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Capture Keystrokes - Tutorial RequestDustinian on Jan 29
 * ON KEY()? Otherwise you're SOLTim on Jan 29
  SOL? Don't you mean SOW? Remember, QB doesn't run on Linux.Pete on Jan 29
   * You just HAD to mention Linus............Clippy on Jan 29
   If NTVDM in XP counts as running than dosemu in Linux should tooqbguy on Jan 29
    * Why must you download freedos to run dosemu then?Ben on Jan 29
     * You don't expect the "genius" to answer do you? LOLClippy on Feb 1
     Dosemu translates DOS calls to Linux callsqbguy on Feb 1
 You might also check out INP(96)...TheBOB on Jan 29
  Use an array to hold multiple INP(96) key pressesClippy on Jan 29
   Sweet...TheBOB on Jan 29
    * Thanks Bob. I think it is really simple compared to other Multikey stuff.Clippy on Jan 29
     PerfectDustinian on Feb 2
      * Your welcome. You can also move text characters by adapting it.Clippy on Feb 2
  The pitfalls of INP(96) [also known as INP(&H60)]Galleon on Jan 30
   Actually I wonder how my arrow key array above works!Clippy on Jan 30
 Check out this program that scans the user's keypresses (url inside)Solitaire on Jan 29
 An explanation of the keyboard pipelineArtelius on Jan 30
  Good to see you back. I was afraid you fell into a wabbit twap.Pete on Jan 30
 Awesome! Thanks, all!Dustinian on Jan 30
Qbasic and FPT serverLisztfr on Jan 29
 Try using passive modeqbguy on Jan 29
Java/OOP tutorial for a Qbasic guy?Qlink on Jan 27
 Object-oriented programming is an exceptionally bad ideaE. W. Dijkstra on Jan 27
  *Fair enough, but I don't want to be ignorant of how it works because it's so popular nowQlink on Jan 27
   There's not much difference between OOP and non-oopqbguy on Jan 27
    I like qbguy's nice concise definition/explanation.Solitaire on Jan 27
     * Code that has been proven by who? Hopefully not M$, lol.Clippy on Jan 27
      * Should be "proven by whom"Grammar Police on Jan 27
    TYPEs seem like OOP-like...Ben on Jan 27
     TYPEs vs OBJECTsGalleon on Jan 28
  Writing bad things about California is an exceptionally bad idea.Pete on Jan 27
  * Dykstra had a LOT of BAD IDEAS! He did not like Basic either.Clippy on Jan 27
   Who, this guy (* URL)qbguy on Jan 27
    * Naw he knows how to hack the stock market at least!Clippy on Jan 27
UntitledREALNAME on Jan 27
 *Interesting question! That would be a NULL string in QB.Clippy on Jan 27
i need good tutorials PDF files please...Shunan on Jan 26
 * Click on the link above entitled: "QB Links and Downloads"Pete on Jan 27
  Thank you....shunan on Jan 27
commandscaswellrienzo on Jan 26
 Use SHELLqbguy on Jan 26
Figlet fontsLisztfr on Jan 26
 * Sorry, input removes leading spaces, not line inputLisztfr on Jan 26
 Why not use SHELLMarineDon on Jan 26
  Oops, wrong URL!Don Smith on Jan 26
* For Pete's information, I lost the name list again. GRRRRClippy on Jan 26
To lissftzrrBen on Jan 25
 * Yes sorry my data example was scrambleb due to the remove spaces policie here...Lisztfr on Jan 26
 Very nice !Lisztfr on Jan 26
  7Mhz?Ben on Jan 26
   I have only screen 2Lisztfr on Jan 26
    You can still use screen 2, but...Ben on Jan 26
     ok but rdrawn issueLisztfr on Jan 26
      maybe this will workBen on Jan 26
       much betterLisztfr on Jan 27
How do i sortAnonymous on Jan 25
 Like thisqbguy on Jan 25
  * WHAT? Another GREAT way to discourage posting here!Clippy on Jan 25
  *Is that Lisp? (this would bother me all day)Qlink on Jan 27
   *Never mind, I looked it up. God, so many parentheses. I long for the readability of PerlQlink on Jan 27
 Here's a simple bubble sortMoneo on Jan 25
  gnome sort and insertion sortqbguy on Jan 26
