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* Homework Help? I can only read "Go back to Forum", lol.Clippy on Feb 26
 I was in a hurry, so I wrote it in cursive... (Or to borrow your line...Let me help!)Pete on Feb 26
  I know, just wanted to START the thread, lolClippy on Feb 26
  What cursiveDean Menezes on Feb 26
   TestDean Menezes on Feb 26
   Yep, you not got our spiffy fonts! That's OK, you can pick them up at our MicroSoft Store!Not Really Steve Ballmer on Feb 26
    * QBguy posted it Ralph......One of his better days! Or should I say Dean's?Clippy on Feb 26
Help with basic subroutineDan on Feb 26
 Hi Dan, you need to read our Homework link and post again...Pete on Feb 26
  * Hey, where IS the Homework link?Clippy on Feb 26
   GOOD POINT!Pete on Feb 26
    That page is indeed, missing...Pete on Feb 26
     * I noticed it was gone a while back. I was wondering.......Clippy on Feb 26
      Re: * I noticed it was gone a while back. I was wondering.......Dan on Feb 26
       * GO AHEAD smarty! I already answered your post at Pete's!Clippy on Feb 26
       You mean that other Pete?Pete on Feb 26
        *Hi, this is the tower -- is that you, Arnie? How do you get HBO on this thing??TheBOB on Feb 26
         Maverick to Tower...Pete Maverick on Feb 26
        * What is a GAURD DOG?Clippy on Feb 26
         A dyslexic doberman....Pete on Feb 26
          *It's a good thing they don't know how ridiculous they look, they'd kill their master.TheBOB on Feb 26
           * Jesus Bob, they are preparing their EARS to be cut off!Clippy on Feb 26
            WowDan on Mar 2
             *Quote: It would be really appreciated if you guys could code this program for me: unquoteTheBOB on Mar 2
troubles with REDIMLisztfr on Feb 26
 It is not legal to use DIM SHARED or REDIM SHARED inside a sub procedure...Pete on Feb 26
  *So i cannot redim a shared array from inside a SUB ?Lisztfr on Feb 26
   Poor baby. An array in a SUB is used by the SUBClippy on Feb 26
   You can't always get what you want...Not Really Mick Jagger on Feb 26
    meanwhile i did itLisztfr on Feb 26
     FRE(0)Lisztfr on Feb 26
    I cannot get satisfactionLisztfr on Feb 26
     * Hey, it rhymes! LOL - Well, I'm real glad you got it to work, anyway.Not Really Kieth Richards on Feb 26
to find percentagepinak on Feb 26
 Percentage of what?qbguy on Feb 26
  *Why do you insist on being an ARS?Clippy on Feb 26
   ARS will be supported in a later version of QB64...Not Really Galleon on Feb 26
    * You knew what I meant!Not really The Universe on Feb 26
     OK, well it is... a little... LOLNot Really Funny on Feb 26
      *OMG! LOL that is Comic AL.Clippy on Feb 26
 Simple...............RoyClippy on Feb 26
Does CLS or some other statement free up memory when using PCOPY?Pete on Feb 26
 I doubt that your extra pages have any effect on free memoryArtelius on Feb 26
  Not about black on black....Pete on Feb 26
Creating .lrc files for mp3 playersgerald krug on Feb 25
 *Who asked? This might be better in the Tricks Forum.Clippy on Feb 25
 That is some ancient code style!London on Feb 25
  *I wonder if anyone has made a regex library for QB.Artelius on Feb 26
   Found this (*URL)qbguy on Mar 13
* Quick idea to throw around.drew on Feb 23
 * lol ignore that *drew on Feb 23
 (URL*) Link to hostmonster plan that I am looking atdrew on Feb 23
  I found this one which is cheaperDean Menezes on Feb 24
 Re: * Quick idea to throw around.Tim on Feb 23
 Why are we still here?Artelius on Feb 23
  RE: Why are we still here?MarineDon on Feb 23
   It's one of many options.Artelius on Feb 24
    Optionsqbguy on Feb 24
     I'm going with 4 - the regulars (pros) should have control over more.drew on Feb 24
