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Question about variablesBen on Jan 2
 *The first bit of a signed integer represents its sign (0 is positive)PhyloGenesis on Jan 3
  * I think the sign is the highest bit 15 actually (0 to 15).Clippy on Jan 3
   Number representationsqbguy on Jan 3
    * Thanks for your endorsement QBClippy on Jan 3
     *Good point, "first bit" is vague. I meant the Most Significant BitPhyloGenesis on Jan 3
 QBASIC can automatically create variables and arrays of the same nameGalleon on Jan 3
  *ERASE does not require brackets after the array name either. (fyi)Galleon on Jan 3
   I'll see your ERASE and raise you CLEAR...Pete on Jan 3
  Brackets vs. ParenthesesSolitaire on Jan 3
   * Which some call brackets for some awful reason.Clippy on Jan 4
   * DRATClippy on Jan 4
   *In my country, brackets and parentheses are the same thingArtelius on Jan 5
 Re: number is negativeqbguy on Jan 3
 Negatives...Artelius on Jan 3
  I found an interesting story about negative number representationsqbguy on Jan 3
 * How does a SINGLE or DOUBLE look like in binary?Ben on Jan 6
  * Binary is base 2. So it does not return decimal point valuesClippy on Jan 6
   * Sow how does, lets say the number 33.144, look like in memory?Ben on Jan 6
    Assuming it is a Single which is four bytes.............Clippy on Jan 6
    33.144 SINGLE is represented like this in memoryqbguy on Jan 6
     Very interesting! Wanna try doubles? lolClippy on Jan 6
     *Great! Thanks for the answersBen on Jan 8
Hi Solitaire, I wonder if this XP fix would work for your laptop?Pete on Jan 2
 Thank you. I already made note of it.Solitaire on Jan 4
How to pass values between assembly and qbasicEdlin hobow on Jan 2
 additional informationEdlin hobow on Jan 2
  An example, I thinkPhyloGenesis on Jan 2
   ractionEdlin hobow on Jan 2
    I think it is built inPhyloGenesis on Jan 2
     It isn't.Artelius on Jan 3
   * READ but no DATA?Ben on Jan 2
    Ben's right, here's the DATA section I usePhyloGenesis on Jan 2
 Are you learning ASM?Artelius on Jan 2
  reaction2Edlin hobow on Jan 2
   Things to do...Artelius on Jan 2
    Thanks it worksEdlin hobow on Jan 3
  * We sure could use an ASM Forum or a decentTutorial !Clippy on Jan 2
  I think I'm learning ASM I think I'm learning ASM I really think soTurning Japanese on Jan 3
   I'd like it.Dav on Jan 3
   * Yes! make an asm forum! Who need the pascal and fortran forum anyway?Ben on Jan 3
   NO LOGIN? Your spelling gave it authenticity lol.Clippy on Jan 3
   *I'm happy to moderate, or for someone else to moderateArtelius on Jan 3
 * FYI, I don't recommend using string variables for code, use an array.Tim on Jan 2
  *Why?Ben on Jan 2
   Dynamic strings move around in memory without noticeGalleon on Jan 3
    *More importantly, using strings for machine code doesn't port well between 4.5 and 7.1Artelius on Jan 3
Calling The I-Man, Calling The I-Man, emergency, get off your can!Samantha from Bewitched on Jan 2
 # I believe he is now called A-man Captain.Spock on Jan 2
  The deaf string A to IArtelius on Jan 2
  * Spock, you forgot you Vulcan asterisk again!Kirk on Jan 2
   **'s are illogical Captain............Spock on Jan 2
 * The plural of "fly" is "flies." Also, "kidding" has two ds.Spelling/grammar police on Jan 2
  *2-D kidding is only supported in QB64. Please post there and get the DEaF A-I-Man, ma'am.Pete on Jan 2
 *Whoops, I wrote a reply a while ago but it didn't post successfully :(Artelius on Jan 2