How do I combine two bytes into an integerQlink on Jan 25
 * try the CVI functionqbguy on Jan 25
  *Wow, I thought that did something else. Thanks :)Qlink on Jan 25
   *and MKI$() reverses the processMichael Calkins on Jan 29
I suddenly realized QB doesn't have a shift operator...Tim on Jan 23
 Re: I suddenly realized QB doesn't have a shift operator...Ben on Jan 23
  Re: I suddenly realized QB doesn't have a shift operator...Tim on Jan 25
 * Should this discussion NOT be in the NEW ASM Forum?Clippy on Jan 23
  * NOBen on Jan 23
  I'm happy to see it posted here...Pete on Jan 23
   * That is what I'm talking about..........future reference.Clippy on Jan 23
*QB64 V0.82 released today (24th Jan '09)Galleon on Jan 23
Interesting fix for some formatted text issues...Pete on Jan 22
 * Test 1. No help on remembering the name box.Clippy on Jan 22
 *Formatting/links work in my forum (IE with java on).TheBOB on Jan 23
Interchaning String or numbers!Shunaan on Jan 21
 It's not too hard.Imortis Inglorian on Jan 21
  When you do "dim temp as integer"Ben on Jan 21
   * Number variables default to Single (4 bytes). So who is wasting more memory?Clippy on Jan 21
    * Exactly, INTEGER is 16 bits or 8 bytes so you are saving memoryqbguy on Jan 21
     * I mean 16 bits or 2 bytes, with 8 bits to the byte.qbguy on Jan 21
      does this mean....mike on Jan 24
       Each variable will use the bytes by the typeClippy on Jan 24
        if i am reading it correctly...mike on Jan 25
         * yesClippy on Jan 25
          thanksmike on Jan 26
           If you want to avoid "Out of memory errors" later.........Clippy on Jan 26
            yes, i have tons of subsmike on Jan 26
             * Just use DIM SHARED if you want. COMMON SHARED is for linked modules.Clippy on Jan 26
   Perhaps Ben meant this...?Galleon on Jan 22
    I believe that there is a register on pentium 3's....Ben on Jan 22
     *So you want the OP to write a QB library in ASM for exchanging numbers...Galleon on Jan 22
      * Sure, why not?Ben on Jan 22
       * Yeah, Ben does not like working in his future........Clippy on Jan 22
   QBasic allows you to use the % sign if you don't want to use DIM...Pete on Jan 22
   Honest, mister, I didn't mean nothin' by it...Imortis Inglorian on Jan 22
    * That's OK there partner, just make sure that it doesn't happen again.Ben Cartwright on Jan 22
    * You don't need to apologize! The OP does. Good answer!Clippy on Jan 22
 RE: Not using SWAP to swap two variablesGalleon on Jan 21
  * Perhaps because it won't convert to VB?Clippy on Jan 21
  please tell me!Shunaan on Jan 21
   * Imortis Inglorian did tell you exactly how it's done. Try adding a class in reading.Pete on Jan 21
   * I don't see ANY diploma in your future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clippy on Jan 21
    why would you say that...Shunan on Jan 21
     *Yep, I thought this smelt like homework and I was right!Galleon on Jan 22
     Back in my day, I really think we had to use our brains more...Pete on Jan 22
      When you say calculator...Ben on Jan 22
       A program to write programsqbguy on Jan 22
        There is a computer as smart as a human already...Pete on Jan 22
         * Do you own a Tandy?Ben on Jan 22
          * Are you kidding me? Those things were a piece of crap. I owned a T.I. 99A.Pete on Jan 22
           LOL @ Radio Shack computer in old days.Clippy on Jan 22
           my first computermike on Jan 24
      Since when do people even bother using Google?qbguy on Jan 22
       * Thank goodness for WikiClippy on Jan 22
      Thank you for the words....Shunan on Jan 24
   Here's howqbguy on Jan 21

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