      * NO ADS! Period!Clippy on Feb 24
  Art, ..drew on Feb 24
   * Would the online interpreter legal? Microsoft wouldn't jump on that?drew on Feb 24
    There would be no legal basis at all. Microsoft didn't even invent BASIC.Artelius on Feb 24
  All of this talk about the idea is funny. Especially from Drew.Clippy on Feb 24
   I have been trying to stick around and help as much as I can latelydrew on Feb 24
    *Clippydrew on Feb 24
    * Drew you have been better! You growed up a bit.Clippy on Feb 24
     Thanks Clippydrew on Feb 24
      How's it coming on, drew?Artelius on Feb 27
    Don't sweat it.London on Feb 25
  I really like it hereMichael Calkins on Feb 25
   What if you couldn't tell the difference?Artelius on Feb 25
    *yeah that would be good.Michael Calkins on Feb 25
     Rush job (*URL)Artelius on Feb 26
      * Not bad for a quickie! Can pictures be posted easily?Clippy on Feb 26
       Not in the current versionDean Menezes on Feb 26
        I'll get to that... if you want me to.Artelius on Feb 26
         * I know you can, but do you have the time really?Clippy on Feb 26
         * I think it would be good if you could improve itqbguy on Feb 27
      Wow, that's amazing art. That's just a quickie!drew on Feb 27
HELP! this is probably an easy problem for most of you...Jeremy on Feb 22
 * Why are you using PR(X) with input? That is an array! What does X equal?Clippy on Feb 22
 You're close... Just needs a for/next loop and a little tweakingPete on Feb 22
  * Well, so much for trying to make them think!Clippy on Feb 22
   He has plenty to think about. All you did was ask him a question...Pete on Feb 22
    * Actually he don't need no array neither :PClippy on Feb 22
  thanks so much! but...Jeremy on Feb 22
   i also want to addJeremy on Feb 22
    * i is the square root of negative one. it came from leonhard euler. on Feb 22
    * x = x - 1 undos x = x + 1 so that x is an index into the same position in the arrayAnonymous on Feb 22
    'i' is short for iteratorAnonymous on Feb 22
     * Time to get rid of Mr. Anonymous!Clippy on Feb 22
    * I is used in FOR loops a lot. It stands for Integer (whole) numbersClippy on Feb 22
    It comes from FORTRANqbguy on Feb 23
   The code used depends on what you are learning.Clippy on Feb 22
    That's a good point, Ted.Pete on Feb 22
    A correction...Artelius on Feb 24
 * Why is requirements spelt correctly the first time but incorrectly the second time?qbguy on Feb 22
  sum of PR(x)????Jeremy on Feb 22
  * Your contempt for beginners is showing QBguy!Clippy on Feb 22
   * My contempt for beginners is showing me what?qbguy on Feb 23
 Re: HELP! this is probably an easy problem for most of you...Pete on Feb 22
  I am wondering why. . . .Solitaire on Feb 22
   *But that would mean switching to RubyArtelius on Feb 23
   I agree with Solitaire...Pete on Feb 23
    One would think that GOTO would be discouraged ........Clippy on Feb 23
     this is for a college course..Jeremy on Mar 1
How would I save a spreadsheet for use in QB's INPUTdrew on Feb 22
 Read Wendy's posts and use WRITE #1 for Excel spreadsheetsClippy on Feb 22
  *Thanks!drew on Feb 22
TaskWendy on Feb 22
 Does your DATA file have commas between values?Clippy on Feb 22
  Further to what Clippy said...TheBOB on Feb 22
   NothingWendy on Feb 22
    * Use the INPUT I supplied in the data file POST below!Clippy on Feb 22
   HowWendy on Feb 22
    Re: HowTheBOB on Feb 23
  MessageWendy on Feb 22
   Got the data! It is indeed a CSV file, TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clippy on Feb 22
Sequential File Processing in QbasicWendy Polk on Feb 20
