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poblem please help!Shunan on Feb 6
 *PRINT X$ ; " = white" Will give you a clue and a start.roy on Feb 6
 Other problems and a few more clues/options..Pete on Feb 6
 Another possible way...Mercury0x000D on Feb 6
  Re: Another possible way...Shunaan on Feb 8
 Re: poblem please help!Shunan on Feb 7
  Actually, Mercury answered it...TheBOB on Feb 7
  There was another problem apart from case.roy on Feb 8
   Expanding on this a bit.roy on Feb 8
 Re: poblem please help!Shunaan on Feb 8
network54 video (URL)an avid lover of n54 on Feb 5
 *Ha ha. They failed... That is pretty sad...Imortis Inglorian on Feb 5
  * They should call it NOTWORK 54.................Clippy on Feb 5
Just a note that I heard from our long lost friend MystikShadows...Pete on Feb 3
 * NO WAY unless they moved his house there also!Clippy on Feb 3
INPUT from a filedrew on Feb 3
 ?Lisztfr on Feb 3
  So I can't make my own file set up like this?drew on Feb 3
   * Sure, use NOTEPADqbguy on Feb 3
 *Put "test" in quotation marks.Artelius on Feb 3
 * Add quotes around "test"qbguy on Feb 3
saving to JPEGMercury0x000D on Feb 3
 I was working on one some time ago.Artelius on Feb 3
 * Jpegs for 16 and 256 color images?qbguy on Feb 3
  JPEG is true color...Antoni on Feb 3
   Re: JPEG is true color...Mercury0x000D on Feb 3
    Nein.Artelius on Feb 4
     Re: Nein.Mercury0x000D on Feb 5
     Some more informationArtelius on Feb 8
      Re: Some more informationMercury0x000D on Feb 8
       It took me a few hours to codeArtelius on Feb 8
        Re: It took me a few hours to codeMercury0x000D on Feb 11
 Re: saving to JPEGMercury0x000D on Feb 3
Detvesa 3 and 4Detvesa 3 and 4 on Feb 2
 * I don't download files from strangers! What is it anyhow?Clippy on Feb 2
  *It's just a zip and contains .BAS source files. Some sort of VESA stuff.Artelius on Feb 2
   ãîëàÿ ñèñüêè àííû ñåìåíîâè÷, ñèñüêè ôåððàðè, æàííà ñèñüêèSmantarma on Apr 28
Is Vista the end of Qbasic45?garyo1954 on Feb 2
 *One option, go to and download DOSBox (a DOS emulator).TheBOB on Feb 2
  Thanks Bobgaryo1954 on Feb 2
 Visit this site...Pete on Feb 2
Sad news.Solitaire on Feb 2
Hey Mike, we ran out of eyepatches for new "R" Group members so how about scrolling text?Pete on Feb 1
 * I personally like the 20 mule team speech better!Clippy on Feb 2
Cool QB is still alive! :)Daniel Craig on Feb 1
 Hello againDaniel Craig on Feb 1
 *QB is not alive, you're dead and just haven't realized it yet. This is just the afternet.Pete on Feb 1
  *lol@afternet! (Few people believe in an afternet anymore).TheBOB on Feb 1
   Are you for real or you been here too long :)Daniel Craig on Feb 2
  HelloDaniel Craig on Feb 1
   *We don't CHAT, but we can answer BASIC questionsClippy on Feb 2
Help 64-bit integers in QBASIC  on Feb 1
 Define "trillion"qbguy on Feb 1
  *Trillion: The amount of tax payer money needed to keep Bank of America open 'til next TueWikiPeteia on Feb 1
  OK hereDaniel Craig on Feb 1
 Qbasic does not use 64 bit, but QB64 will.Clippy on Feb 1
  The app is written in GW-BASIC  on Feb 1
   * GW can be converted to QB code. Post it and use a name for help!Clippy on Feb 1
 64-bit arithmetic is possible...Artelius on Feb 1
  example of Add with Carry for int64Michael Calkins on Feb 2
*ok this is my registered namemike on Feb 1
 * OK, you're now in the "R" Group. Welcome!Pete on Feb 1
PointLisztfr on Feb 1
 POINT finds the pixel color attribute usedClippy on Feb 1
  SinusLisztfr on Feb 2
   I like that one.Ben on Feb 2
All you need is this :Lisztfr on Jan 31
 Sorry, real men don't multitask...Pete on Jan 31
  * Amazing! You can type and chew gum?Clippy on Jan 31
  5 fontsLisztfr on Jan 31
   * I le think I dunno le Francious gut...........Clippy on Jan 31
    I have a major improvement ideaLisztfr on Feb 3
I'm forced to write my own menu fonction !? don't say thatLisztfr on Jan 30
 * Quit terrorizing us with your idle quips or we'll send you there!Clippy on Jan 30
 *You could use one of the readily available Qbasic GUI toolkits.Qlink on Jan 30
 * What kind of menu are you looking for? Menus are probably easy to make.Ben on Jan 30
  * I prefer Guantanimo lobster!Clippy on Jan 30
  Something like thisLisztfr on Jan 30
   Just swap the signs, lolBen on Jan 30
    *'cause i'm still thinking that x and y are working like in a math coordinate :)Lisztfr on Jan 31

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