  You must have me confused with someone who is a real programmer...Pete on Jan 2
   *I'm a real programmerIain on Jan 2
    So what is that supposed to mean?qbguy on Jan 2
     Bloody RightIain McPhee on Jan 3
      * I sure hope this is not an indicator as to future post content!Clippy on Jan 4
       Bloody Right! - Hey, Iain is a real programmer, so you go smelt something!Pete on Jan 4
        * Nice, you tend to type better when you're BLOODY irritated.........Clippy on Jan 4
   *Atari BASIC was known as the '3 P' language: PRINT, PEEK, and POKE.Kewbie on Jan 2
 re: asm routineBen on Jan 2
  I noticed the flickering when I increased the window size...Pete on Jan 3
   * Cripes Jim, this is DOS ya know and DOSBOX sucks!Bones on Jan 3
   Re: I noticed the flickering when I increased the window size...Ben on Jan 3
  There are several kinds of "flicker"Artelius on Jan 3
   I should have post I tried the WAIT technique and it didn't help.Pete on Jan 3
    Right, the redrawing flicker,,, WAIT helped a little but not enough..Pete on Jan 3
     What I posted was not a page flipping techniqueArtelius on Jan 5
   * I was talking about the redrawing flicker, not the tearing.Ben on Jan 3
Accurate timing ?Lisztfr on Jan 2
 * With TIMER (rtfm)Lisztfr on Jan 2
  exampleIma Wanker on Jan 2
Hey guys! whats that command to view what a location on a graphics screen color is?drew on Jan 1
 *The POINT function: Colr = POINT(100, 100)TheBOB on Jan 1
  *ah hah! that's it. thank you!drew on Jan 1
   * I guess he forgot since that big deal he made about it in a game he made? :)Clippy on Jan 2
Need a nice splash screen :)Lisztfr on Jan 1
 * You can use black and white graphic shapes also.Clippy on Jan 1
 You might also consider a text graphic...TheBOB on Jan 1
  that's a nice ideaLisztfr on Jan 1
 Perhaps use a grid designMarineDon on Jan 2
  *Don what does "selfgen" mean? Were you a General?Clippy on Jan 2
   www.smithselfgen.comMarineDon on Jan 5
    * Cool, never met a Self before. Bet they met in school's alphabetical seating.Clippy on Jan 5
What's up with the Proud subforum?Solitaire on Dec 31
 Click the Index of Threads link near the top right of the forum page. or...Pete on Dec 31
  * OK, but that's the way it should come up by default.Solitaire on Dec 31
   * Pete consolidated the list for easier searching. Only uses 3 pages now.Clippy on Dec 31
Prevent carriage return ?Lisztfr on Dec 31
 * You cannot Locate INPUTs on the last 2 text rows.Clippy on Dec 31
  I can and I just didqbguy on Dec 31
   * I stand corrected. I should never say Cannot around here!Clippy on Dec 31
 Yes, you can do that very easilyqbguy on Dec 31
  Yes, next time please read the free material! Or, an alternate method...Pete on Dec 31
  * QBguy just cannot be polite to questioners here!Clippy on Dec 31
   look at you!Ima Wanker on Dec 31
    * LOL. at least I'm not a WANKER like you!Clippy on Dec 31
  rtfmLisztfr on Dec 31
Happy New Year everybody!Artelius on Dec 30
 *Happy New Year to all at N54.roy on Dec 30
 *It's 2008 for me for 23 hours and 48 minutes, but Happy New Years anyway.PhyloGenesis on Dec 31
 Cheers to that Artelius! Happy new year!Galleon on Dec 31
 Happy New Year from Times Square!Solitaire on Dec 31
 You people on the wrong side of the International Date Line just don't get it!Pete on Jan 1
  *You forgot a wall... er, I mean a quotation markArtelius on Jan 2
I need help understanding this programRyuk on Dec 30
 Some helpArtelius on Dec 30
Trying to play 8kHz, 8 Bit, Mono PCM .WAV audio fileAnonymous on Dec 29
