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It's time again to play the QB Forum's favorite game: Are You Smarter than an Admin?Pete on Dec 28
 *How can you move a fullscreen window?Clippy on Dec 28
  * It's a window he drew on the SCREEN 0 screenqbguy on Dec 28
   * No, no, no... we're not playing: Are You Smarter than a Paper Clip! Maybe tomorrow.Pete on Dec 28
    It works well in either mode.Clippy on Dec 28
     It works but too slowly, which gives me reason there is a better way to code it...Pete on Dec 28
      * Are you tring to have just one draggable window, or a few draggable windows at once?Ben on Dec 28
       * Just the one.Pete on Dec 28
      In Screen 0 you can only move pixel blocks at a time (edit)Clippy on Dec 28
       *I wonder if TheBOB has an example of moving a window in Graphics mode......^^0^^Pete on Dec 28
        I used to write stuff like thatBen on Dec 28
         * Not too bad, but I lost one window somewhere.........Clippy on Dec 28
          if you click on the square (left-top corner) it closes the windowBen on Dec 28
           * No matter what you do it will be jerky, but Pete's is good too.Clippy on Dec 28
            What does "jerky" mean?Ben on Dec 28
         Nice! I noticed a few flaws, too but you coded some neat features.Pete on Dec 28
          You don't have to redraw everything on a pageClippy on Dec 28
           *I'd still like to see an example of that technique posted.Pete on Dec 28
            It ain't a Window, but perhaps you'd like to blow it up!Clippy on Dec 28
             * LOL - My window moves faster than Bob's car!Pete on Dec 28
              * Increase the PUT multiplier silly!Clippy on Dec 28
               Increased it to n * 4 and his car still goes put...put...put. I think it needs a Bat Tune!Pete on Dec 28
                OK use CLS instead of the print loop and WAITsClippy on Dec 28
             I see your car and raise you a helicopterqbguy on Dec 29
              I'll see your helocopter.. oh wait, it's just a damn box!Pete on Dec 29
               Just draw a black box over the old box.qbguy on Dec 29
                Darn typi SWAP i, o ... That idea work some, fail some...Pete on Dec 29
                 * LINE (x1, y1)-(x2, y2), colour, (B = Box, BF = BoxFull)Clippy on Dec 29
                  * Box full of what?Pete on Dec 29
                   * Cracker Jacks of course.Clippy on Dec 29
            I dont know what Clippy is trying to say...Ben on Dec 28
             * GOOD, cause I don't get a pointer in Screen 7 either!Clippy on Dec 28
          ThanksBen on Dec 28
           * Nope, you just GET the images (windows). Not the entire screen.Clippy on Dec 28
 Can't you write just ONE WORKING window manager?Clippy on Dec 28
 Ok, mine is done (*URL)Artelius on Dec 29
  * I stole that idea faster than you could say "Bill Gates."Pete on Dec 29
I'm going to be creating a gameNewbieProgrammer on Dec 27
 I'd recommend Global Thermal Nuclear War...Pete on Dec 27
  global thermal nuclear war...mike on Dec 28
 The first thing you gotta know is how to control your gameClippy (AKA Pretty Little Dutch Girl) on Dec 27
Clippy, I read Jack at QBS is looking for a new song to record...Pete on Dec 27
 *While your at it sign up for the Top 50. We miss Yosemite there!Clippy on Dec 27
Use Box Drawing Characters in QB Editor & NotepadMarineDon on Dec 26
 *Pity it doesn't work in Notepad. I think it's for Win 9xArtelius on Dec 26
  Yep, it does work in NotepadMarineDon on Dec 26
   WhoopsArtelius on Dec 26
    * What is unicode and utf-8?Ben on Dec 26
     Unicode is an attempt to allow any possible character using just one system.Artelius on Dec 26
      What's the difference between Artelius and a Magic 8-Ball?Pete on Dec 26
QB64 V0.81x finally released!Galleon on Dec 26
 Please post responses to this announcement in the same thread in the QB64 subforum. URLPete on Dec 26
