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Calling The Universe (or forum owner, whoever reads this first)...TheBOB on Jul 28
 If you see him, tell him to get that pest's posts out of my "Proud of " thread too!Clippy on Jul 28
  * TOO late I have allready taken over the forumAnon on Jul 29
Untitledthe person who does the slap chop commercial on Jul 23
 * No thanks I prefer the "Graty"!Clippy on Jul 23
 *Or how many Shamwows does it take to suck the bloat out of Windows?Billy Mays on Jul 24
  * What's the difference between a "SHAM" and a "SCAM" there Billy?Clippy on Jul 24
   Re: * What's the difference between a "SHAM" and a "SCAM" there Billy?Anon on Jul 25
    *RubbishArtelius on Jul 25
    I agree with artelius here....MystikShadows on Jul 25
     * Uh......I think he was talking about this thread Myst.Clippy on Jul 25
getting fields from a csv fileSunrise on Jul 22
 Can 20 play 21 and 22 play 23?Clippy on Jul 22
  Once you have the teams in an array...Artelius on Jul 22
   I wonder if he wants to use "Team Seeding" to determine that?Clippy on Jul 22
 Go to this URL...Kewbie on Jul 26
  CSV been good for me! Code.......Clippy on Jul 26
issue with screen sizenicholas on Jul 21
 Try this instead of DOSBox...Pete on Jul 21
 It sounds like WIDTH 80, 43 in Screen 0Clippy on Jul 21
  Re: It sounds like WIDTH 80, 43 in Screen 0nicholas on Jul 22
   Glad to help. Read the DOSBOX instructionsClippy on Jul 22
Spaces testAnon on Jul 20
 testtest on Jul 20
 TestClippy on Jul 20
Look at my awesome programAnon on Jul 20
 * I think you meant AWFUL moron!Clippy on Jul 20
 *How did you get that font and spacing?Ben on Jul 20
  For some reason you can space here now. But CHR$(255) also works.Clippy on Jul 20
  Probably like thisArtelius on Jul 20
   * What's with the <PRE> stuff? I didn't need it. Spacing started recently here.Clippy on Jul 20
    * on Jul 20
   *OK, thank you bothBen on Jul 20
    Testing Spaces #1MarineDon on Jul 20
     * Do you use IE? I used IE 7Clippy on Jul 20
      * I use the Galeon browser, as it is named after menot really Galleon on Jul 20
       * Well we expect them to complete that in about 2 more years also.Clippy on Jul 20
     *I have to edit my post for the PREs to start workingArtelius on Jul 20
      Testing PRE tags. They show up correctly in preview.Pete on Jul 20
QB is BASIC's least common denominator. Some comments about the state of the forum:Solitaire on Jul 17
 Only if you use Microsoft stuff.Clippy on Jul 17
  Why don't you try the free software version of .NETAnon on Jul 17
   People get MONO by kissing each otehr on the lips. I suspect to get Microsoft MONO you....Pete on Jul 17
  Are you kidding? Windows is the best OS in existanceXi Foo on Jul 18
   I sent you a "Thank You" card for that... It's in the MAIL! :)Pete on Jul 18
 Wanted - Admin to remind people to STAY IN THREAD!Pete on Jul 17
 I suppose it's time I chime inArtelius on Jul 17
  This is one reason you didn't get a lot of support from me on moving the forum...Pete on Jul 17
   ARCHIVING this place is neither HOPE or OPTIMISM!Clippy on Jul 18
    Oh yeah, requirements for admin... must be able to read and comprehend posts.Pete on Jul 18
     Comprehension ends at the keyboard. Iman had a new place started.Clippy on Jul 18
      New adminPhyloGenesis on Jul 19
      the member is me :)mike on Jul 21
       Ya forgot the link Mike. Here it is..........Clippy on Jul 21
 PS: If Pete decides to select a team to continue the forum administration,Solitaire on Jul 18
  Team members could share the cost of ownership.Solitaire on Jul 18
   Share the costs is a bit tricky...Pete on Jul 18
    The cost is not an issue.Clippy on Jul 21
    *A different person could pay each timeArtelius on Jul 22
     I think they will only accept payment from the owner or 1 card.Clippy on Jul 22
A fond farewell to the QBasic Forum...Pete on Jul 14
 I saw this coming...Galleon on Jul 14
  Definitely not cold turkey...Pete on Jul 14
   Yes interest is waning, but Qbasic sure did make an impression on our lives!Clippy on Jul 14
   I don't see why you were expecting so much from this QB64Ben on Jul 15
    DOSBOX? You are always complaining about speed issues.Clippy on Jul 15
    The idea of BASIC to C conversion has been tried before but never so successfully...Pete on Jul 15
     Well, if we had 5 people working on it............Clippy on Jul 16
