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trouble with variables + games update on Dec 21
 Use arrays to make up a database.Solitaire on Dec 21
  ok i understood part of that on Dec 21
   You need to DIM an array for every field in your data.Solitaire on Dec 21
    ok that part i understand on Dec 21
     Example of opening RA files and filling an array... on Dec 21
      ahhh thanks! on Dec 21
      * Not if you are closing the file every LOOP! on Dec 22
       This example needs it closed every time...Pete on Dec 22
        I don't understand using all of those files. One RA file could be read directly! on Dec 22
         I agree but this is a beginner doing a large project... on Dec 22
          ya,,,,what pete said on Dec 22
          info on what im doing exactly on Dec 23
           Looks more like a Binary file to me, but you could put them into Random records too on Dec 23
            TYPE and DIM on Dec 23
             Random and Binary can both be read and written to on Dec 23
              access on Dec 23
               You should be able to ........... on Dec 23
                opening files isnt the problem on Dec 23
                 uhh..Ben on Dec 23
                  * make the 3rd and 4th GET to read from #2: GET #2,1,t(3)...Ben on Dec 23
                  does this mean... on Dec 24
                   You can do that, but the variables for each file can be assigned new names on Dec 24
                    this has been my original problem all along. on Dec 24
                   Re: does this mean...Ben on Dec 24
                    * I'm glad you are learning to appreciate TYPEs Ben. on Dec 24
                     * What? I use TYPEs alot. When did I oppose using types?Ben on Dec 24
                      * In the bitmap program..............? on Dec 24
                       Re: * In the bitmap program..............?Ben on Dec 24
                        You learned the offsets from the TYPE definition! on Dec 25
                    never used arrays before on Dec 24
                 * Just open two as #1 and #2. You can even read both to different variables. on Dec 23
                  dont understand on Dec 24
                   * If you need data from 2 teams, assign them to 2 different variables in the game. on Dec 24
                    i would but.... on Dec 24
                    heres my game so far on Dec 24
                     any one out there? on Dec 26
                      I tried it out... on Dec 26
                       game is for everyone on Dec 26
                      And now for the other side of the coin on Dec 26
                       TRUE, I can see an "Out of String Space" error in the future. on Dec 26
                        ya, my coding sucks on Dec 26
                         It's a SUB module. on Dec 26
                          the program has alot of subs on Dec 26
                           Yes, you should be... on Dec 26
Now this is what I call FAST! on Dec 20
 *Sweet! I even had it spill over the top and fill all around -- very fast, too! on Dec 20
 Fast, sure, my acid trips used to last a lot longer... on Dec 21
  It is a common feature of "paint" programs on Dec 21
   * And where exactly do you suggest I stick that code to get it to fill as in the demo? on Dec 21
    All you need is on Dec 21
     * Sweet! Worked like a charm, fast, too. (Is there an echo in here?) on Dec 21
     Alas, I can hardly test it. on Dec 22
      And speaking of a-lass, what do you get when you cross a Microsoft icon with a windmill? on Dec 22
      DOSBOX probably hooks the BIOS graphics interrupt on Dec 22
       I added 2 or 3 new lines, and...well, try it.Ralph on Dec 22
       Re: DOSBOX probably hooks the BIOS graphics interruptBen on Dec 22
        Re: SVGA on Dec 23
        I think I'm mistaken on Dec 23
Program almost finish (reader)Lisztfr on Dec 20
 * Well, I don't understand Finish either............ on Dec 20
  *:)Lisztfr on Dec 20
   * BTW, Tim posted an example for you in the Challenge Forum. :P on Dec 20
 What is it? on Dec 20
  It's from here:qbguy on Dec 20
   *Where is "here" and what language is it? on Dec 20
    * on Dec 21
  How to useLisztfr on Dec 21
QB64Pretty Little Dutch Girl on Dec 19
 *Nobody asked for your FREE advise EITHER! on Dec 19
 *maybe qb64 is being developed just for fun?Ben on Dec 19
  Impossible. No one could write so big a project as a compiler for freePretty Little Dutch Girl on Dec 20
   *My god do I feel sorry for your students.Marco van de Voort on Dec 20
   QB64 and FreeBasic are both being written for free.roy on Dec 20
    *Yes you are correct and I am an idiot.Pretty Little Dutch Girl on Dec 20
   *look at gcc. there are numerous smaller compilers also on Dec 24
    * My compiler is bigger than your's dude on Dec 24
 The OP is welcome to post opinions of QB64 in the QB64 forum.Pete on Dec 20
  * Who needs an admitted idiot posting there either. OOPS, nevermind! on Dec 20
I need music! on Dec 19
 * I need MONEY! Please Email it to me cause I am not coming back! on Dec 19
  Learn to Wikipediaqbguy on Dec 19
Display questionsLisztfr on Dec 19
 * The monitor isn't running at 1024x768. It's running at 640x200. on Dec 19
  right, i forgot this. ..Lisztfr on Dec 20
 Screen 2 on Dec 19
 Manipulating the display window and fonts in QB....Pete on Dec 19
  That's nothing. I can get QBASIC to run 100% fullscreen in Vistaqbguy on Dec 19
  I'm running windows 9XLisztfr on Dec 20
   Others here run 9x as well... on Dec 20
    * It's always nice to see them until you delete them though! on Dec 20