  *The link you gave points to this thread, not the QB64 forum thread.PhyloGenesis on Dec 26
   * Thanks, fixed.Pete on Dec 26
   *Freudian slip? ... Or just a slipped disk?Artelius on Dec 26
    *No, but I've been listening to too much Pink Floyd lately... so call it a Floydian Slip.Pete on Dec 26
Hey qbguy, I think sombody is ah calling you a yellow-belly in that thar Challenge Forum.Tex on Dec 25
Happy RamadanOmar on Dec 25
QBasic QuestionsOmar on Dec 25
 QB4.5 has a make executable option in the RUN menu.Pete on Dec 25
Merry Christmas to the QB Forum and all who frequent it...Pete on Dec 25
 *And to you, too, Pete. Also, thanks for all you've done for the forum.TheBOB on Dec 25
 * Thanks for the very nice Christmas greeting. Happy Holidays to you too.Moneo on Dec 25
 Merry ChristmasBen on Dec 25
  *Very nice, I like it.PhyloGenesis on Dec 25
  We don't need no stikin' SCREEN 12 tree... and what about a train?Pete on Dec 25
   Ah, here is what I was looking for...Pete on Dec 25
    Nice one.Ben on Dec 25
   *I like it.Artelius on Dec 26
  Very nice :)Lisztfr on Dec 26
 * Thanks. Same to you.Dav on Dec 26
Trim multiples spacesLisztfr on Dec 25
 bad ideaLisztfr on Dec 25
  this may helpLisztfr on Dec 25
 Improved sed commandqbguy on Dec 25
  Or to delete single spaces too like in yours doesqbguy on Dec 25
   bad formating !Lisztfr on Dec 25
 Merry Christmas in QB... It's really not as much coding as you thought...Pete on Dec 25
   Ho, ho, ho... or you could use the INSTR() counting feature...Pete on Dec 25
  right/leftLisztfr on Dec 25
 Remove multiple spaces or any other character stringSolitaire on Dec 25
Merry Christmas everyone!Galleon on Dec 25
 *Well said! Merry ChristmasPhyloGenesis on Dec 25
 *Hear, hear! MC! (or is it MX?)TheBOB on Dec 25
MaskingDustinian on Dec 24
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------^^O^^Commissioner Gordon on Dec 24
  Thanks, Commissioner. Everything you ever wanted to know about masking, Dustinian...TheBOB on Dec 24
   Thanks, TheBobDustinian on Dec 31
 Re: MaskingBen on Dec 24
file functionsdave on Dec 22
 * Post some of your code here dave!Pretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 22
  * LOL sorry, Pete must have made that the default anonymouse! LOLPretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 22
   Yes, "Ima Wanker" is the new anonymous...Pete on Dec 22
    * YehDave on Dec 23
 Opening filesBen on Dec 22
  Oh, and if you want to copy files, use the DOS "copy" command in SHELLBen on Dec 22
  Wow! Random files are stupid? Really? They are similar to Binary..........Pretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 22
Welcome the newest QBF member, Clippy The Pretty Little Dutch Girl >>>Pete on Dec 21
 Hey TheBOB, how do you make this in SCREEN 12?Nutu Grafix on Dec 21
  Frankly, I did think it was going to be Klinger...TheBOB on Dec 21
   You're right Bob, I forgot the braids! Details, details, details...Pete on Dec 21
    from one blonde to anotherBlondie on Dec 21
     * I wear rubbers when it rains to keep from rustingPretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 22
      *The rest of us in the gene pool appreciate that.Gene Pool on Dec 22
       * Listen WISE GUY, it don't rain everyday smooch!Pretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 22
    *Nice job (and to think you did it all in text mode - wow!).TheBOB on Dec 21
Pete: Problem with editing posts.Solitaire on Dec 21
 Can't be fixed unless N54 makes more server/software modifications...Pete on Dec 21
  To prevent it, make sure you uncheck formatted text box before you post or edit.Pete on Dec 21
   Leave Network 54?Dustinian on Dec 24
    *What about all our old archives?Artelius on Dec 24
    I state we stay here and build an adding machine...Pete on Dec 25

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