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Is it necessary to master BASIC before moving on to other languagesAnonymous on Jan 16
 * NO, but other languages are harder to grasp.Clippy on Jan 16
 The key is to do what interests youArtelius on Jan 16
  ^^^^ best possible answer to that questionwfbarnes on Jan 16
  off-topic questionBen on Jan 16
   We kept Bush, didn't we? Although in the private sector, you bet he gets fired!Pete on Jan 16
    Will "programmer" be a dead job very soon?Ben on Jan 16
     You should become an M.D...Pete on Jan 16
      * Should be vertabrae because it is pluralqbguy on Jan 16
       *I thought I typed vertebrae, but I didn't. Hey, maybe Ben should be an optometrist!Pete on Jan 17
     *Never. Computers are stupid. We need smart people to tell computers what to do.Solitaire on Jan 16
      *Perhaps, but young people who dream otherwise might just change the world one dayArtelius on Jan 17
       Haven't you heard.? Obama is coming and change is on the way...Pete on Jan 17
     Not quiteEngineer on Jan 17
      * Software engineer = lesser programmer?Ben on Jan 17
      The difference between a Software Engineer and a Software Programmer is simple...Pete on Jan 17
       Eh?Anonymous on Jan 17
        It was a joke.qbguy on Jan 17
      * Should be "fewer" programmersGrammar Police on Jan 17
       *There are fewer programmers! What part of this thread didn't you understandificate? :)G.W.B. on Jan 17
      They mean the same thingqbguy on Jan 17
       OkAnonymous on Jan 17
        BLSAnonymous on Jan 17
         BLS ContinuedAnonymous on Jan 17
          *And exactly WHAT and WHO are you? You apparently like talking to yourself.Clippy on Jan 17
           *You're talking to me?Anonymous on Jan 17
            * Don't mind him. he's the annoying one.Ben on Jan 17
             * Go play with your Dosbox wittle boy!Clippy on Jan 17
      The correct term is "developers" (* URL)Steve Ballmer on Jan 17
       *good lord, man. that guy leads a company?Michael Calkins on Jan 22
Incremential searchLisztfr on Jan 16
 okLisztfr on Jan 16
 When INSTR returns 0, you have reached the end of a lineClippy on Jan 16
  Other ideaLisztfr on Jan 16
  *Thanks !Lisztfr on Jan 16
 Count words using INSTRSolitaire on Jan 16
  the problemLisztfr on Jan 17
   How about a highlighted search demo...Pete on Jan 17
    niceLisztfr on Jan 17
    I tell you my little Rosanne Rosannadanna , it's always something!Mrs. Rosannadanna on Jan 17
Incremential searchLisztfr on Jan 16
 INSTR is your friend...Pete on Jan 16
  * However, INSTR apparently cannot tell you when you are in a double post.Clippy on Jan 16
   Galleon could add that feature in QB64qbguy on Jan 16
  No, don't use LCASE$, use UCASE$qbguy on Jan 16
  Parsing added...Pete on Jan 16
   Must I optimize everything I do? OK, that faster parsing trick...Pete on Jan 16
   * But you did use LCASE$ in your exampleqbguy on Jan 16
    Which is ironic, becaue I almost always use UCASE$()Pete on Jan 16
     Actually, with locales, using lcase vs ucase makes a differenceqbguy on Jan 16
    This does not use UCASE or LCASE!Clippy on Jan 16
     Pete was only using LCASE and UCASE for case-insensitive searchqbguy on Jan 16
      * I know! So who cares if it uses an extra bit anyhow?Clippy on Jan 16
       No oneqbguy on Jan 17
        * And naturally Linus did not have that problem :-)Clippy on Jan 17
        That would never happen, because everyon knows Windows is a 2-bit operating system!Pete on Jan 17
         I thought they got itqbguy on Jan 17
  OK, this cake is done... Added scrolling.Pete on Jan 16
Please help me program pongPongPlayer on Jan 15
 You shouldn't have left it this lateArtelius on Jan 15
  It's not displaying my paddlesPongPlayer on Jan 15
   Why would you GET the paddle when LINE ... BF is much _MUCH_ faster?Ben on Jan 15
    I don't understand youPongPlayer on Jan 15
   Putting your code after my code isn't going to work.Artelius on Jan 15
    More problemsAnonymous on Jan 15
     AND? I'll take a wild guess that you expected AND to do both, it will not...Pete on Jan 15
     Your code is readyBen on Jan 15
      NiceAnonymous on Jan 15
issues with qbasicMarchauff on Jan 15
 That's not QBASIC -- that's QB64qbguy on Jan 15
  well...Josh on Jan 15
 RE: c++ compilation failedGalleon on Jan 16
  Why there may be more posts like this.roy on Jan 16
   *That should be Dav.roy on Jan 16
*nvmSai on Jan 15
Letter encryptionKyle Neault on Jan 15
 * You want your password actually encrypted? or do you mean you want it inputed with *s?Ben on Jan 15
  Re: * You want your password actually encrypted? or do you mean you want it inputed with *s?Kyle Neault on Jan 15
   Use the INPUT$(1) command. Here's how....Solitaire on Jan 15
 Just print out asterisks while getting the key entriesClippy on Jan 15
  Re: Just print out asterisks while getting the key entriesKyle Neault on Jan 15