     LARGER FONTS!Ralph on Dec 22
      You're welcome Ralph and do what I do... on Dec 23
       *...also, "glue your eyes to your monitor" is a figure of speech -- do not take literally. on Dec 23
 Bitmap images are stretched, so you must edit the height to 42% on Dec 19
A few questions(not all related to QBasic)Sayid on Dec 17
 Re: developer vs programmerSteve Ballmer on Dec 17
 QBasic is basic - fundamental.Solitaire on Dec 17
  Very good explanation Solitaire. If only life was as simple as QB! on Dec 17
  Addendum to my above post:Solitaire on Dec 18
 And how exactly do you define "better programming languages"? on Dec 18
  "this current faulty economic status" on Dec 18
   I've never been to New Zealand in my life on Dec 18
  Get a bigger yardstick on Dec 18
   * Good thing! We don't need anymore Quacks here! on Dec 18
   *A bigger yardstick? That'll make everything seem even smaller on Dec 19
    * Ho, ho, ho (Giant speak for LOL.)Jolly Green Giant on Dec 19
QBasic onlineJPCS5917 on Dec 17
 * I'm sure QBguy has a few ideas. Come back! on Dec 17
 ?JPCS5917 on Dec 17
  Clippy means this... on Dec 17
  * ????????????????????? don't sound like a winner to me. on Dec 17
 Yes it is on Dec 17
helpfrank jones on Dec 16
 * Yes! Miles per gallon expressed in division on Dec 16
Newbie needs help on Dec 16
 You STILL need a loop to READ all 5 DATA statements on Dec 16
 Computers don't do what you want. They do what they're told. on Dec 17
  Geesh, look at the original thread below......... on Dec 17
   I did look at the original thread on Dec 18
    Well, I can't speak for the instructor, but the OP should have some idea. on Dec 18
Cannot post URL in message on Dec 16
 * http://www.whogas.orgPete on Dec 16
 It depends on whether formatted text is checkedqbguy on Dec 16
  *It always used to be that way. What I miss is that formatted text console is missing. :( on Dec 16
   * But the message either way still would not send! on Dec 16
Newbie on Dec 16
 *Post your code on Dec 16
  Code so far on Dec 16
   * Try LOCATE row, column: PRINT on Dec 16
   Loops require counter variables to total sums and determine averages... on Dec 16
 Greetings from Saudi ArabiaSayid on Dec 16
 The OP emailed me the code, it looks like this (*URL) on Dec 16
  * ROFLqbguy on Dec 16
  * Is that code QB LXIV?qbguy on Dec 16
   * Good idea QB. Just call it that from now on, lol on Dec 16
For...Next Loopsfafafareeno on Dec 16
 Closeqbguy on Dec 16
 I would convert to strings and not use numbers...Pete on Dec 16
  Thanks Petefafafareeno on Dec 16
   OKqbguy on Dec 16
   Your gonna have to subtract from the original number first. on Dec 16
   Well then I'll post the string code and help you out with the middle number: on Dec 16
    Yeahfafafareeno on Dec 16
     Yes, easilyqbguy on Dec 16
      Nicefafafareeno on Dec 16
       * Apparently you are printing inside the 3 loops on Dec 16
       ?? No it doesn'tqbguy on Dec 17
        Interesting! You answer this but hold out on a question I referred to you? on Dec 17
     This is what I wish instructors would teach, different ways to accomplish tasks. on Dec 16
  * Although that <.001 trick to beat the QB math bug ain't too shaby, either.Pete on Dec 16
   All you need to do is assign the exponent stuff to a single variable. on Dec 16
    *Why not just put DEFINT A-ZDavid on Dec 17
     Sorry David, DEFINT no workie. Clippy's got this one nailed, here's why...Pete on Dec 17
      Thanks, but it is a Double accuracy issue really on Dec 17
       *Well I think if I can find the time, I'll put it in as a FAQ entry if that's OK with you.Pete on Dec 17
        * Sure. Actually Roy pointed that trick out to me recently on Dec 17
       Yes, You've got to assign the value to a variableDavid on Dec 17
        * Nope, you changed everything to Integers with DEFINT A-Z Dave! on Dec 17
         Don't think so clipsDavid on Dec 17
          *Yes you can do that. All other undefined variables will default to Single. on Dec 17
          Also, if you think this stuff is TRIVIAL, then you miss the point on Dec 17
           Integers and floating pointDavid on Dec 18
            Interesting experiment (to me, at any rate)... on Dec 18
           Yep, A coder's gotta know his limitations. on Dec 18
            Apparently asterisks are above that! on Dec 18
             *****************Yes, I bought the dress... in your size! on Dec 18
I actually need help with one thingSai on Dec 16
 Like thisqbguy on Dec 16
 Use CINT as with PRINT CINT(66 / 10) * 10Pete on Dec 16
  * Yas don't need no freakin CINT! PRINT (64 \ 10) * 10 on Dec 16
   well, that workedSai on Dec 16
   That code doesn't do the same thing as Pete's codeqbguy on Dec 16
    but...Sai on Dec 16
     * Not with those formulas. You would get 250 in mine also. on Dec 16
      I got 260 for rounding 256 with CINTSai on Dec 16
       * That's what you wanted I gather. I was stroking Pete. on Dec 16
     The differenceqbguy on Dec 16
      yea, I wanted petes codeSai on Dec 16
  Thanks!Sai on Dec 16
Help needed writing binary filesAlex Weidmann on Dec 16
 C is a SINGLE which is 4 bytesqbguy on Dec 16
  RATS! Beat me to it!Pete on Dec 16
   Re: RATS! Beat me to it!Alex Weidmann on Dec 16
   That isn't the problem on Dec 16
    I am under the impression that... on Dec 16
     Wrong dogbreath! on Dec 16
      You're both wrongqbguy on Dec 16
       And in case anyone caresqbguy on Dec 16
        I don't care 1-bit, so byte me! on Dec 16
 * Also I recommend you not assign variables QB command names. on Dec 16

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