      Never Give UpMarineDon on Jul 16
       * Volunteering to be admin, Don?Pete on Jul 16
        OK, I'll do it.............Clippy on Jul 16
         Ah, I was asking Don...Pete on Jul 16
          Archiving the place is worse than my temperment lol.Clippy on Jul 16
          RE: "archived or with a new admin"Galleon on Jul 17
           They have the option to shell out up to $200 for Power Basic though!Clippy on Jul 17
            He didn't really remove them for that reason...Pete on Jul 17
             * That's OK, I'm used to it by now, lolClippy on Jul 17
        Too BusyMarineDon on Jul 17
         * Didn't you get clear back to monkeys yet?Clippy on Jul 17
          Don't woory, I Googled it for you already....Pete on Jul 17
           ... Darn Hippies! *Not Really Marine Don on Jul 17
         OK, a serious reply...Pete on Jul 17
          Well, at least Don posts his code! What is soooo secret about your's?Clippy on Jul 17
           * That's because he plans to sell it after QB64 is finishedAnon on Jul 17
           It doesn't matter what you think!The Rock on Jul 17
            I did NOT expect the entire Suite! Just some neat tricks.Clippy on Jul 17
             You'll have to consult roy for that...The Terminator on Jul 17
              Here is the code for the word processorAnon on Jul 17
               Here is the original code.. Mini Buffalo Ranch Word Processor...Pete on Jul 17
            Release it as free software or listen to me sing the Free Software song forever!rms on Jul 17
   lol, this is why I didn't announce NewBasic.PhyloGenesis on Jul 17
    I feel your pain...Bill Clinton on Jul 17
     * Great idea! Let's get a WIKI too!Clippy on Jul 17
  Forum management?Clippy on Jul 14
 Sorry to see you goImortis Inglorian on Jul 15
 Sorry to hear that, Pete...TheBOB on Jul 15
  Re: Interest in QB around here vs. other places...Pete on Jul 15
Calling Dr. I-Man Calling Dr. I-Man, emergency, get off your can...Samantha From Bewitched on Jul 10
 Thisqbguy on Jul 10
  You win a banana... Instructions...Wile E. Coyote on Jul 10
   * Well, aren't we proliferous today! Isn't that SPECIAL! SATAN......Church Lady on Jul 10
    You win a banana... Instructions...Martha Stewart on Jul 10
   Try compiling this:qbguy on Jul 10
    * Use it by giving it the width and height of the font as the command line argumentsqbguy on Jul 10
    *Now that looks promising... I'll put it on my Sunday to do list and let you know. Thanks.Pete on Jul 10
     Compiled it Sunday. What should I expect to see when it runs?Pete on Jul 13
      * AND dinner.............Clippy on Jul 13
       You could have a sword fight (*URL)Anon on Jul 13
 *Sorry, dunno.Artelius on Jul 10
  *Try putting that in a positive statement like: Yes we have no bananas.Pete on Jul 10
   What's yellow and invisible?Artelius on Jul 10
    * A Klingon urinal with a cloaking device.Mr. Warf on Jul 10
     *I was going to say scaredy-cats in a crisis.TheBOB on Jul 10
   You can download a PUBLIC DOMAIN recording of this songqbguy on Jul 11
porting nibbles.bassteve on Jul 10
 * Not if you are Bill Gates! Use another name!Clippy on Jul 10
 I'm already in the process of suing you...Bill Gates on Jul 10
 Well let's get serious here for a minute, folks...Miss Dee Meaner on Jul 10
 Not if you don't use any MS codeqbguy on Jul 10
  * I doubt you will be able to make money selling it thoughqbguy on Jul 10
   *Especially since I've been giving away the original at QbasicStation, LOLClippy on Jul 10
  It doesn't matter what you use!The Rock on Jul 10
   Well, yes in the sense that elements such as the design of levels are also copyrightedqbguy on Jul 10
    If the game ain't yours you face the jurors...Johnny Cochran on Jul 10
 Hey steve, assuming you are a kid, please read this...Pete on Jul 10
  * Yeah, I'm gonna make a game that counts Pete's typos!Clippy on Jul 10
   And I'm going to make a game that puts all of the worst parts of politicians together...Sarah Palin on Jul 10
    Hey Sarah, you made the dictionary!Clippy on Jul 10
   It already exists -- it is called BASHqbguy on Jul 10
    * Don't forget to add PALIN to your dictionary QBguy.Clippy on Jul 10
Does your server suffer from E.D.? (Electronic Dysfunction)Paid for Advertising on Jul 10
 committee communicationBlondie on Jul 11