   *There's a topic dedicated to this question in the FAQ.Artelius on Jan 15
Help With #6Sai on Jan 15
 I got itAnonymous on Jan 15
  Good luckSai on Jan 15
   Re: Good luckAnonymous on Jan 15
   Re: Good luckAnonymous on Jan 15
    * Who is this "Bruce"Anonymous on Jan 15
     *my comp sci teacherSai on Jan 15
    *This website is the grandfather of all websites. This website will pwn any opposer.Michael Calkins on Jan 15
     *exactly now can I get some help to my original ? lolSai on Jan 15
 my impression is that your program is quite overly complicated.Michael Calkins on Jan 15
  *wow, lots of mistakes I didnt notice...thanks for that!Sai on Jan 15
   you're welcome, but...Michael Calkins on Jan 15
    I think he specified a binary search and a shell sortAnonymous on Jan 15
    *nah its works, and thats all that mattersSai on Jan 15
     Re: *nah its works, and thats all that mattersMichael Calkins on Jan 16
Question about int 33,9, CHAIN, and othersBen on Jan 14
 * A part of my post was cut off for some reason? :-0Ben on Jan 14
 Re: Question about int 33,9, CHAIN, and othersTim on Jan 14
  Thanks for the answersBen on Jan 14
   Re: Thanks for the answersMichael Calkins on Jan 15
    * good information! thanks!Ben on Jan 15
   Re: MMXTim on Jan 16
I need help with one last thingSai on Jan 14
 Binary Searchqbguy on Jan 14
  *So change the Function parts to a loop?Sai on Jan 14
  Ok...Im just gunna post the whole thing here...Sai on Jan 14
   OKqbguy on Jan 14
    Well...ok...Sai on Jan 14
     OKqbguy on Jan 14
      ONE last thingSai on Jan 14
       * Can you post the entire modified code?qbguy on Jan 14
        HereSai on Jan 14
         This should workAnonymous on Jan 14
          *The Return on the sort, I get a Return Without GOSUB errorSai on Jan 14
           * Add an END before the line "sort:" line.Anonymous on Jan 14
            *oops, didnt notice the END was badSai on Jan 14
             One more thing...(Sorry!)Sai on Jan 14
              Re: One more thing...(Sorry!)Anonymous on Jan 14
               *THANK YOU!Sai on Jan 14
  * Called also dichotomic searchAnonymous on Jan 14
   *that doesnt help me >.>Sai on Jan 14
Some QBasic problems...sicko on Jan 13
 * Let us see your attempt.Ben on Jan 13
 OKqbguy on Jan 13
 SolutionsBill Gate$ on Jan 13
  replying..sicko on Jan 13
   You are working with numbers now! Not screen displays.Clippy on Jan 13
   The reason those solutions are too advanced for you....Solitaire on Jan 14
 Re: Some QBasic problems...Michael Calkins on Jan 13
  * You can also do number AND 1qbguy on Jan 13
   *Great explanation Mr. Wizard...............Clippy on Jan 13
    OK here's a better explanationqbguy on Jan 14
     And God said, "Let there be QBasic." And it was... and still is, good.St. Peter on Jan 14
   *yeah, I was thinking about that this morning.Michael Calkins on Jan 14
Range of abilityMorris on Jan 13
 nopeLisztfr on Jan 13
  lol@DOS definition...TheBOB on Jan 13
   Thank BobAnonymous on Jan 13
    google has answers.Michael Calkins on Jan 13
     Thank MichaelMorris on Jan 13
      *you're welcome.Michael Calkins on Jan 13
   Dos humorLisztfr on Jan 13
  *BASIC is not just a DOS language.Michael Calkins on Jan 13
   Re: BASIC is not just a DOS languageRalph on Jan 13
    For one thing, BASIC is over a decade older than DOSMichael Calkins on Jan 13
     BASIC is pretty BASICTim on Jan 14
      I used BASIC on my Commodore 64 and alsoSolitaire on Jan 15
     *Thanks, Michael. I guess any application can be "made" for any OS.Ralph on Jan 22
 *(URL)Michael Calkins on Jan 13
  *Re Michael;s URL, "List of BASICS by platforms". Great!Ralph on Jan 22
Library: User-Defined TypeDustinian on Jan 12
 *Sort of. The UDT must be declared in a .BI file.Artelius on Jan 12
  Are the $Include statements in the .BAS...Dustinian on Jan 13
   Ok, here's how it should be done:lkt153 on Jan 13
    Excellent, thank you!Dustinian on Jan 13
Serial portLisztfr on Jan 12
 This works with three-wire null cablesTim on Jan 12
  * the thingamajigger is just flooding my screen :/Lisztfr on Jan 12
   Flooding it with what?Clippy on Jan 12
    teletypeLisztfr on Jan 13
     Sending filesLisztfr on Jan 13
      forgot to open the port under DOSLisztfr on Jan 13
     Default baud rateTim on Jan 14
I created an accountSyntaxError92 on Jan 11
 * This is NOT a chat forum! It is for QB coding questions or problems.Clippy on Jan 11
  *Give him a break, he hasn't been here forever.PhyloGenesis on Jan 11
   TrueSai on Jan 11
    I knowSyntaxError92 on Jan 11
     got it...then nvmSai on Jan 11
      *Sai, the asterisk is in the Title if there is no text inside. It is a courtesy!Clippy on Jan 11
       * Sorry, I didnt know that...thanks!Sai on Jan 12 has it's own chatroom and we have one here.Clippy on Jan 11

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