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*How do you exit to dosDave on Feb 15
 You can run a BAS file from the command line and use SYSTEM to end itClippy on Feb 15
Dow to simplifiy this ?Lisztfr on Feb 14
 Something like:lkt153 on Feb 14
  * in 'v = v + lst', lst should be x. Changed var name, but missed that onelkt153 on Feb 14
   thanks for the ideaLisztfr on Feb 14
    * You could divide the table by 8, I guess. I was just trying to be explicitlkt153 on Feb 14
     Got it! It's 2 + ((v % 2) *14) + ((v % 2)-1)+13MikeGoyette on Feb 14
    2 + ((v / 2) *14) + ((v / 2)-1)*13MikeGoyette on Feb 14
     Whoa, nice! That's right! Congrats!lkt153 on Feb 14
      I'm not even sure how to express it in BASICMikeGoyette on Feb 14
      Look, I just found e ^ ( i * pi ) = -1MikeGoyette on Feb 14
      I've been looking for one for leveling up.MikeGoyette on Feb 14
       What? Carl Frederick Gauss discovered one when he was 6 years oldqbguy on Feb 14
        THANK YOUMikeGoyette on Feb 14
        he saw how to ad series of increasing numbersLisztfr on Feb 15
        When I was 6-years old, I discovered girls!Pete on Feb 16
         So did Gauss...Artelius on Feb 23
      Closed formqbguy on Feb 14
       Close, but thank you very muchlkt153 on Feb 14
        n(n+1)(n+2) is for summing 1+3+6+10+15+...qbguy on Feb 14
         * Oh! Got it now, thank you ;) I was looking for the simpler hehlkt153 on Feb 14
       Now I have a real question.MikeGoyette on Feb 14
        Let me explain how Tactics worked.MikeGoyette on Feb 14
         Here is the code for Tactics:MikeGoyette on Feb 14
          ^^^ looks a lot better formatted :(MikeGoyette on Feb 14
        I have a chess program you can look at in the QB64 samplesqbguy on Feb 14
         Thank you. I will study it.MikeGoyette on Feb 14
        Simulating Strategylkt153 on Feb 14
 That's an arithmatic sequence, so....Mike Goyette on Feb 14
  Case in extensoLisztfr on Feb 15
   *CASE 97 to 102 : Isize = 168 not 167 , then add one to the rest.roy on Feb 15
    Sure i mad an error on this lolLisztfr on Feb 15
     DON'T SPEED UP TheBOB!Pete on Feb 16
Tic Tac Toe Helpmike on Feb 12
 Re: Tic Tac Toe Helpmike on Feb 12
  wrote this type of thing long time ago...Ben on Feb 12
   And the 1 player version:Ben on Feb 12
    Re: And the 1 player version:mike on Feb 12
    *Here's one I wrote many years ago. (URL). may contain bugs.Michael Calkins on Feb 12
     Here's a simple one I've thrown together over the last few days.Michael Calkins on Feb 18
  Try a search of the Big Programs area here for "tic tac toe" Mike.Clippy on Feb 13
 I ran the programdrew on Feb 12
  Re: I ran the programmike on Feb 12
   You would probably end up scratching most of your codedrew on Feb 12
    Re: You would probably end up scratching most of your codemike on Feb 12
     *does the board matter, or did the teacher tell you to keep it the same?drew on Feb 12
      Re: *does the board matter, or did the teacher tell you to keep it the same?mike on Feb 12
       * have you learned the qbasic LOCATE statement yet?Ben on Feb 12
        Re: * have you learned the qbasic LOCATE statement yet?mike on Feb 12
         * alright, have you learned DO ... LOOP, or GOTO??Ben on Feb 12
          Re: * alright, have you learned DO ... LOOP, or GOTO??mike on Feb 12
           Re: * alright, have you learned DO ... LOOP, or GOTO??mike on Feb 12
            okayBen on Feb 12
             Re: okaymike on Feb 12
              *Well, looks like he put you in the right direction to start that.drew on Feb 12
               For the smart computerdrew on Feb 12
                Re: For the smart computermike on Feb 12
          * ben, you really think it's good to show him goto?drew on Feb 12
           * i guess his teacher already has lol nevermind, sorrydrew on Feb 12
            here is my basic versiondrew on Feb 12
             Re: here is my basic versionmike on Feb 12
              *It works for me?drew on Feb 12
               * whats the error it's giving you?drew on Feb 12
                Re: * whats the error it's giving you?mike on Feb 12
                 *It worked for me. Did you remember to push Enter ? lolroy on Feb 14
                  Re: *It worked for me. Did you remember to push Enter ? lolmike on Feb 14
 * PRINT "The only way to win is not to play."WOPR on Feb 13
