2
     * What is "GS"?qbguy on Mar 2
      * One of the extra segment registers on the 80386+Tim on Mar 2
       * LOLClippy on Mar 2
       *Holy FS!CS DS ES FS GS SS on Mar 5
        * OMGWTFS (that's the f00f segment, if you didn't know!)Tim on Mar 5
        * Do we really NEED these 2 childish posts? Tee Hee little girls!Clippy on Mar 6
      * intended as "God's sake"lkt153 on Mar 3
       I'm an atheist, Try Goodness Sake. Goodness is better than religion!Clippy on Mar 6
        Why do you feel you have to make everything you say into an open attack on something?lkt153 on Mar 6
         Ah, the old bait and switch routine.Clippy on Mar 6
          Re: more goodnessTim on Mar 7
           Better look up pedantic! Fits you like a glove Timmy,Clippy on Mar 7
          Be kind to our resources...Pete on Mar 7
   * perfect! thank you QBguydrew on Mar 2
  Using 96 is as Smart as using &H60. QB does not notice the difference.Clippy on Mar 2
   *the comp uses bin and it would be easier to convert hex to bin, so its probably fasterBen on Mar 2
    LOL, you and your speed issues. Test it Ben..........Clippy on Mar 2
     I'll test itArtelius on Mar 3
      Why use VAL? We are talking real values, not strings.Clippy on Mar 3
       Thanks, I know what we're talking about.Artelius on Mar 3
      I did a similar test in Cqbguy on Mar 3
       Should I move this to a different forum?qbguy on Mar 3
    *That would only shave a few micro seconds off the compile time, no effect on runtimeLondon on Mar 2
     That is trueBen on Mar 2
      Ben, where exactly are you converting HEX to binary?Clippy on Mar 2
       You might care about the binary values when doing bitwise operationsqbguy on Mar 2
        * Using exponents of two in decimal IS binary!Clippy on Mar 2
         * Exponents of 2 are floating point and a horribly inefficient method.Tim on Mar 3
          Never had a problem yet. So it works fine as AND compares CINT rounded Integers!Clippy on Mar 3
           Re: powers of 2Tim on Mar 3
          *I think he means writing powers of 2 as literal constants.Michael Calkins on Mar 3
   Hex is almost always used for most thingsMichael Calkins on Mar 3
    Nope.Artelius on Mar 3
     *Oh crud. sorry about that.Michael Calkins on Mar 4
      * Hmmmmmmm.......I was wonderingClippy on Mar 4
  Youtube videos can be downloaded as .flv filesMichael Calkins on Mar 3
   * Are FLV files similar to FLI or FLC files?Clippy on Mar 3
    *FLV is Flash Video. I don't know about the others.(URL)Michael Calkins on Mar 3
    Prompt for user nameTim on Mar 5
 INP(&H60) does not clear the keyboard bufferClippy on Mar 2
 I think that would work on Windows 95/98qbguy on Mar 2
  I doubt it very much.Michael Calkins on Mar 3
The Forum header is starting to remind me of those phone menu options.Clippy on Mar 1
 * 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444Independent Survey on Mar 1
Protect all your computer files with this amazing QB-Biometric scanner I just coded!Pete on Mar 1
 * Great program. I will be working on a Linux port.qbguy on Mar 1
  * You can call it "Sticky Key1" for Linus!Clippy on Mar 1
   The OS is called Linux or GNU/Linux not Linusqbguy on Mar 3
    * Oh so Linux Torvalds wrote the Linus kernel. Or is it GNU/Linux Torvalds?(not really) Clippy on Mar 3
    I hope he knew that already.Michael Calkins on Mar 3
  Linux Port (* URL)qbguy on Mar 1
   * That's nice, now port it ot the Linux forum!Pete on Mar 1
    * Don't you mean SHOVE IT to the Linus Forum?Clippy on Mar 1
