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I need help programming BrickBrickMaster on Jan 11
 How much do you know about graphics?Clippy on Jan 11
  I seeBrickMaster on Jan 11
   Re: I seeSai on Jan 11
    SureBrickMaster on Jan 11
     its not the easiestSai on Jan 11
      That's a lot of codeBrickMaster on Jan 11
       Re: That's a lot of codeSai on Jan 11
   Try PongArtelius on Jan 11
 maybe this will get you started:Ben on Jan 11
  MoveBall.basRalph on Jan 11
   *lolBen on Jan 11
Whats wrong in my code?Ima Wanker on Jan 10
 off the topneuro on Jan 10
  its working nowIma Wanker on Jan 10
   Furthermore....Solitaire on Jan 10
    how do you press a upper case key?Ima Wanker on Jan 10
     * Using Shift or Caps Lockqbguy on Jan 10
     * Ohhhhhhhh! PLEASE! You are a wanker!Clippy on Jan 10
      Re: * Ohhhhhhhh! PLEASE! You are a wanker!Sai on Jan 10
       Sai, I could use your help here...Pete on Jan 10
        Re: Sai, I could use your help here...Sai on Jan 10
         *Thanks, OK, you're added to the "R" Group and you should be able to edit your posts.Pete on Jan 10
          okSai on Jan 11
           * You cannot edit post made when not logged in.Clippy on Jan 11
        * And here I always thought "R" stood for "Ridiculous".Clippy on Jan 12
         * Looking to join the "B" Group, Clippy? :)Pete on Jan 13
          * Sure! If "B" stands for Brilliant or Basic?Clippy on Jan 14
ProblemSai on Jan 9
 Try changing "gosub Swap" and "Swap:" to "gosub Swap1" and "Swap1Ima Wanker on Jan 9
  well that worked...butsai on Jan 9
 Doesn't look like a shell sortqbguy on Jan 9
  yea...Sai on Jan 9
  one thing...Sai on Jan 9
   The shell sort phase is just an insertion sortqbguy on Jan 9
    okSai on Jan 9
     The simplified version was an insertion sortqbguy on Jan 9
      Oops change sort toqbguy on Jan 9
       YES!Sai on Jan 9
        Yes, it is. It uses multiple gap sizes, so it is a shell sort.qbguy on Jan 9
         i love youSai on Jan 9
          * Yes, that would work or you could use a select caseqbguy on Jan 9
           which is?Sai on Jan 9
            Re: which isqbguy on Jan 9
    stupid..anyways, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!Sai on Jan 9
             why not give it 1 line: maybe chr$(10-(grade\10)+65) 'im not sure about grading systemIma Wanker on Jan 9
              nahSai on Jan 9
               but its not "optimal"Ima Wanker on Jan 9
                doesnt need to beSai on Jan 9
                You two need to get a room... A chat room... And qbguy...Pete on Jan 9
                 "Chat" spamPhyloGenesis on Jan 10
                  It used to bug Mac a bit but it doesn't bug me. I was kidding...Pete on Jan 10
                 * Wiki WANKER (url)Clippy on Jan 10
                  Error bad title?Sai on Jan 10
                  Wanker = One who forgets to post his or her name to the QB Forum...WikiPeteia on Jan 10
                   Posts should not be permitted unless the Name field is filled in.Solitaire on Jan 10
                   When you are not a login member, you must enter your name every post!Clippy on Jan 10
                    *Unable to edit posts without extra line feeds added. Very annoying.Solitaire on Jan 10
                     * You have get rid of formatted text and use the N54 Beta.Clippy on Jan 10
      2 thingsSai on Jan 9
     Re: okSai on Jan 9
ModulesIma Wanker on Jan 9
 You mean Subprocedures, not Modules.Solitaire on Jan 9
 Perhaps he did mean modulesClippy on Jan 9
  Re: Perhaps he did mean modulesbuff on Jan 11
 My previous post (URL*) for multi-modular programming in QB.Pete on Jan 9
Compiling ?Lisztfr on Jan 9
 The compiler truly compiles...Antoni on Jan 9
  Very helpful, thanksLisztfr on Jan 9
  Re: The compiler truly compiles...Buff on Jan 11
MD5 implementations in QBASICqbguy on Jan 8
 There is now (*URL)Artelius on Jan 9
  Thank youqbguy on Jan 9
  * Can these things be brought back without any repetetive trials?Ben on Jan 9
Im back and need help with a sortSai on Jan 6
 *Click our FAQ link and look for sort near the bottom left.Pete on Jan 6
  Didnt notice that, thanks!Sai on Jan 6
Easy way to map ?Lisztfr on Jan 6
 * index = (index+offset) MOD 5David on Jan 6
  Almost okLisztfr on Jan 6
 How to mapqbguy on Jan 6
  very smartLisztfr on Jan 7
 *Works with negatives: index = (((index+offset) MOD 5) + 5) MOD 5Artelius on Jan 9
Is CLEAR necessary after changing a TIMER Tick frequency?Clippy on Jan 5
 Darn it Ted, ask this in the ASM Forum! You're as bad as that qbguy and his Linux posts!Pete on Jan 5
  I really am not ready for an ASM answer. Yes or No is fine!Clippy on Jan 5