Hey guys! quick question about proper coding.drew on Feb 12
 * Give us an example of what you are coding. Graphic coordinates?Clippy on Feb 12
 Re: Hey guys! quick question about proper coding.Michael Calkins on Feb 12
  * Wow! I never thought about select cases in cases before! i'll give this a try! thanks!drew on Feb 12
  Another method is a multi-dimensional array...Pete on Feb 12
   Thanks Petedrew on Feb 12
    You're Welcome and SELECT CASE or conditional statements based on....Pete on Feb 16
 You could use a map and a sublkt153 on Feb 12
  lkt153, can you explain your Event Sub into a little bit more detail?drew on Feb 12
   Here's a trylkt153 on Feb 12
    =/ =/ VISTA + QB 1.1 = No Full Screen or Graphicsdrew on Feb 12
     * try it in DosBox, works in Vista AFAIKlkt153 on Feb 12
     Ok, so here's a "Text" version of thatlkt153 on Feb 12
      *This is it! works amazing without any glitches or slowdowns! thank you!drew on Feb 15
 Here is a map tutorial that covers all the basics (URL)...TheBOB on Feb 12
  *It's a nice tutorial, but doesn't cover celltriggers, and I think that's what he wantedlkt153 on Feb 12
  *That's alright, I still learned alot from it. Does DATA use alot of memory?drew on Feb 12
   *Code memory only.TheBOB on Feb 12
Discontinuing fonction for array sizeLisztfr on Feb 12
 Not sure what it means...TheBOB on Feb 12
 Why are you looking for negative values?Clippy on Feb 12
  hm ?Lisztfr on Feb 12
   I don't think you have to worry much in Screen 2Clippy on Feb 12
    AnywayLisztfr on Feb 13
Who want's to make the ORIGINAL PONG game?Who want's to make the ORIGINAL PONG game? on Feb 12
 Some techniques are described in the FAQArtelius on Feb 12
 TheBOB wrote a Pong ProgramMarineSmith on Feb 12
Need some input towards the JPEG encoderArtelius on Feb 12
 Good luck!..Antoni on Feb 12
  The encoder already worksArtelius on Feb 12
   FFT...Antoni on Feb 13
 *Can't be of any help, but good luck :-)TheBOB on Feb 12
  I don't agreeArtelius on Feb 12
   Both :)....Antoni on Feb 13
    * hm... that got me hungry for some reason...lkt153 on Feb 13
 Seems simple enough to me...Pete on Feb 12
  *LOLArtelius on Feb 12
 Re: Need some input towards the JPEG encoderMercury0x000D on Feb 13
* How do I check if a number is primeYour name on Feb 9
 Try thisqbguy on Feb 9
  Modified by looking for only ODD numbers over 2Clippy on Feb 12
   That code would count powers of 2 as being primeqbguy on Feb 12
    OOPs! How'd I miss that?Clippy on Feb 12
  * I'm giving props to who ever designed that SHELL statement. wow.drew on Feb 12
 *Your title was supposed to be "Message Title"Forum Cop on Feb 10
 This one can check bigger values...Antoni on Feb 10
 Check it against a listLondon on Feb 11
Weird things about the display memory:Ben on Feb 9
 It's called interlacingArtelius on Feb 9
  Re: It's called interlacingBen on Feb 9
   * I think the k loop could go up to 81 cause 81*50 is just <FFFh I thinkBen on Feb 9
   a few commentslkt153 on Feb 10
   Don't change the DEF SEGTim on Feb 10
    Disregard my reply, this is what should be done, mine only concerns optimizations...lkt153 on Feb 10
    REBen on Feb 10
     Yeslkt153 on Feb 11
      Two interesting resourceslkt153 on Feb 11
      A working examplelkt153 on Feb 11
       Last one, I promise ;)lkt153 on Feb 11
        argh, corrected the pseudo-code, but not the codelkt153 on Feb 11
      vesa experiment #1Ben on Feb 12
       One thing at a timelkt153 on Feb 12
        Code correctedlkt153 on Feb 12
         vesa experiment #2Ben on Feb 13
          Not much time right now, but one quick answerlkt153 on Feb 13
          Program fixedlkt153 on Feb 14
           Great!Ben on Feb 14
            Quick answerslkt153 on Feb 14
             real modeBen on Feb 15
              Von Neumann Architeture 101 ;)lkt153 on Feb 15
               * PRINT "Hello Neumann."Jerry Seinfeld on Feb 15
    *can't you reach the 16th bit with negative numbers?London on Feb 11
     Yeslkt153 on Feb 12
   CLEAN HIS POST UP! I'm tired of this PUNK swearing! WTF!Clippy on Feb 10
    *Get lost.Michael Calkins on Feb 11
   Ben, I'm going to cut you a deal.Artelius on Feb 11
    I was emphesizing the caution of...Ben on Feb 11
     * You probably want Artelius' help, but I agree Clippy over-reacted... he usually does.lkt153 on Feb 11