 Many sounds do not play in modern Windows OSs because they are blocked by windows...Pete on Dec 29
 You have no chance of doing this under WindowsArtelius on Dec 29
OO Window Dragger (URL)PhyloGenesis on Dec 29
 Well as long as only a couple of people around here are smarter than an Admin...Pete on Dec 29
  Re: Well as long as only a couple of people around here are smarter than an Admin...Ben on Dec 29
   * I usually use between 5 to 7 pages for most of my SCREEN 0 apps.Pete on Dec 29
    * LOL, are they over 18?Clippy on Dec 29
    *Sheesh, 80x50 mode only has four pagesArtelius on Dec 29
     I never use 50 rows...Pete on Dec 30
      * Screen 12 can have 60 rows, but it is hard to read.Clippy on Dec 30
       *Not if you have a projector for a monitor =)Artelius on Dec 30
  Here is a grahic example of moving a box I foundClippy on Dec 29
   His example flickers a lot...Pete on Dec 29
    Stay with text mode. It worked for what your programs might need.Clippy on Dec 29
     Yes, I doubt if there are too many 300K plus graphics programs running around.Pete on Dec 29
      Some clarificationPhyloGenesis on Dec 29
       Well that's good news. Also, about NTVDM...Pete on Dec 29
        Windows is more in control of any window.Clippy on Dec 29
         Challenge... Write a program that disables Windows...Not Really qbguy on Dec 30
       Using 3(or 4) pages (screen 0)Ben on Dec 30
        Pretty good. It has one bug I discovered...Pete on Dec 30
         Your window manager sucksBill Gate$ on Dec 30
          * Well, Pete sure made some paperclips at my expense recently :)Clippy on Dec 30
       Phylo, have you tried running my floodfill program compiled? (*URL)Artelius on Dec 30
        I just didPhyloGenesis on Dec 31
         The idea is to compare the PSET/POINT one to the VGA-enhanced oneArtelius on Dec 31
    QB64 can do this:qbguy on Dec 29
     Sure thing, but If it could diaper a baby...Pete on Dec 29
      I agree that he should ditch the IDE, but for reasons of my own.PhyloGenesis on Dec 29
       * Galleon made his own Mouse FunctionsClippy on Dec 30
If I knew mentioning PowerBasic in a thread would get Kewbie to stop by...Pete on Dec 29
few questions on some commandsmike on Dec 28
 Re: few questions on some commandsTim on Dec 28
  Ya don't need no stinkin TICKS!Clippy on Dec 28
   Time to play Point - Counter Point with the Weekend Forum Team...Chevy Chase on Dec 28
    Been there..........done thatClippy on Dec 28
   Help huh...Tim on Dec 28
    I guess you did not see the humor?Clippy (hadn't noticed) on Dec 28
     * Ah kidding, right. Sorry, doesn't feel like kidding to me!Tim on Dec 29
      * OK let's see some code then TimClippy on Dec 29
 Only Screen 0 (default mode) has flashing textClippy on Dec 28
  Flashing text is a weird exhibitionist. It will flash full screen but not in a window,Pete on Dec 28
   * Nothing worse than a Newbie Cougar!Clippy on Dec 28
 Maybe Solitaire will have some answers. I'm not up the the tech specs...Pete on Dec 28
  You can pass file data to CHAINed EXE modules tooClippy on Dec 28
   * Just because you can doesn't mean you should.Pete on Dec 28
    * TheBob made his graphics tutorial using CHAIN. Ask him......Clippy on Dec 28
     Yes I did...TheBOB on Dec 30
      That is a good argument in favor of CHAIN, the screen...Pete on Dec 30
       The screen CAN change too if you want of course..........Clippy on Dec 31
 Some answers and other notesArtelius on Dec 28

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