no print commandJohn on Jul 10
 Welcome to the QBasic Forum, the PERL forum has moved...Pete on Jul 10
 Did you open the file FOR OUTPUT or APPEND. Use lower filenumbers.Clippy on Jul 10
  You are wrong, Al Franken breath...Johnny Carson on Jul 10
   * YOU ARE CORRECT SIR!Ed (from his grave) on Jul 10
* If QBASIC doesn't have line numbers then how does the program know where to start?Anonymous on Jul 9
 Line numbers are from the stone age, so that people couldqbguy on Jul 9
 Structured programming does not need line numbers.Solitaire on Jul 9
 * It starts at the beginning like everything else does!Clippy on Jul 9
 It took me a little time to get over NOT using line numbers in my programs...Pete on Jul 9
3 Questions: Files, Bitwise, and PortsBen on Jul 8
 6 batteries makes 9 volts! LPT uses 5 volts. What INPUT pin?Clippy on Jul 8
  Parallel PortBen on Jul 9
   LPT nibble and byte modesClippy on Jul 9
    Re: LPT nibble and byte modesBen on Jul 9
     P.S.Ben on Jul 9
      YES!qbguy on Jul 9
       *LOLArtelius on Jul 9
       What a piece of crap program... it needs an error trap.Pete on Jul 9
        * No it needs Ctrl - Break and DeleteClippy on Jul 9
        You should check for some more errorsqbguy on Jul 10
         LOL. Yep, that's what separates the pros from the Joes.Pete on Jul 10
       * Or as a UNIX pipeline: yes we have no bananas | lprqbguy on Jul 10
     When there is nothing going to the status port, S3 to S6 are high already.Clippy on Jul 9
   RE: 10 secondsArtelius on Jul 9
    GroundBen on Jul 10
     No I Won't Hack GroundTom Petty on Jul 10
     BE CAREFUL!Clippy on Jul 10
     Yes, you should to connect the data pin directly to ground (or otherwise to 5V).Artelius on Jul 10
      No luck todayBen on Jul 10
       For one thing a printer never uses the reversed Data register.Clippy on Jul 10
       Think about buying some stuffArtelius on Jul 10
        Probably best for me not to buy any toysBen on Jul 11
         That happens to me tooArtelius on Jul 11
         Your welcome, but don't just fiddle until Rome burns.Clippy on Jul 11
          *What's so fun about little red lamps?Ben on Jul 12
           You can use them like a cheap voltmeter. They come in other colors, lolClippy on Jul 12
            * I recommend blue LEDSqbguy on Jul 12
             * I thought you liked Linus LED'sClippy on Jul 12
              * What is a "Linus LED" ?qbguy on Jul 12
               * How bout "Linus Erectile Devices" ?Clippy on Jul 12
                * NO!qbguy on Jul 12
              I like Linux LEDsArtelius on Jul 12
               * Wow! I should recompile my Linux kernel to add that option RIGHT NOW!Dean Menezes on Jul 12
                * Bet it will take about 8 minutes...............Clippy on Jul 12
                 I have a blue Linux LED so ha!Dean Menezes on Jul 12
                  Explain what it does. Flicker or what? Which lites? Mine are all green lol.............Clippy on Jul 12
                   It is the rightmost LED on the front of the laptopDean Menezes on Jul 13
                    * Yep, I have that blue LED too. NeatoClippy on Jul 13
           You can produce light shows with these!Clippy on Jul 12
 About BLOAD...TheBOB on Jul 9
 BSAVE/BLOAD are faster because they read much more data at a timeArtelius on Jul 9
Possible to change palette in Screen 7 or 9Mr Colour Blind on Jul 7
 SCREEN 7 and SCREEN 9 do not support the range you are using.Pete on Jul 7
 It is possible to use those colors using the OUT statement in SCREEN 9...TheBOB on Jul 8
  * Ah yes, the old use the OUT trick. Missed it by that much!Maxwell Smart on Jul 8
   * No soup for you! Palette works different in DAC screens 0 , 7 & 9!Soup Nazi on Jul 8
 Mr. Colour Blind -- here is the same code adjusted for SCREEN 7 if you're interested...TheBOB on Jul 8
  Yes im VERY interested in explanationMr Color Blind on Jul 8
   Screen 7Clippy on Jul 8
    OK , what formula does one use to get new relevant numbersMr Color Blind on Jul 8
     Here is a way to reset the DAC index to normal attribute values:Clippy on Jul 8
     It's possible I didn't copy your numbers exactly...TheBOB on Jul 8
      Gratitude for all of your helpMr Colour Blind on Jul 9
       Well, you're certainly welcome...Pete on Jul 9
   Quick explanation from memoryArtelius on Jul 9

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