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Dungeon Battle System. Desperate Need Of Help!!!!!demialos on Jan 20
 editDemialos on Jan 20
  Try this! I know it may be too much information for you but I hope it gives you some ideasGalleon on Jan 21
   Thanks!Demialos on Feb 12
Who here likes this threaded format better than most typical forum posts?Pete on Jan 20
 I prefer the threaded format alsoqbguy on Jan 20
 *This format is easier to navigate though it looks somewhat datedClippy on Jan 20
 My opinionRalph on Jan 20
  Take a look at this code and you tell me why. URLClippy on Jan 20
   It took ELEVEN edits to post ONE freaking link!Clippy on Jan 20
    testAnonymous on Jan 20
   Re Ted's "Take a look at this code ..."Ralph on Jan 20
 *for this forum, I prefer the current threaded format.Michael Calkins on Jan 20
 I prefer this one but...Ben on Jan 20
  * LOL @ "old people". Like kids have to work all day?Clippy on Jan 20
   Luckily notBen on Jan 20
 *Forums without threads are glorified chat roomsLondon on Jan 20
 From a newbie's perspective...Galleon on Jan 20
 Change is coming...B. Obama on Jan 21
  * Well, your little party is now up to $170 million today Mr. Obama.Clippy on Jan 21
  RE: Change is coming...Galleon on Jan 22
   * I'll admit, I tried FB once... but I didn't inhale.B. Obama on Jan 22
  Re: Change is coming...Ben on Jan 22
   Microsoft Happens...Pete on Jan 22
 Re: Who here likes this threaded format better than most typical forum posts?Blondie on Jan 22
  Are you trying to tell me...The Universe on Jan 22
   * The first ANY was actually NEED..............Blondie :)Clippy on Jan 22
   About NickBlondie on Jan 23
    #5...Pete on Jan 23
 * Yo!Goober on Jan 22
Question about binary operationsBen on Jan 19
 AND returns 0 for each binary bit not matchedClippy on Jan 19
 Binary Operations, better known as Logical OperationsMoneo on Jan 19
  I am was just looking for ways to know what bit is whereBen on Jan 19
   IF decimalvalue AND 2 ^ i THEN biton(i) = 1Clippy on Jan 19
    What??Ben on Jan 19
     It is non-zero, so you know that bit is setqbguy on Jan 19
     You mean i = 2 which is 2 ^ 2 = 4 (bit 2 from 0 based)Clippy on Jan 19
      hmm alright thenBen on Jan 20
       * Don't worry. I am NOT holding my breath.................Clippy on Jan 20
     Clippy's idea is fine.Moneo on Jan 20
 Use AND to see if number is even or oddAnonymous on Jan 20
*how do i convert to an exe file?*dave on Jan 19
 * Convert what? Also stay in your original thread. Explain!Clippy on Jan 19
  He means "compile"qbguy on Jan 19
command bardave on Jan 19
 What?qbguy on Jan 19
  *thanks*dave on Jan 19
Is it worth to cach a CASE SELCT ?Lisztfr on Jan 19
 Case is fast !Lisztfr on Jan 19
  without wasting graphicsLisztfr on Jan 19
  * It exits the CASE list when it finds a winner. All IF's are checked.Clippy on Jan 19
   Do you mean to say that....Solitaire on Jan 19
    Of course not !Clippy on Jan 19
     What other languages don't have select case?qbguy on Jan 19
      CASE vs. IF/END IFRalph on Jan 19
       CASE vs IF/ENDIF, continuedRalph on Jan 19
        * Change them to IF statements Ralph and try it again.Clippy on Jan 19
         *TED: What do you mean? Post an examplkeRalph on Jan 19
          * Change them all from ELSEIF to separate IF statements.Clippy on Jan 19
           Strange resultLisztfr on Jan 20
            * Not if you compare the number of Cases used.Clippy on Jan 20
             Isn't there a way to speed up my program ?Lisztfr on Jan 20
              Sure, put the data in an array with the proper index numbers.Clippy on Jan 20
              Speed up select caseImortis Inglorian on Jan 21
           Re: Ted's "Change them all from ELSEIF to separate IF statements"Ralph on Jan 20