defining user defined keysthomas on Feb 28
 It works on my American Keyboard just fine; so like my friend Blondie would state...Pete on Feb 28
  defining user defined keys on foreign keyboardsThomas on Mar 1
   You might try mapping it...Pete on Mar 1
    RE: Defining User KeysMarineDon on Mar 1
     That is a neat alternative to PEEK/POKEPete on Mar 1
      * What address? and what must you poke there?Ben on Mar 1
       * PEEK (1047) at DEF SEG 0 for shifts, alt ,ctrl, capslock, numlock, insert.Clippy on Mar 1
        help fill thisBen on Mar 1
         * 2 ^ 7 = Insert key. There are only 8 bits from 0 to 7 in a register.Clippy on Mar 1
          I think my insert key is brokenBen on Mar 1
           256 - 1? Not when you ADD the bit values!Clippy on Mar 1
            if all of those keys were down it would be x=256-1=255Ben on Mar 1
             * No. 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 = 255Clippy on Mar 1
            * Base zero? I think that is a typo for base 2.qbguy on Mar 1
             * No, it is the SAME problem as BASE 0 Arrays to some.Clippy on Mar 1
       Simple example...Pete on Mar 1
   I don't think it is the keyboard, but the Windows settingsClippy on Mar 1
What about a 3D in QBASIC sub-forum?Galleon on Feb 28
 I don't think Bob would mind posting 3D in the Graphics Forum.Clippy on Feb 28
 Back to the Future...Marty on Feb 28
  You're certainly welcome to post in my forum...TheBOB on Feb 28
   Finding whether a line from p1 to p2 intersects with triangle of points t1,t2,t3Galleon on Mar 1
    *ehportsopa ,wonk IGalleon on Mar 1
     *?tahWArtelius on Mar 1
     That is your first warning for violating the abusive language rule.Pete on Mar 1
    Hold that thought for a few weeksArtelius on Mar 1
    Codeqbguy on Mar 1
     That's brilliant qbguy, thank you!Galleon on Mar 1
     Re: CODERalph on Mar 2
     New $e: coderALPH on Mar 2
      * Yes.qbguy on Mar 3
 I think that The BOB's forum should cover this.roy on Feb 28
 * I still can't post in BOB's forum via FireFoxTim on Feb 28
  Are you using firefox 3?Ben on Feb 28
   * IE 7 has problems too! Network 54 can mangle any browser.Clippy on Feb 28
   * FF3. Formatting appears fine, Bob's Send button is the only thing faultyTim on Mar 1
   Re: Are you using firefox 3?Jeremy on Mar 1
 OK, new 3-D Forum and forum link added to TheBOB'S Graphics Forum. URL*Pete on Mar 1
WHAT is the point of having a homework policy when......Clippy on Feb 27
 Just so you know...Ben on Feb 27
  Just so you ...........No, I was not accusing you Ben. But......Clippy on Feb 27
  It required subroutines for each of the stepsqbguy on Feb 27
 Dean, we know you're brightArtelius on Feb 27
 Ya know what's worse than answering homework... or trolling?...Tim on Feb 27
  Who is WE? I never saw anybody here as a friend of yours.Clippy on Feb 27
QBASICJuma on Feb 26
 * FIRST QUIT SHOUTING and hit the CAP LOCK key!Clippy on Feb 26
 If this is a homework assignment, check our homework link...Pete on Feb 26
  * I am new to cursive writing, so I'll just do it myself. Thanks anyhow!Not Really Iwo Juma on Feb 26
   * Quit clowning around, Clippy! (Or at least follow the "Not Really" rule.)Pete on Feb 26
    * Where IS the "Not Really" Rule? I hope it is readable.Clippy on Feb 26
     Readable? Well, not really.Pete on Feb 26
 You mean like this?qbguy on Feb 26
  Sorry, I forgot to change the setup in the second programqbguy on Feb 26
   * LOL @ homozygous Recessive.Clippy on Feb 26

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