 Is this for a school project or for a business application?Pete on Feb 20
  HelpWendy on Feb 21
  School ProjectWendy on Feb 21
   *You left out a couple of multiplication signs.roy on Feb 22
    Formatting does that...TheBOB on Feb 22
     Thanks Bob for explaining the intricacies of N54. lol.roy on Feb 22
      PostedWendy on Feb 22
 You read the file until you find the data you needClippy on Feb 20
  Kind of a coincidence we both used the same filename, lolClippy on Feb 20
   Thanks, I edited the post.Pete on Feb 20
  *lol - I don't get paid anymore, Clip, but my pension, I admit, is in Eskimo pies.TheBOB on Feb 20
Numeric value to inputMissouriQB on Feb 19
 heres howmike on Feb 19
  Hey that workedMissouriQB on Feb 19
   * For "Y"or "N" questions UCASE$ or LCASE$ the answers so Caps Lock is OK.Clippy on Feb 19
  Re: heres howMichael Calkins on Feb 19
fill screen with characterDave on Feb 16
 use a semicolon at the end, so it won't scrolllkt153 on Feb 16
  *thanks i will tell you if it worksdave on Feb 16
  *VIEW PRINT 1 TO 25 (so you can print to bottom line as well)Galleon on Feb 16
   Re: *VIEW PRINT 1 TO 25 (so you can print to bottom line as well)dave on Feb 16
  One line code to cover entire screenSolitaire on Feb 16
 another wayMichael Calkins on Feb 16
  * I would place the SLEEP in the loop so the program does not hog resourcesClippy on Feb 16
   Re: * I would place the SLEEP in the loop so the program does not hog resourcesMichael Calkins on Feb 16
    * I meant the WHILE LOOP.Clappy on Feb 16
     *That loop exists only to clear the keyboard buffer.Michael Calkins on Feb 16
      * Oh I see, my bad.Clippy on Feb 16
 Before I knew about VIEW PRINT, I used to do it this way...Pete on Feb 16
Does REDIM takes ages or is it an illusion ?Lisztfr on Feb 16
 Gosht i have some artefacts in my arraysLisztfr on Feb 16
  completely weirdLisztfr on Feb 16
   A usualLisztfr on Feb 16
    * Please post this in the Thinking Out Loud Forum. Oops, did I say that out loud?Pete on Feb 16
     need a debug hintLisztfr on Feb 18
      That's like asking us to find a needl in a haystack without showing us the haystack.Pete on Feb 18
       * Hold on there! I thought this was the "Talking to oneself" thread?Clippy on Feb 18
       The program needs an array to workLisztfr on Feb 18
        Just wondering..Ben on Feb 18
        Why just 4 fonts? You could probably BLOAD many fonts.Clippy on Feb 18
         Font arrayLisztfr on Feb 19
          PRINT2 is now workingLisztfr on Feb 19
           print3 now workingLisztfr on Feb 21
            * The code is pretty much useless without the BSAVE file.Clippy on Feb 21
             c'mon clippy it's the same as beforeLisztfr on Feb 22
Is it possible to use qbasic to create a multitasker for DOS; on Feb 15
 How the hell should I know... oops, just thinking out loud.Pete on Feb 15
  * The entire idea sounds ridiculous. QB would bomb out.Clippy on Feb 15
 No.Galleon on Feb 16
 Don't ever be worried about asking though...Pete on Feb 16
 Maybe, but you can't guarantee that your multitasker will remain in place...Tim on Feb 16
  *cough*Galleon on Feb 16
   * Please refrain from 'phlemming' others on the forum.Pete on Feb 17
    *Be especially aware of "hacking" coughs ;-)TheBOB on Feb 17
   Did you catch that whooping cough too?Artelius on Feb 19
  * Timmy show us how. We don't need platitudes! GagClippy on Feb 17
 Re: Is it possible to use qbasic to create a multitasker for DOSMercury0x000D on Feb 18
 Re: Is it possible to use qbasic to create a multitasker for DOSBen on Feb 18
  some thoughtsMichael Calkins on Feb 18

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