            IF block is needed if more than one variable is being tested.Solitaire on Jan 20
N54 posting utility v2qbguy on Jan 19
 Oops needed to use strcmp instead of ==qbguy on Jan 19
Welcome to our newest member of the "R" Group, SyntaxError92.Pete on Jan 18
Forum post utility (C, Windows)qbguy on Jan 18
Thanks to Moneo, MC, Artelius, qbguy, and Kewbie, who all posted COMMAND$ examples...Pete on Jan 18
 COMMAND$ does work with run in QB 4.5 and QB 7.1qbguy on Jan 18
  That will work from the command line or in a shortcut but not in a program...Pete on Jan 18
 One interesting drag and drop use for COMMAND$...Pete on Jan 18
  Here is an example UTILITY program that should work to post indented code to the foum.Pete on Jan 18
   It doesn't work on my XPqbguy on Jan 18
    XP/2000/NT need this add-on for clipboard copying...Pete on Jan 18
PUT on screen's edgeLisztfr on Jan 18
 The Problem With PUTLisztfr on Jan 18
 Your images are 9 pixels wide, not 8...TheBOB on Jan 18
  YesLisztfr on Jan 18
   Going over the edge of the screen with an imageRalph on Jan 21
* What minimal size should a graphic GET / PUT array be?Ben on Jan 17
 * Hmmm... (x+8)*(y+1)\2+1 seems to workBen on Jan 17
 A lot depends on screen mode...TheBOB on Jan 17
  * does it waste memory?Ben on Jan 18
   No, in fact it's absolutely memory efficient...TheBOB on Jan 18
    Re: No, in fact it's absolutely memory efficient...Ben on Jan 18
     Yes, the formula is a bit complicated...TheBOB on Jan 18
      Bob's method works the best. You use a larger array to find the size.Clippy on Jan 18
 13Lisztfr on Jan 18
Ever wonder why a dimensioned string can't be dimensioned with a variable? I do...Andy Roonie on Jan 17
 * Due to the Steeler game tomorrow, 60 Minutes has been canceled Andy.Clippy on Jan 17
  Hey Clippy, since you live in the area...Dan Rather on Jan 17
   You could have drove to Arizona silly!Clippy on Jan 18
 It works as a constant.Solitaire on Jan 17
  *Makes sense, since variables are... well, variable.TheBOB on Jan 17
  True, but personally I'm just waiting for the next asteroid to hit...Pete on Jan 17
   *Actually, your alternative example would work, a literal being acceptable (duck!).TheBOB on Jan 17
    Well, like they say, necessity is a mother...Pete on Jan 17
 Re Pet's "variable string length"Ralph on Jan 21
 DIM X$ AS STRING*whaterver ."..Ralph on Jan 24
LocateWanker on Jan 17
 LOCATE works on every line...The Bee in the IDE on Jan 17
  *"The Bee" and "Program in 'the bee'" are trademarks of Q'64Q'64 lawyers on Jan 18
   * I do not like lawsuits and spam. I do not like them, Sam I am.Sam on Jan 18
 LOCATE can go anywhere on the screen.Solitaire on Jan 17
 * I think you folks have just been WANKERed!Clippy on Jan 17
  nope :)Lisztfr on Jan 17
   printing several linesBen on Jan 17
    * Black on white instead of white on blackqbguy on Jan 17
    Maybe I misunderstood:Ben on Jan 17
    inverted colorLisztfr on Jan 18
     Working exampleLisztfr on Jan 18
      Why i get an error on the edge of the screen ?Lisztfr on Jan 18
       * this is driving me mad...Lisztfr on Jan 18
        I feel your pain... It fails in QB64, too. I'd recommend programming in SCREEN 0.Bill Clinton on Jan 18
         Unlike Screen 0 text, graphic coordinates include 0Clippy on Jan 18
          I bow to your superior intellect...Pete on Jan 18
MemoryAnonymous on Jan 17
 * Check out the FRE functionTim on Jan 17
 Memory Problems getting you down? No problem for Multi-Mod-U-Rific!Pete on Jan 17
  * What is EMS? (or XMS?)Ben on Jan 17
   EMS = Expanded Memory Specification, XMS = Extended Memory Specificationqbguy on Jan 17
  size matterLisztfr on Jan 17
  ReL Pete's "Memory problems?"Ralph on Jan 17

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