  * It should be GNU/Linuxnot really Richard M. Stallman on Jan 5
 No, CLEAR is not necessaryGalleon on Jan 5
  *Thanks! I really intend to use it as a SUB program and CLEAR is no good there.Clippy on Jan 5
Any chance of a cmd line argument ?Ima Wanker on Jan 5
 *Look up COMMAND$ in help.Artelius on Jan 5
  DziękujemyLisztfr on Jan 5
   *:)Artelius on Jan 5
  I've looked up COMMAND$ in Help before... and it didn't help a bit.Pete on Jan 5
   Command returns the previous DOS commandline parametersClippy on Jan 5
    Thanks for NOT posting an example. In other words, it's...Pete on Jan 5
     * It is just a holdout from the good old DOS days.Clippy on Jan 5
     Let's say that you wrote a BASIC compiler is BASICqbguy on Jan 5
      *You just HAD to mention QB64............QBClippy on Jan 5
     Here's your exampleqbguy on Jan 5
      And false would be (QB 7.1 only)qbguy on Jan 5
      * You just HAD to mention Linus............Lucy on Jan 5
       LinuxAnonymous on Jan 5
     An example (sans code)Artelius on Jan 5
     Commandline parameters via COMMAND$ functionMoneo on Jan 5
      not just DOSMichael Calkins on Jan 7
       *Yes, and so do winword and iexplore and most other programsArtelius on Jan 9
     ?Lisztfr on Jan 6
      Reading commandline parameters without using COMMAND$Moneo on Jan 6
       Re: Reading commandline parameters without using COMMAND$Michael Calkins on Jan 7
        Re: Reading commandline parameters without using COMMAND$Moneo on Jan 7
         some explanation.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
          * HOORAY for Zip! Why not just post your own idea?Clippy on Jan 8
          * Kewbie, not TheBOBMichael Calkins on Jan 12
    Yes it does work on XPqbguy on Jan 5
     * I recall having problems . Oh wait, that was in QB1.1 !Clippy on Jan 5
      *qbasic 1.1 doesn't have command$Michael Calkins on Jan 7
       *That's because COMMAND$ doesn't work unless it's an EXE.Solitaire on Jan 8
   I wrote a COMMAND$ program many years ago, but can't find it on my hard drive.Solitaire on Jan 8
    You could use WilburLisztfr on Jan 8
     Tried it, but it's not on my computer.Solitaire on Jan 8
    Random number in a rrangeqbguy on Jan 10
 * Sure, I'll argue with anybody!Clippy on Jan 5
 Doesn't anyone ever read "Tricks and Techniques"? In April 2002, I posted...Kewbie on Jan 7
  *Sorry Kewbie, but I am not gonna search if I have a resonable answer.Clippy (hadn't noticed) on Jan 7
   Try this:Kewbie on Jan 7
*Attention All Personnel: A new ASM forum is now open in the Index. That is all.Radar O'Reilly on Jan 3
 * Tell them about the new XP full-screen addition to the FAQ, Radar.Hawkeye Pierce on Jan 3
  * Oh yeah. Attention all personnel, there is a new addition to the FAQ. URL*Radar O'Reilly on Jan 3
 sweet.Michael Calkins on Jan 5
how to read from memory location to stringEdlin Hobow on Jan 3
 YesArtelius on Jan 3
 Why this code does not work?Edlin Hobow on Jan 4
  Use SADD(...) instead of VARPTR(...) like this:Galleon on Jan 4
how to get directory whitout SHELL"DIR"Edlin Hobow on Jan 3
 There is a dir$ but it only works in QB 7.1qbguy on Jan 3
 Use the FILES command.Solitaire on Jan 3
  He wants to use the filenames in an ArrayClippy on Jan 3
 This looks like a job for SCREEN ZERO HERO!Pete on Jan 3
  Excuse me, but your starting to sound like QB64guyClippy on Jan 3
   * LOL @ qb"64" guy and I'll take that as a complliment!Pete on Jan 3
   * "Your" should be "You're"Grammar Police on Jan 3
 Make sure you avoid this guyArtelius on Jan 3
  I'm not into Linux distributionsIma Wanker on Jan 3
  Well as long as we're goofing around. avoid this guy, too!Pete on Jan 4
   * He just used a bigger potato is all...................Clippy on Jan 4
   *HAHAHA that was in one of the few episodes I've seenArtelius on Jan 5
   Yikes!Blondie on Jan 5
 Clippy Is RightMarineDon on Jan 4
  * Yeah, but Exten$ could also be called a Path$. Where did you get "BoboBird" ? :-)Clippy on Jan 4
   *Found him in the Land Of The BobosMarineDon on Jan 4
    * That does it. The don't ask, don't tell rule goes into effect immediately! :)Pete on Jan 4
    * OK, I recall a Foo bird joke about wearing it...........Clippy on Jan 4
cannot erase a value...Lisztfr on Jan 3
 should have used j as longLisztfr on Jan 3
  What I recommend you do from now on...Pete on Jan 3
   :) how is that called ? a circular buffer ?Lisztfr on Jan 3
    *I use a circular buffer for my QueueFill algorithmsArtelius on Jan 3
     * I use a ciruclar buffer to detail my car.Tim The Tool Man Taylor on Jan 3
Download the MS-DOS knowledge base in CHM (URL)*Opresion on Jan 2

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