      * If you condone that stuff, then you are STUPID too!Clippy on Feb 11
       * Your attitude is "STUPID". Get over it, Clippy.Tim on Feb 11
     Thanks a lot, Ben.Artelius on Feb 11
Does anyone have a good Arctan function?London on Feb 8
 Belay my last, I just remembered I had one for my gravity simulatorLondon on Feb 8
  I also forgot to add the pi constantLondon on Feb 8
   *lol - we need more guys who can answer their own questions and educate us in the process!TheBOB on Feb 8
 Sorry for nitpicking, but what you're after isn't called arctanArtelius on Feb 10
  *No by all means, its good info. I'm terrible with semantics anyhow.London on Feb 10
*has anyone attempted a CAS in QBasic? Or know of one?London on Feb 8
 Re: Content-addressable storage. I suppose I have done this to a simple degree..Pete on Feb 8
  *Although that would be interesting, I was refering to a "Computer Algebra System"London on Feb 8
   That takes me back to the days of the first programmable calculators...Pete on Feb 8
   I did try making one long ago.roy on Feb 9
My big beef with RA files...Pete on Feb 8
 I never looked at it that way.roy on Feb 8
 Here is a quick wayqbguy on Feb 8
  Why don't people put click on URLs hereroy on Feb 8
   * Because N54 likes to mess them up by adding a >.Clippy on Feb 8
  Nice find QBguy, but I think Pete hates Interrupts too!Clippy on Feb 8
   What? Pete loves CALL INTERRUPT.Pete on Feb 8
   XCOPY not hard core enough you you boys? Try XXCOPYCandy on Feb 8
  Thanks qbguy...Pete on Feb 8
   Looking at the Truncate Function it appears wrong.....Clippy on Feb 11
    *It does seem like it needs an EXIT FUNCTION.Michael Calkins on Feb 12
     *Figures! M$ can't do anything right lol.Clippy on Feb 13
      M$ is going to open Microsoft stores!Pete on Feb 13
 I wrote this a few years ago...(URL)Michael Calkins on Feb 9
  here's a quick one that uses SEEKMichael Calkins on Feb 9
  Here is another one that works with a file that isn't open.Michael Calkins on Feb 9
Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts in coding screen locations...Liv Ann Learn on Feb 8
 Re: Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts in coding screen locations...Tim on Feb 8
  Good stuff, thanks...Pete on Feb 8
 In C...Artelius on Feb 10
Has anyone here ever dealt with complex (imaginary) numbers in QB?London on Feb 8
 It's possible, but since QBASIC does not allow functions returning user defined typesqbguy on Feb 8
  NUM1 and NUM2 are called by reference?London on Feb 8
   Yes, they are passed by referenceqbguy on Feb 8
  Fractional exponents.London on Feb 8
   Like this, I thinkArtelius on Feb 9
    This is what I came up with, combining Qbguy's formatLondon on Feb 9
 *I just use pairs of float variables, and type out the code explicitlyArtelius on Feb 8
How do I capture STDIN ?Mike Goyette on Feb 6
 Look, capturing STDN has nothing to do with a stimulus package or capturing Bin Laden...Barack Obama on Feb 6
  That's not really what I'm looking for.Mike Goyette on Feb 6
   *I would call it a bug but read Michaels post.roy on Feb 6
   Re: That's not really what I'm looking for.Michael Calkins on Feb 6
    Hmm....Mike goyette on Feb 6
 Re: How do I capture STDIN ?Michael Calkins on Feb 6
  Yeah, the inkey$ trick works on the command line...Mike Goyette on Feb 6
   We have got someone that could do it butroy on Feb 6
    You know, I'll bet QB64 can handle it.Mike Goyette on Feb 6
     Nope. That was a wash, too.MikeGoyette on Feb 7
   I doubt that.Artelius on Feb 6
    I thought of that solution, but... (BTW, here is a link to Crypto)MikeGoyette on Feb 7
     I'm goint to try exchanging file locksMikeGoyette on Feb 7
     Mike, have you tried something like ths >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Universe on Feb 7
      That is EXACTLY what I'm trying to do!Mike Goyette on Feb 7
       Here we are so far:MikeGoyette on Feb 7
        TAG experiment in forum (ignore)MikeGoyette on Feb 7
         Re: TAG experiment in forum (ignore)qbguy on Feb 8
      THANKS DUDE!Mike Goyette on Feb 7
       Glad it helped...Pete on Feb 7
 Maybe this will help (*URL)Artelius on Feb 6
  This would help but most people just want to click on the url.roy on Feb 6
   Sigh. Interrupt calls.Mike Goyette on Feb 6
 * INPUT$ should workqbguy on Feb 6

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